Tuesday, September 30, 2014

dallas: serious have-havenot medical industrial segmentation plus dirty south and south of the border propagation vectors...,

motherjones |  According to officials from the Centers for Disease Control, the patient, a male, arrived in the United States from Liberia on September 20. He planned to visit with family members in Texas. He initially sought treatment at a hospital on September 26 but was sent home, and then was readmitted on September 28. Texas public health officials believe that the patient had contact with "a handful" of people while he was infectious, including family members. The officials are currently in the process of tracing those contacts. CDC officials do not believe that anyone on the flight with him has any risk of contracting Ebola.

During a press conference, CDC officials reiterated that Ebola is not transmitted through the air, nor is it possible to catch it from someone who has been exposed but is not yet displaying symptoms.

"Ebola is a scary disease," said CDC's Dr. Thomas Frieden. "At the same time, we are stopping it in its tracks in this country."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed a case of Ebola in Dallas. While other patients have been flown back to the United States for treatment, this is the first time that a patient has been diagnosed stateside.
The patient is being kept in "strict isolation" at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. While hospital officials are not currently discussing which countries the patient has visited, no doubt US officials will be looking very closely at where he's traveled in the recent past, especially within the United States. The CDC will be holding a press conference on this at 5:30 p.m. Eastern. You can see it live here.

Ebola has already infected more than 6,000 people—and killed more than 3,000—in West Africa. Quick action prevented the disease from spreading in Senegal and Nigeria, but the disease continues to wreak havoc in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea.


CNu said...

Like a west African ebola treatment site, supposed to block or contain the spread, but effectively only serving to amplify or propagate the spread. I don't think I've ever seen anything as badly mismanaged as this ebola outbreak except that is for my first network worm experiences many, many moons ago...,

CNu said...

I think it's blocking. Those hastags drive the search, the search leads to a cbsnews link with the establishment trope about non-airborne and cornball WMD weaponization. Common sense OTOH, clearly shows that one loose Liberian in the big D is all you need in order to achieve a highly cost-effective and terribly disruptive effect.

Now given that there are an estimated 20,000 plus loose warheads spread out over 5 or more west African countries, it's only a matter of time before some enterprising young diehard decides to import several more of these loose warheads into a major city near you. Classic Dr. Henry Belsidus move if I've ever seen such a thing, and karmically, nothing more than chickens being brought home to roost http://subrealism.blogspot.com/2014/09/ft-detrick-aerobiological-warfare.html

CNu said...

lol, Colonel Kanatzhan Alibekov - I made a joint presentation with him in 2002 at the Drake Hotel in Chicago

BigDonOne said...

...probably already heading for his Mineshaft....

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