Thursday, September 25, 2014

baddest bish on the planet claps back at the naked hypocrisy of fraudulent-poodle haters!

HuffPo |  Charlo Greene certainly knows how to make incredible live TV.

After announcing she was leaving her job at the KTVA station in Anchorage, Alaska, by telling viewers, "Fuck it, I quit," she joined HuffPost Live on Thursday and smoked a joint live on the air.
"I'll spark up right now. It is what it is. I'm in the privacy of my own home. I can spark up," she told host Alyona Minkovski as she gleefully lit up.

Greene responded to the apology from KTVA's news director, who said she "betrayed the basic bedrock of responsible journalism" by reporting on a business she herself owned, the Alaska Cannabis Club.

"It's true," she said of accusations that she acted unethically. "I have a journalism degree. I know in journalism there's a line that you're not supposed to cross, and the minute I bought my business license on 4/20 of this year, I shouldn't have reported on any marijuana stories. But if I had gone to my boss and said, 'Hey, I bought this company,' I would have been fired, period. I wasn't ready for that to happen."

Greene said she felt a "responsibility to the community" to offer a dissenting voice from Alaska's "Vote No On 2" campaign, which seeks to defeat a ballot measure to legalize marijuana, and ensure "their fear-mongering wasn't going to be broadcast as fact." She explained:
If everyone is upset about my 'breach of trust,' and me crossing that line, then how about you get upset about the fact that journalists in 2014 just go off and say, 'Alright, well you say whatever it is that you have to say,' [and they hear] 'Oh, the kids. The kids are going to start using if we legalize marijuana.' You put that on air without even vetting that? The state of Colorado says teenage usage rates are falling, but the No On 2 people aren't going to say that. Yet every other journalist in this market is going to put their comments on air without vetting them.
Greene also shared her side of what she called a "patently false" TMZ report in which her neighbor Tyler Gilbrech claimed Greene smoked so much pot in her apartment that it seeped through the walls and made his 4-year-old "violently sick." Gilbrech got a restraining order against Greene after she allegedly threatened him to "watch his back."


CNu said...

The victim, fearful for his life, calling this pos "sir" and complying with his irrational and incompetent demands to put his hands behind his back after he's shot him for no reason - makes my blood boil. These overseers are the single greatest hazard to public safety and the common good in the U.S. today.

rohan said...

lol, I just now noticed the caption, "former news reporter".

former "news reporter" = former "propaganda reader"

CNu said...

Mockingjay f'real...,

BigDonOne said...

Hey! .....Where's today's new posts...??
Or is Subrealism so hung up on Charlo phantasies can't focus on anything else...??

CNu said...

You realize that those of us not leading the life of indolent gub'mint subsidized leisure have other obligations? Some of which, sometimes, supercede this altruistic endeavor of opening the doors of liminal perception. Jes sayyin...,

Constructive_Feedback said...

My dear friend CNu:

* ABC "Scandal"
* Love And Hip Hop In Atlanta
* Atlanta House Wives
* "Black Jesus"
* Or MSNBC...............

STOOD UP and WENT OUT OF CHARACTER - telling each of the relative "Fraud And Hokum" minstrel shows that BLACK WOMANHOOD is a legacy of CHARACTER, DIGNITY, RESPECT for their role as the GATEWAY through "BLACK LIFE" enters upon this Earth and YOU 'Heathen Bastards' are an AFFRONT to everything that we can denote from the WILL AND CHARACTER of our AFRICAN ANCESTORS....................

Do YOU believe that "Huffington Post" would FEATURE HER in their video coverage - EXCEPT to slander her?

ROHAN said...

Speaking of gorgeous women, baddest bish on the planet stays winning TO-DAMN-DAY!!!

John Kurman said...

CNu said...

SCIENCE!!!!The high MOE values of cannabis, which are in a low-risk range, suggest a
strict legal regulatory approach rather than the current prohibition

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