Sunday, July 06, 2014

shrooms provide lucid access to liminal qualia

wiley |  The study of rapid changes in brain dynamics and functional connectivity (FC) is of increasing interest in neuroimaging. Brain states departing from normal waking consciousness are expected to be accompanied by alterations in the aforementioned dynamics. In particular, the psychedelic experience produced by psilocybin (a substance found in “magic mushrooms”) is characterized by unconstrained cognition and profound alterations in the perception of time, space and selfhood. Considering the spontaneous and subjective manifestation of these effects, we hypothesize that neural correlates of the psychedelic experience can be found in the dynamics and variability of spontaneous brain activity fluctuations and connectivity, measurable with functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI). Fifteen healthy subjects were scanned before, during and after intravenous infusion of psilocybin and an inert placebo. Blood-Oxygen Level Dependent (BOLD) temporal variability was assessed computing the variance and total spectral power, resulting in increased signal variability bilaterally in the hippocampi and anterior cingulate cortex. Changes in BOLD signal spectral behavior (including spectral scaling exponents) affected exclusively higher brain systems such as the default mode, executive control, and dorsal attention networks. A novel framework enabled us to track different connectivity states explored by the brain during rest. This approach revealed a wider repertoire of connectivity states post-psilocybin than during control conditions. Together, the present results provide a comprehensive account of the effects of psilocybin on dynamical behavior in the human brain at a macroscopic level and may have implications for our understanding of the unconstrained, hyper-associative quality of consciousness in the psychedelic state.


CNu said...

No, I'm saying that the basic ability to write in plain, comprehensible English, at an 8th-grade level of proficiency - is the difference between being considered, and being ignored and/or dismissed.

Constructive_Feedback said...


For the "Uneducated Negro" who is seen as a TOOL to advance one's POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM - there seems to be a flood of CONFIDENCE MEN that come to their rescue - thus acting as an analgesic to the real world impact that their "lucidity" and "elocution" would otherwise cause them to suffer.

It seems to me that GREATER than the perceived "English Comprehension" is the CONTENT and the TARGET that one doth render.

All of the times that YOU have been banned from "Black Progressive web sites" ("Jack & Jill" [IIRC] ) I wonder if YOU had improved your writing skills if they would have welcomed you into the circle jerk?

CNu said... - GOTTA GO, GOTTA GO, GOTTA GO!!!!

BigDonOne said...

Reflects more on genetically-inclined promiscuity and weak Future Time Orientation.....

CNu said...

Reflects more on centuries of Catholic conditioning of peasants who ignorantly respect and revere the authority of the church.

CNu said...

No, if I'd catered to their pretend sensitivities and myself pretended to forget the difference between men who have guns and those who don't..., but as it stands, I have access to a far superior class of reproductive liberties than any of those useless peasants will ever enjoy...,

CNu said...

lol, so much imaginal gum-flapping, so little practical implementation - if you want to exert parental governance over a generation/community, at a minimum, you're obligated to keep those children safe, ensure that they have fun, are well fed, and like the food they're getting, and then everything else is a cakewalk. If you're incapable of holding down those basic parental obligations, then you really need to stop and reconsider the legitimacy of your role in the overarching conversation.

Ed Dunn said...

I'm surprised you didn't include David Koresh or Jim Jones or Malachi York or Warren Jeffs in your example. What you provide are cults or borderline cults just to be politically correct. None of these groups are self-governing and if they did, they would be running casinos and online payday loans.

True governance requires enforcement such as Sharia law and cutting off hands and whipping shopkeepers who do business during Friday prayer:

Vic78 said...

Everything makes sense when you throw the Cathedral in.

Vic78 said...

I'm talking about the Democratic Party's failure to govern effectively and the possible situation in 2016.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Fear not, Brother Ed.

The Mennonites are NOT a "Cult" but at some point in America's future - the Americanized Negro is going to be left WISHING that they had adopted more of their "Self-Sufficiency" / "Self-Determination" / "Self-Governance" model - as the larger ecosystem of AMERICAN GOVERNMENT/ECONOMIC SMOKE AND MIRRORS collapses and it becomes "Every Man For Himself".

I have no pretense that there IS A "SOLUTION" that is going to RESCUE ALL NEGROES out of the saltwater of "under-development and the harvesting of their minerals".

It is more important that you look at what is being exposed today as effective means by which the Americanized Negro can be made to TURN HIS BACK upon that which was claimed to be "Sacred Ancient Cultural & Spiritual Pronouncements" from his Ancestors for the sake of present day political opportunism.

CNU - It is not MY JOB to get YOU to agree with the examples that I have laid out.

TIME WILL BE the greatest arbiter of "THE TRUTH".

IF ONLY you had the same passion to investigate WHAT DID SUCCESSFULLY compel the AMERICANIZED NEGRO to INVEST HIS VALUABLES in the hopes that TO-DAMNED-DAY he would be "Living Large". INSTEAD - cities like St Louis and East St Louis - a short drive away from you show that "ONE DOES NOT NEED TO DEVELOP THE NEGRO AFTER COLLECTING HIS VALUABLES". They ONLY NEED to KEEP HIM FOCUSED on the NEXT INTERVAL of the "Confidence Scheme" called "HOPE & SOCIAL JUSTICE".

Constructive_Feedback said...

When the Black Racial Services Machine claims that "Black children" are being suspended more from school than the perfect reference WHITE KID- and they fail to tell the masses that increasingly BLACK KIDS GO TO SEGREGATED SCHOOLS - is THIS FACT sufficient to stop the propaganda/misdirection that remains so popular among the ranks of the "Americanized Negro" as he is left to PROTEST rather than MANAGE toward certain outcomes?

Constructive_Feedback said...

Vic78 - You are using a POLITICAL CIRCULAR ARGUMENT when I am talking about DEVELOPMENT OF BLACK PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHO GIVES A DAMN about the Mayor of Atlanta helping Obama to get reelected. HE GOT REELECTED - and 95% of the Americanized Negroes in Atlanta VOTED FOR OBAMA. NOT ONE MENTION of the US Foreign Policy attacks upon Nations In Africa that the Civil Rights Pharisees say we need to FORM A DIASPORATIC LINKAGE WITH.


* Measurably Improve The Academic Attainment Of Negro Children?

* Bring The Black Homicide Victimization Rate Down To Our Population Proportions?

* Make The "Black Areas" of Metro Atlanta economically SELF SUFFICIENT as many of the Asian and Hispanic areas are - all without them needing to dominate the POLITICAL SEATS OF POWER in the given county?

You and Ben Jealous - the new "Senior Fellow" at the "Center For American Progress" seem TOO CORRUPT to look past the GREEN FIELDS of the American Confederate SOUTH that you wish to claim via the NEGRO VOTE and focus on the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ZONES in which the Americanized Negro has ALREADY HELPED the Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalists to DOMINATE POWER.

* IS THE NEGRO in Detroit any more educated than one in Confederate Birmingham?

* IS THE NEGRO in Newark any more safe from homicide than the Negro in Mississippi?

* IS THE NEGRO in Cleveland more prosperous than the Negro in Houston Texas?


Vic78 said...

Development is a part of governing. My perceived preferences for public policy does bring Black people into consideration. I just didn't say much about it this time. I'm not going to spell everything out. You have to read between the lines sometimes. I've posted things pertaining to the "development of Black people" on this site. I'm not going to do that with every posting. Sometimes I'm going to talk about other shit.

The article was about Democratic Party sorry assedness that they refuse to walk away from. I explained some of what's wrong and what can be done differently. You come around with some FUCK THAT IT'S ALL ABOUT THE DEVELOPMENT OF BLACK PEOPLE!!!! When I brought up Black folks always falling in line with the establishment choice during primary season, I was bringing up the fearful loyalty that Black folks have for the party. It means the establishment candidate doesn't have to earn Black support. Not falling in line with the Clinton machine will be a proud and intelligent step forward for Black folks. It will also force the party to be more people centric.

Constructive_Feedback said...

You just don't get it - DO YOU?

The National Urban League "State Of Black America 2014" report said:

* Black People are FIRST in "Civil Participation" (Voting)
* LAST In Academics
* LAST In Economic Development
* LAST In Health Care Outcomes
* LAST In Relationship Measures (Marriage, etc)

Your 2 dimensional view of Black people have us as VOTERS INSIDE OF AMERICA - always fighting at the NATIONAL POLITICAL LEVEL.

Yet when one does a basic TIME and SPACE shift:
* (Space) WITHIN the Black Household
* (Space) WITHIN The Black Diaspora
* (Time) WHO Now holds the SEATS OF POWER that USED TO train fire hoses upon us
* (Time) The RESPONSE of the Americanized Negro as "COINTELPRO Libya/ YEMEN" is being run but this time by a FAVORABLE PRESIDENT......................

............THE FRAUD AND DIVERSION is exposed.



The truth is - YOU DON'T HAVE ANY "CONSCIOUSNESS" outside of AMERICAN POLITICS - do you?

Tom said...

Just my opinion, C.F. -- and I know I'm uniquely unqualified to have an opinion in this discussion -- minority groups in the US have either "sold out" and improved the measures you're referring to ... or else they've refused to sell out and languished.

Name a group that has maintained proud moral detachment from the Empire, but that is also doing well economically. The Amish, maybe, but they inherit a system. Who the heck knows how to build that from scratch?

Vic78 said...

You don't do nuance too well. The last thing I have is a two dimensional view of around 40 million people dispersed throughout the world. You want a one size fits all solution to get that large of a group under the same platform. Whatever solution proposed would be a political solution. How do you mobilize a group which the members are: 1. Scared to lose their jobs. 2. Class hostilities. 3. Skin tone conflicts. 4. High unemployment. 5. Too religious. 6. Unhealthy egos. 7. Accept being mistreated?????? You have to deal with the situation that's presented to you. There are resource constraints as well. That 1 trillion a year in spending power averages about 25 grand a person. We have outliers like Oprah and Michael Jordan. There's also a low workforce participation. And then you have the wealthy that don't give a shit about the people they left behind unless there's a fundraiser for disadvantaged youth. All they're interested in is donations. If you can fix all of that I'm open to suggestions.

Any solution I propose factors in everything I said in the last paragraph.

Vic78 said...

How do you contend with people's limitations?

Tom said...

(I don't know how many Black Americans even have the option to sell out and cash in. I wasn't suggesting that the system is fair. )

Constructive_Feedback said...


The Americanized Negro HAS SOLD OUT to POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM and the MASSES HAVE LANGUISHED - this after the MACHINE that they have hitched their wagon to HAS ASSUMED POLITICAL POWER over the "Human Resources Development Institutions" that are in place to provide the UPWARD THRUST that they hopelessly seek.

It is the LACK OF REGULATION of the "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus" (The "Black Struggle Motion" and WHAT and WHO it is targeted after) THAT IS THE PROBLEM.

Since "WHITE RACISM" is an excellent means of DISARMING the "Americanized Negro" - today the notion of "White Racism" has now been partitioned down to "WHITE RIGHT-WING RACISM" - which in truth is MERELY a fight to PROMOTE UNCHECKED PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALISM - like Vic78 is proposing via "Black Voter Registration".

I suggested that Vic "expand his domain" of analysis and explain HOW IT IS that the same "Americanized Negro" whose "Rituals and Tales" are all based upon EUROPEAN EXPLOITATION OF AFRICA is today seen SILENT as the US GOVERNMENT is running Intelligence/Military/Financial and CULTURAL IMPERIALISM in Africa.

IT IS ALL TOO CLEAR that he has been DISARMED - at least temporarily BECAUSE he is interested in ADVANCING "Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalism" inside of AMERICA - and seeking to avoid the "Mistake" that Martin Luther King Jr did when he broke ranks with a progressive president over the American affairs in Vietnam.

In their SILENCE they PROVE that they are FRAUDS.

Constructive_Feedback said...

** There are more 1 billion "Brown-skinned" people around the world.
** I have NO ASSUMPTIONS that there will be "One Plan" that fits all. IN FACT - I have come to the conclusion that if BOKO HARAM is able to ATTACK "AFRICANS" they see as their "enemies" then so can the "Americanized Negro" WATCH as his government in America does the same.

THERE IS NO "MYSTICAL MAGICAL AFRICA" that "the Black Diaspora" protects and regulates.

These notions are CONJURED - mostly to DISARM people from DOING SUFFICIENT INSPECTIONS.

** Your notion of MOBILIZATION seems to be a CONSUMER based notion without any DEVELOPMENT necessary in which the ECOSYSTEM that is developed provides this heightened sense of SECURITY.

** You create JOBS by creating PROCESSES that need HUMAN TALENT to operate them and HUMAN CONSUMERS who PAY to procure the GOODS AND SERVICES that help to elevate their STANDARD OF LIVING

** Class Hostilities are often a factor of GOVERNANCE. In America you have the RIGHT-WING ENEMY on trial for VERBAL OFFENSES while the "Victim Class" - (example - watch "Gay TV" on Free Speech channel) is free to become FREE AGENT PROTESTERS - not GIVING A DAMN about the sanctions that Obama put against Uganda - and the health funding cuts that will injure people.

Ed Dunn said...

Bro CFeed - what is wrong with proposing an economic solution which is tried and true in establishing governance? Did we had Texas oil towns ruled by oil barons who laid down governance? If you were going to get a job in that town, you know not to mess with the rules the boss made. Couldn't we argue that was the same culture in a coal mining town, you don't mess with the company and do your job, no job, no reason to stay in the coal mining town. So we have plenty of example of civic governorship through tycoons and barons who use economics and jobs to wield influence and control over an area.

We can even use the prison complex with carrots and sticks by offering privileges and taking away privileges to establish governance. How about taking away privileges and establishing privileges in the black community? I'm not 100% ethical on the means to the ends of giving and taking away, including DoS vectors.

What it going to take are capitalists who know how to run the local people as well as the local business and hang jobs and kickbacks and charity over the local yokel heads to keep a form of governance in place.

Vic78 said...

I suggested that Vic "expand his domain" of analysis and explain HOW IT IS that the same "Americanized Negro" whose "Rituals and Tales" are all based upon EUROPEAN EXPLOITATION OF AFRICA is today seen SILENT as the US GOVERNMENT is running Intelligence/Military/Financial and CULTURAL IMPERIALISM in Africa.

IT IS ALL TOO CLEAR that he has been DISARMED - at least temporarily BECAUSE he is interested in ADVANCING "Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalism" inside of AMERICA - and seeking to avoid the "Mistake" that Martin Luther King Jr did when he broke ranks with a progressive president over the American affairs in Vietnam.

First, I was working with the topic of the article presented. The article was about this year's midterm issues. It only makes sense to talk about how the party can win.

All this talk of imperialism is self righteous fuckery. You just want to sit on a soapbox and talk shit. How do you stop the drop strikes?