Tuesday, July 15, 2014

catching feelings is downright unamerican...,

npr |  It's rare that a man makes it through life without being told, at least once, "Be a man." To Joe Ehrmann, a former NFL defensive lineman and now a pastor, those are the three scariest words that a boy can hear.

Ehrmann — who played with the Baltimore Colts for much of the 1970s and was a lineman at Syracuse University before that — confronted many models of masculinity in his life. But, as with many boys, his first instructor on manhood was his father, who was an amateur boxer.

Ehrmann says of his father: "I think his definition, which was very old in this country, was: Men don't need. Men don't want. Men don't touch. Men don't feel. If you're going to be a man in this world, you better learn how to dominate and control people and circumstances."

On the football field, those lessons served Ehrmann well. But, as he tells NPR's Audie Cornish, it was not the same case in the pediatric oncology ward. In 1978, Ehrmann's teenage brother was diagnosed with cancer. However tough Joe was on the field, he did not feel equipped to help his brother or himself.


CNu said...

When it comes to accentuating the INTRINSIC greatness of these cultures and societies WITH THE THOUGHT OF replicating them in our modern times - IT IS THEN that I begin to understand that A HISTORIAN OF FACT is not
necessarily qualified to ADMINISTRATE A MOVEMENT in which Black people of today

You're only scratching the surface of what divides the contemporary mentality from the khemitic - http://subrealism.blogspot.com/search?q=conscious+language (the cognitive and cultural gulf separating us from these ancients is unbridgeable by all but the most powerful, disciplined, and profoundly altered minds)

SOME PEOPLE AIN'T GONNA WANT TO LEAVE The Greatest "Massa" In History Called "COMFORT".

lol, and that's the reason I disparage your "human rights violations in the developing world" swipes at the Hon.Bro.Preznit, Precisely because our polity is our way of life. You ain't giving up nary a single aspect of your comfortable suburban ATL lifestyle pursuant to any complaints you might have to levy against the current administration. You're perfectly content to have whatever level of mayhem and slaughter is taking place continue unabated so long as it delivers up the unobtainium you crave to power your non-negotiable "way of life".

BigDonOne said...

Apparently, it's perfectly acceptable to suggest that behaviors tend to be genetically driven -- until it comes to dysfunctional behaviors such as crime, promiscuity, irresponsibility, impulsiveness, dependency, non-concern for offspring, poor FTO.......

CNu said...

Humans have a natural language faculty and likely an innate universal
grammar. Only a complete imbecile pretends that that instinctual ground
is sufficient to yield the complex behaviors involved with advanced
literacy. Complex behaviors are culturally modeled and culture does not
primarily flow from direct genetic transmission except in the minds of
the congenitally stupid and deficient who suffer from incurable feelings
of personal inadequacy. http://youtu.be/TAqn5LRMKg8

BigDonOne said...

Tameness (behavior) of Doggz is genetic...(PRR just published this week)

CNu said...

and as we all know, dogs are big talkers, powerful users of natural language -why the pyramids they built plainly attest to the power of culture as a driver within the cannid family.

Speaking of culture, however, there appears to be an expiration date and inevitable collapse written into the memetic code of every future time oriented "high" civilization.

Hope your kids took notes on my brief but valuable aside to Tom this morning on slow-roasting two-legged pig....,

Vic78 said...

Lol@ low iq cultures. All human cultures are more sophisticated than the first glance leads one to believe. Even the lower income non white cultures you like turning your nose at. There's a lot of creativity coming out of those hoods. Can you come up with a rhyme scheme off the top of your head and do it to music? Can you trick a random stranger into buying fake shit on the street? Those people standing outside aren't as unproductive as they look. Can you avoid an ass whupping in a potentially hostile neighborhood? If you can't say yes to any of this then you're a victim. So whose smart if you get taken by someone that you claim has a low iq?

makheru bradley said...

"I am noting that it is the case that even in ANCIENT AFRICA/ Kemet" these BLACK AMERICAN HISTORIANS of today speak of AFRICAN HISTORY in terms of THE FIGHT AGAINST THE WHITE EUROPEAN or in terms of "We Wuz Here First".

Who are the "Black American historians" teaching the classes you are attending? Name them.

"IT IS THEN that I begin to understand that A HISTORIAN OF FACT is not necessarily qualified to ADMINISTRATE A MOVEMENT in which Black people of today." Please provide an example of a "historian of fact."

CNu said...

Scientists have long wondered why domesticated species show features not found in their wild relatives.

It was believed that the selective breeding involved in domesticating
animals for tameness is involved with a set of embryonic stem cells
known as the neural crest.

Domesticated animals with a deficit in the neural crest have a
slower-developing adrenal gland and are therefore less scared of us.

The deficit in the neural crest also would have led to accidental
selective breeding of animals with genetic defects, resulting in the
endearing physical features.

Though research into effects of domestication on specific genes in rats,
foxes, and dogs are currently going on, this valuable insight into the
biology of domestication needs more research. The article referenced in the Delhi Daily News is here http://www.genetics.org/content/197/3/NP.full#p-22 - offers an hypothesis explaining why these American Negroes keep begging for reparations instead of finding their natural inner Adu Bakr

makheru bradley said...

"I already presented my ideas to a mass of people and generated a national conversation." If you have that's great. Please provide the documentation.

I challenged here and at his website Cobb's position that "Reparations are for Negroes" based on the principle of reparations. No one has offered a rebuttal to my specific points. The people who did respond here went off on tangents about Jewish scientific achievements, and rationalizing why Jewish victims of the Nazi's were deserving of reparations and why Afrikan Americans aren't. I challenged your position that reparations are a "coward channel" and not a form of justice. Obviously you specialize in tangential arguments as evidenced by your most recent response--"How does one try to compare..." How about responding to the specific rebuttal. Reparations are a form of justice--period.

"There was documentation and actual living survivors for the Jews to claim reparations and items taken away and most important, there were lawsuits and legal channels." All of those factors were applicable to the victims of the Tulsa Massacre but their lawsuit was dismissed. http://lawdigitalcommons.bc.edu/twlj/vol24/iss1/4/

"What legal channels have you or your ilk pursued other than crying and wailing and moaning and bitching for slavery reparations?" When I served as the co-chair of the local chapter of NCOBRA our focus was simply on raising awareness of the issue and pushing our congressman and others to support HR 40. Mel Watt eventually became a co-sponsor of that bill.

I will not dignify your asinine comments about my ancestors graves. The 1860 Republican Convention Platform was the first political body in the United States to recognize the slave trade as a crime against humanity. In 1963 Queen Mother Audley Moore presented a petition with over 1 million signatures to President Kennedy demanding reparations for Afrikan Americans. Let us know when you get a million people to agree with anything you are doing. The UN Congress in Durban (2000) declared that "the enslavement of Africans and African Descendants was a crime against humanity..." For the legal record there is no statue of limitations on crimes against humanity. This issue is not going away.

While I have agreed with the demand for reparations as a form of justice, I never taken a position on specific external remedies. I do agree with Chinweizu who says: "The most important part of reparation is our self-repair. The change it will bring about in our understanding of our history, or ourselves, and of our destiny. The change it will bring about in our place in the world."

DD said...

Can I be real? If I knew 10% about you what you post on here, I definitely would not hire you. As someone who has hired many many salespeople, I can say for sure I would not hire you. Too mad and looking for a fight. Is it racism? I am almost sure I subconsciously or for productivity reasons (results; small biz owners can be hella racist) be less likely to hire a black applicant. Not on purpose, but I bet that's true if I really think about it. Not that it is OK, but I believe it if I'm being ruthlessly objective.

But you? I'd never hire you. And, somewhat to the point, I get the feeling you would never ever hire me. Or so it seems. Which makes my theoretical rationalization easier. Does that make sense to you?

Can we acknowledge racism is real, it affects people, and move on? Or do we deal with it? What does that look like? What does a clean slate ( or the closest thing possible) look like on a one to one interaction? How do I cop to built in prejudices without having to be shit on by you? Because look-I think Big Don is a shithead, but I'll be damned if I kiss your ass for having my own inherent killer-ape biases, even if I admit some of them are wrong and possibly harmful.

ken said...

"For the legal record there is no statue of limitations on crimes against humanity. This issue is not going away."

Can you expand here, I always thought crimes against humanity was enforced and carried out against the individual who is guilty of the crime. You are right there is no statue of limitations, but when the perpetrator is dead, it would appear a "legal record" the crimes against humanity could be no longer the method in play to extract reparations.

It appears these people who committed war crimes, which were likely crimes against humanity were given sentences or put to death, but I don't see any of these individuals doling out reparations.


I don't thing prosecuting and bringing criminal action against slave owners will be an avenue that will bring about cash money, that would only either get the slave owners and people who participated in lynchings thrown in jail or executed. Of course most are dead now.

I took a look at HR 40

I think we all have a pretty good overview of the, as the document says, 4,000,000 slaves from 1619 to 1865 of how the slaves were treated. John Conyers probably has been thinking about this for a long time, and I know you and me went into a discussion back at Black Prof and at that time 7 years or so ago I remember then the amount the government owed the descendants of the 4,000,000 slaves for the pain and suffering and lost wages you came up with then was to be around 9 trillion dollars. Have you adjusted that for inflation, or is that about how much money your are still seeking. I think if I am not mistaken that should work out to about $225,000 for each of the 40,000,000 black people today.

I believe my argument was centered more on the difference of what the average white person receives in inheritance compared to the average black person, and I came up with a difference of something like 15 or 20 thousand, which you and Cracka Smasha thought was insulting and totally not worthy of even being considered an offer. Can you enlighten as to what you consider is around the amount that would have you accept America has made a good faith effort to right the wrongs of the past. Is the 9 trillion still the figure that is acceptable?

CNu said...

I challenged here and at his website Cobb's position that "Reparations
are for Negroes" based on the principle of reparations. No one has
offered a rebuttal to my specific points. The people who did respond
here went off on tangents about Jewish scientific achievements,
rationalizing why Jewish victims of the Nazi's were deserving of
reparations and why Afrikan Americans aren't.

Bro. Makheru, don't be circular or evasive in reference to yours truly. I didn't go off on a tangent about Jewish scientific achievements. I told you point blank, in my opinion, what certain Jewish thinkers/doers brought to the table as a bargaining chip for reparations. If you don't comprehend that WW-II and the remainder of the 20th century was the war of the physicists, or what I've documented at length as the Wizards at War, and that nuclear weapons comprise the ultimate mechanism of totalitarian power and control in the world period, a power I often refer to as the "unspeakable" - then you not only fail to understand subrealism, you fail to understand the objective axis of power and domination in the world.

The anglosphere cut a deal with and for the Jews, or more specifically for the zionist body politic within european Jewry. You get nukes, we get Palestine and reparations from Germany. Simple, straight-up, plain. As you will recall, it was the anglosphere which was locked in existential conflict with the 3rd Reich.and then subsequently with Stalin. Like in Ivanhoe, where some Jews brought something of great value to the rescue of selected enemy combatants - so also - within living memory - they brought something of specific and considerable value to selected enemy combatants and those combatants divvied up certain of the spoils of war in exchange for this consideration.