Tuesday, September 23, 2014

spectate or stand up for what's right: MUCH more impressed with this sistah than I am with myself...,


Vic78 said...

You're supposed to sing Tutti Frutti with some passion. Pat Boone sings like he...I don't know how to describe this caca. Does he have any fire in his chest?

rohan said...

Dawn, you know that ALL the Real McCoy's were smoking that devil Weed? In part, it's what made them so <<>>

Naive Tom said...

God, I never listened to Pat Boone before. He's awful.

Naive Tom said...

So everyone says. To me Chuck Berry has too much of that Pat Boone sweater-vest sound.

Naive Tom said...

Sounds like Boone is trying to make it some kind of Big Band song.

CNu said...

rotflmbao...., back then the quest to find an Elvis was tantamount to a spiritual arms race..., somewhat similar I imagine to this atrocious, yeasty-smelling, fat-assed cankle-having slug Iggy Azalea - Elvis du jour in drag. - funny thing is, all the old black ladies I knew growing up, tended to think that Tom Jones was the western world's real mccoy http://youtu.be/CQIK3Te9Coo

Constructive_Feedback said...

I was "feel'in ya" until the the second and third lines of your comment above.

1) Which "rules" are you speaking of? Certainly you are only thinking of rules YOU DON'T AGREE WITH.

2) She violated the STANDARDS of "Journalistic Integrity", knowing that she could use her inside position to promote her agenda and only then quit. If future employers saw a young person like her walk through their door looking for employment - it seems justified that upon seeing on their FaceBook page that they are members of the "Alaska Marijuana Coalition" that they not be allowed to be the public face of the company.

2a)..........I look forward to the day when half of the Negroes employed at MSNBC break ranks and admit what they are doing to exploit the "Americanized Negro" and then say "F*ck It. I Quit"

3) She claims her RIGHTS are being suppressed via the prohibition on marijuana. When I head to my ancestral roots in North Carolina and see YOUNG BLACK MEN SMOKING WEED DURING THEIR PRODUCTIVE HOURS - I wonder if the people who removed the ARREST of these people off of the table as a deterrent will come back and ADMIT that when they were told that they must have a more substantial RITES OF PASSAGE to offer these young men but upon hearing this warning they said "Fuck You" to these critics - will THEY now admit they were short sighted?

CNu said...

lol, save that gas for the negroe conservative amen choir underneath the youtube video of her righteous rebellion. Plenty of those porschays doing their level best Big Don imitations over there yonder - you can add your considerable gaseous output to the existing sulphurous mass.

But here, as with the righteous rebellious example of Little Richard Penniman, we ain't having no faux responsible kneegrow tut-tutting and teeth-sucking in response to a sistah who took root at her day job and owned direct personal and professional responsibility and accountability for her political actions.

I look forward to the day when a dozen black men show 1/100th testicular fortitude and professional and political savvy this sistah demonstrated to the world. Charlo Greene is truth! Accept no substitutes....,

(what a wonderfully ironic nomme de guerre for this cause Char-lo Green-e - MUCH more impressed with this sistah than I am with myself)

Vic78 said...

The last three Presidents smoked weed during their productive hours. Just about every entertainer smokes weed during their productive hours. A lot of techies, lawyers, colleges profs, school teachers, etc smoke weed. You sound out of touch.

As for the badass Sistah "breaking the rules," she just assumed leadership of the legalization movement. She wins no matter what happens. If they vote yes, she's rich and a face for federal legalization. If they vote no, she does time and she's a face for federal legalization. I'm talking rallies, interviews, "Free Charlo" t-shirts, interviews, and she'll be rich when she gets out.

What do you have against sacrificing for something bigger than yourself? That's all she did. She knowingly killed her career because she believes weed should be legal. She's up for Sistah of the year. She might inspire people to grow a pair. And if someone's looking for a job while being pro legalization, that person knows what's up.

Ed Dunn said...

I'm also impressed..maybe I need to move to Alaska to find a real woman...

Constructive_Feedback said...

1) The last 3 Presidents have also dropped bombs that killed innocent people, in addition to those who they proclaimed as guilty but did not give them due process in a trial. SINCE WHEN did you start making a "President Of The United States Empire" a roll model?

No doubt you are among the Negroes who heard "The US Government" voice two "Nations Of Color" as a reference for terrorism control and smiled with pride.

2) Entertainers as a reference? Most people give up their dreams to become NFL stars after 8th grade. How old are you bro? What does a damned entertainer have to do with a disciplined lifestyle?

3) Techies/ Lawyers/ College Professors/ School Teachers smoking weed? In the Black community and its present crisis - you seem to push for acceptance of personal vices over a clean and sober lifestyle like Malcolm X advocated.

I'D RATHER BE SEEN AS "OUT OF TOUCH" with a mindset that has proven to be a THIEF OF BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS than said to be "The #1 Promoter As Such".

I bet Snoop Dogg is a positive role model for you. He seems to also support the very same politicians that you do.

Constructive_Feedback said...

If she smokes weed as such - she has a high likelihood of "Putting Out For You" as well.

The only problem is - that she might be your girl but "put out" for the next fella who gets her "blasted" while you are working and she is unemployed.

I thought the video was funny but that the entire episode was a violation of journalistic integrity.

One has to have a strain of "Anarco-capitalistic rebellious spirit" in them to support it BUT have their priorities a bit misaligned with what WE NEED AS A PEOPLE AT THIS TIME TO "RIGHT OUR COURSE".

CNu said...

You produce stupendous quantities of stupid and ignorant shit daily Feed, but sometimes (like this time) you flatly outdo yourself:If she smokes weed as such - she has a high likelihood of "Putting Out For You" as well.Wait a minute, there's more:I thought the video was funny but that the entire episode was a violation of journalistic integrity.You're just jealous because this free black woman outsmarted the media, the law, and the mimetic sphere by fusing politics and performance art and media hactivism in a way that staggers the imagination. Here you been puffing and blowing the same asphyxiating vapors for years - and nobody pays any of it a lick of attention.

Face it brah, she just smarter, braver, and bolder than you, period.

Dood, you need to be on teevee for a minute with Don Lemon or Charles Blow spouting some of that "hell hath no fury like a sissy scorned" gas - mad and hating cause this sistah dropped the mic and ripped shit up - while you tame poodles stay strictly on the respectable negroe plantation playing at your level and staying strictly in your lane.

Naive Tom said...

CF! If it was this lady saying "F*ck it, I Quit" in exactly that same voice (if she could get ever her voice that calm even talking about the weather), would you still think the main issue was "journalistic integrity"?


CNu said...

Dood, I looked high and low to find a single instance of any serious utterance coming from these "quarters". It simply does not happen. Her whole and entire gig consists of coolly exhibiting and teasing, shifting, opening, closing - and my mind is now scarred because of that fact.

I can only dimly imagine the hypnotic power of such a display on the neurotypes that Rupert Murdoch knows and controls so well...,

Vic78 said...

You just can't help yourself. So here goes.
1. You're talking about people smoking weed as if it's so bad. If it's as bad as you say, why are so many professionals using and able to hold down and advance their careers. Since 1993 all the Presidents have smoked weed and were elected twice. So much for being unproductive.

2. Yes, entertainers are also a reference. They're smoking weed while handling the obligations of their careers. Now I know you didn't just ask about entertainers having disciplined lifestyles. They are always practicing. For them it's their job. They're on top of their field. To stay on top they put a lot of work in.

3. Once again, weed ain't as bad as you're trying to preach. I don't give a shit if a person smokes or not. Law enforcement should have the same attitude. I promote leaving innocent people the fuck alone. With weed, fuck the law.

Miss me with the self righteous posture. You sound like a curmudgeon. "I bet Snoop's your role model." Don't get mad with me; step your game up and figure out how to advance your cause.