Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"we are a paramilitary organization at war"?

WaPo |  The Pentagon’s surplus military gear giveaways include even police agencies under federal sanction for patterns of excessive force and civil rights violations.

St. Louis police will get post-Ferguson media training on how to win the media after a questionable police shooting. I’m no PR specialist, but perhaps a better use of this money would have been to invest in better training so there are fewer questionable police shootings to spin.

Indianapolis police chief says law enforcement officers are “soldiers in an army” preparing to “go into battle.” 

Police agencies are alarmed by the new encryption being built into smart phones. That seems like a good sign that the tech companies are getting it right.


Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother Vic78:

I look forward to the future in which "MBA-laden" professionals in:
* Marketing
* Finance
* Franchising
* Distribution
* Agriculture
* Genetics ..........

DOMINATE THE MARIJUANA market and have more outlets in the Black community than the Koreans have "Chinese Stir Fry joints" and "Brazilian/Indian/Peruvian Virgin Hair" outlets.

These RIGHTS that you speak of, without the threat of ARREST, based upon your "They Are In The Mud With Us Too" reference (to the US Presidents, lawyers, professors, etc) are going to come into confluence and show you for the last time that CONSUMER RIGHTS and SOCIAL JUSTICE are residue OF a "Functional, Productive" set of IDEAS that are instantiated in SOCIETY.

The DO NOT form the foundation upon which an UNDERDEVELOPED PEOPLE can grow strong.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Indeed sir.

No doubt when you went 'Spousal Looking' - you had an eye out for her consumption of THC.

Now "WHAT ABOUT OUR DAUGHTERS"? (Keeping it generic and not 'personal')

You told us all about the great pride that you had in your offspring and her academic accomplishments and her plans to become an educator in her field (IIRC).

Yet as we look at the great female educators in Mary McCloud Bethune, Anna Julia Cooper, Marva Collins - they all exhibited great attributes of DIGNITY, GRACE and INTEGRITY.

While "FIGHTING THE SYSTEM" might be a good 'Struggle Motion': 85% of the time spent SHAPING OUR NEXT GENERATION OF CHILDREN involves other attributes such as :FOCUS, PATIENCE, DISCIPLINE, A SOUND RITES OF PASSAGE.

So I guess, Brothers CNu and Vic78 - it is all a matter of WHAT YOU PRIORITIZE in the context of what you interpret as THE GREATEST NEED during our time - in setting up a future that will be substantively different from the presence - and the past 50 year struggle that did not produce much of what was imagined - in the minds of the masses, SOME OF WHOM were in a drug induced stupor

Vic78 said...

You ever heard of High Times?

Constructive_Feedback said...

[quote]And now you're on some "I hope you fail" nonsense.[/quote]

That's #1 - My friend Vic78

1) Instead of making a DIRECT INFERENCE to the positive part that HALLUCINOGENICS play in the intellectual and character formation of a cast of YOUNG PEOPLE who are training to become the 'Replacement Adults' in our society - you instead "REFERENCED DOWNWARD" to the vices that a select few accomplished people partake of.

If I showed you a "clean and sober" man and woman who does not have such a pedigree behind their name BUT they lived upon the "honor and conviction" which says: "My Body Is My Temple. My MIND Is The Most Powerful Tool That I Have To Chart My Way Out Of Any Challenge. I Will NEVER Purposely Ingest Anything That Will Cause My Conscious Awareness To Become Out Of Phase With The Real World Around Me - ESPECIALLY If I Have To PAY SOMEONE For My 'Poison'" - would this be a character that has a rock solid foundation for you to emulate?

2) "I HOPE YOU FAIL"...............

Think very hard Vic78. How can you logically project your interpretations of MY HOPE upon another individual - be they in SouthWest Atlanta 15 miles away or 1500 miles away in Alaska?

The inverse of your argument is "I love you so much that I am going to SERVICE YOU THE WEED as you smoke it - so that MY HOPES are materially applied to your consumption:

a) I will acquire the weed - making sure that it has no PCP or other foreign matter in it
b) I will measure out a recommended amount and roll it in paper or load it into a pipe depending upon your preference
c) I will light the weed for you - don't want you to get burned
d) I will use my watch to make sure that you don't ingest any more THC, beyond the Surgeon General's recommendations in a given time period
e) I will use a vacuum to make sure that no one inhales "Second hand smoke" without the off-setting benefit of receiving the THC
f) Finally I will walk you down the steps and drive you home - to make sure that you do not fall


Are you sure that MY WILL per what is floating around in my mind is the most SUPERIOR attribute that will define the EVENTUALITY that we both are speaking of?

What will be your #3?

CNu said...

An educator....? nah brah - a psychiatrist.

I've never had a girlfriend who didn't partake of refreshments, and both my children have partaken of refreshments with no harmful consequences. All have their dignity, grace, and integrity fully intact.

I prioritize a free mind, individual sovereignty, and the full psychedelic experience. Feed, are you experienced? Or is all this "just say no" huffery and puffery built upon a total vacuum of personal experience?
America’s harsh prohibitionist drug policies are grounded in the premise that the prohibited substances have little or no redeeming value and cannot be used without life-destroying consequences. Yet the evidence of its falsity is undeniable. Here is one of the most admired men in America, its greatest contemporary industrialist, hailing one of the most scorned of these substances as integral to his success and intellectual and personal growth. The current President commendably acknowledged cocaine and marijuana use while there is evidence suggesting the prior President also used those substances. One of America’s most accomplished athletes was caught using marijuana at the peak of his athletic achievements. And millions upon millions of American adults have consumed some or many of those criminally prohibited substances, and themselves will say (like Jobs) that they had important and constructive experiences with those drugs or know someone who did.

Vic78 said...

You just threw out a red herring. Enough with the wise man on the mountain act.

Ed Dunn said...

I do not have time to comment as I'm going out on your side of town to party with the ravers for a few days. So I'm going to have to pass and catch up with you later on this one.

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