Friday, July 18, 2014

let's talk about dopamine hegemony...,

pnas |  The D4 dopamine receptor (DRD4) locus may be a model system for understanding the relationship between genetic variation and human cultural diversity. It has been the subject of intense interest in psychiatry, because bearers of one variant are at increased risk for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) (1). A survey of world frequencies of DRD4 alleles has shown striking differences among populations (2), with population differences greater than those of most neutral markers. In this issue of PNAS Ding et al. (3) provide a detailed molecular portrait of world diversity at the DRD4 locus. They show that the allele associated with ADHD has increased a lot in frequency within the last few thousands to tens of thousands of years, although it has probably been present in our ancestors for hundreds of thousands or even millions of years.


Ed Dunn said...

Makheru isn't pressing anybody corns - he is the typical 1970s jive-ass talker who created psuedo-babble ideology in his head for the past 30 years about Africa and coming up with names like Afrikan and believe he has ties to Upper Nile East Side Africa. People like Makheru unfortunately banked and invested heavily on assuming others would be just as ignorant and incapable as him and talk about Africa as if it is a far away place.

So now in the 21st century, we are all seeing the cognitive dissonance of how times change among the African Diaspora while this "hotep" pretends he some lost tribe Afrikan in the American wilderness. It's kind of funny listening to such antiquated 1970s black power stuff when you seeing Africans installing solar power units and aquaponic farms working in partnership with China...

BigDonOne said...

This cat better chill or he could lose his job like Watson....

CNu said...

Don't put words in my mouth Feed.It appears in your paragraph above that upon the "demolition" of
Nicholas Wade - Ta-Nehisi Coates has achieved some sort of ascendant
heights in the justification for "Reparations".Showing Wade out to be an incompetent liar and a peddler of pseudo-science is one thing, showing Black folks historical experience in America as primary targets of sabotage/redistribution capitalism is another. Neither one gets you reparations, but in combination, they put the lie to the Big Don religion which holds that genetically determined intellectual inferiority accounts for our damaged economic condition in America.

As for the rest, you raise a number of interesting points well worth considering.

woodensplinter said...

You are embarked on a fool's errand Constructive Feedback. The political differences that you're focused on elucidating are hardwired in the respective partisan's genes.

woodensplinter said...

Manhood is a precarious social status that requires effort to achieve. Because of this, men whose manhood is threatened react with a variety of compensatory behaviors and cognitions such as aggression, support for hierarchy, low tolerance for homosexuality, and support for war. The precarious status of manhood is a result of evolutionary propensities and cultural forces. Specifically, men evolved in dominance hierarchies and therefore, display honest signals of strength and vigor to dissuade other men from fighting them. However, men also evolved in large, prestige-based coalitions and compete against each other to display traits that enhance the coalition. These traits can vary from physical prowess and aggression to intelligence and empathy. As culture becomes more pluralistic and modernized, traditional notions of manhood become less important and alternative avenues for achieving status become available.

Tom said...

Lol, suck it kid. I'm not signing up for Beat On Makheru Week.

CNu said...

lol, it's conspicuously obvious to the casual black observer Tom, that you don't have a deep contingent of black friends and family...,

makheru bradley said...

"YOU HAD BETTER BELIEVE that these so called Afro-Centrist did not allow the Coup in Libya to alter their views of Obama." Quite amazing that someone can take such copious notes and not name anyone who was there except the pro-Obama, definitely-not Afrikan-centered, Cynthia Tucker. Since you can't specifically quote anyone by name, I have no reason to believe anyone truly Afrikan-centered supported the Obama/Organization of North Atlantic Tribes war of aggression against the Libyan Jamahiriya.

makheru bradley said...

That's why I said that I did not understand your point. You are saying that we're all Black-white Americans. Your greatest opposition to that designation will be the White Supremacy Dynamic. For the record my maternal grandmother was raped by a white man when she was 13. Neither my mother nor I ever saw this man. The fact that my maternal grandfather was a white man had no impact on me other than a few intra-racial jokes periodically, which never bothered me. My experience is the Black experience in America, particularly in the old Confederacy. Furthermore, I believe that Afrikans, redefined as Negroes/Colored/niggers, etc., have the most unique experience in world history. That unique experience produced very specific problems which require specific solutions. Solving these problems are a prerequisite to establishing peace and harmony in my opinion.

makheru bradley said...

I don't know what cave you recently crawled out of, but it is absolutely guaranteed that you don't have a clue as to what I understand, anymore than you understand the Social Studies Standard Course of Study in North Carolina. Here is a coward hiding behind an avatar calling me a "false personality." Crawl back into your cave and see if you can find someone with a high tolerance for homosexuality to keep you company.

makheru bradley said...

Extrapolating Ed, if you are going to criticize anything, you should at least know what it is you are criticizing, while demonstrating an understanding of the concepts you are attempting to use. Cognitive dissonance: “creating an urban garden, the biggest useless and waste of urban space ever invented.” (Never mind that is one of the most cretinous statements ever written) “when you seeing Africans installing... aquaponic farms.” Two systems designed to produce food--one is useless (despite its worldwide growth); the other apparently has value = dissonance Two cognitions that are inconsistent with one another.

“this ‘hotep’ pretends he some lost tribe Afrikan in the American wilderness.” Translation: “this ‘peace’ pretends he some lost tribe Afrikan in the American wilderness.” This poor dudes incoherence reaches deeper his abyss of historical ignorance everyday.

As regards “such antiquated 1970s black power stuff.”

makheru bradley said...

"then proceeded to tug your heartstrings with yet another 'woe is me' evasion." The presentation of data are not in and of themselves an articulation of victimology. Neither is it a demand for welfare. No one can find a single "woe is me" statement I have ever written, either in print, or on the internet. What we have with this "wood" is a person with total disregard for context demonstrating his preconceived ideas.

CNu said...

lol, you just set the cause of african-centered education back 400 years with this one ratchet video. If this serial child-abuse is what you're holding up as somehow exemplifying anything that anybody else should want to emulate, then it's no wonder that "the movement" has dwindled to the absolute fringe of society.

Vic78 said...

"Explain to me WHY in his writings - Ta-Nehisi Coates insisted that President Obama STAY OUT OF the "Reparations For Slavery" debate."

That's easy. It wouldn't go anywhere and would cause trouble for him and his party. Nobody has to worry about the President speaking on reparations. He spoke on the futility of pushing the issue when he was teaching law school.

makheru bradley said...

Stop feigning concern for these children. Any Afrikan-centered education is backwards as far you're concerned.

[In an Afrikan centered context, our purpose is building Afrikan children to be exceptional, academically intense, driven and disciplined human beings. Its organic approach concentrates on Reading, Mathematics, Focus, Geography, Health, and Cultural Enrichment. We are a private home school institution with specific measurable goals.

We offer French, Kiswahili, Tai Chi, Piano, Science, Biology, and more in a home school environment.

The vision is to build a grand Afrikan that will display to the world a new type of leader with a global self-determined, politically whole, and holistically substantial stake in his or her own global independence.

We feel that all Afrikan children have growth and development potential that reaches far beyond our limited–and–limiting–perception of society. Considering the constant challenges and views against the progress of building warriors for the future of Afrikan people in this context, we recognize that our program may not be the best fit for every child’s social/behavioral disposition. With this understanding, we respectfully reserve the right to not admit students in the pre-screening of admission. This program is holistic in nature that addresses how the world is viewed. Therefore we teach about international policy and how it places the Afrikan so that our students can be clear on how to move with confidence in this competitive world.]--FHA

They are doing the same thing at the Marcus Garvey School.

CNu said...

And they will predictably and inevitably "produce" the same levels of academic failure that ACETI was busily producing with its garbage curriculum in KC, as well. (at least ACETI was more adequately funded) - the bottom line is that these little indoctrination factories run by unqualified sycophant drone children of geriatric movement relics aren't fun and nurturing

rather, they're like a case of bad north korean indigestion being perpetrated on kids who have been denied any choice or agency in their own interests or development.

You clowns take the very worst aspects of the failed public school system and amplify them to an atrocious degree. Incompetent fools imitating incompetent fools and these children are the victims of your incompetence.

Constructive_Feedback said...



I asked you to speak VICARIOUSLY through the reasoning of the "We Are In The White House Negro" - who LIVES VICARIOUSLY THROUGH Obama and his fight against the White Right-Wing Enemy.

Why should Ta-Nehisi Coates worry about Obama's concerns about the damage to the "Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Alliance" as expressed through the Democratic Party? It is clear that doing so would reduce the likelihood of receiving Reparations.

When I make my models of the real life thoughts and experiences of "The Americanized Negro" - please be certain that I know what I am talking about - based on listening to what you just said:

Here is the insight.

The support of the REPARATIONS MOVEMENT by White Liberals will ultimately become like the "Two Friends On A Hiking Trip That Run Into A Bear": "I DON'T NEED TO RUN FASTER THAN THE BEAR - I JUST NEED TO RUN FASTER THAN YOU".

** I don't need to actually support "Reparations For The 'Big Pay Back' For The Negroes" - I only need to show that my White Right-wing Enemies are hostile to the question

** I don't need to support allowing 10s of millions of Hispanics into this Nation - I just need to show the White Right-wing bigots at the border protests, AND NEVER create a "Freedom Summer 2014" by which we progressives board buses to go South of The Border to protect the 200 Million Hispanics where they actually live

** I don't need to support 'Quality Education For The American Negro". I only need to stand on his side as he works to get a hand full of Black kids into elite colleges using Affirmative Action, knowing that this does NOTHING for the 10 million Black children in public schools that don't effectively position them for uplift by 2 standard deviations when they become the "Adult Replacements" within the Black community in 20 years

OBAMA SPEAKING OF THE FUTILITY OF REPARATIONS has NEVER generated the public scorn from Rep John Conyers, former Alderman Tilliman of Chicago or most of the other "Revolutionaries" who today LIVE VICARIOUSLY through his fight with the White Right-Wing Republicans whose position on Reparations sound just like Obama's.

Vic78 said...

"Why should Ta-Nehisi Coates worry about Obama's concerns about the damage to the "Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Alliance" as expressed through the Democratic Party? It is clear that doing so would reduce the likelihood of receiving Reparations."

They sign his paychecks. His job is to be a "brave race man" for the Atlantic.

Constructive_Feedback said...

You've got it bad. Don't you?

This is the "International Representative Of The NOI" who was on the panel

Phillis Bennis is the "Democracy Now" lady that I was mentioning in the other post


AGAIN - when I listen to these people I am amazed how they are able to COMPARTMENTALIZE their ADVOCACY when it comes to President Obama.

It is a given that they see the "US Government" as an "Imperialist Oppressor". They, however, give President Obama an "OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE" in which he is believed to be "FIGHTING AGAINST THE ROGUE RIGHT-WING / WHITE SUPREMACIST AGENTS within the government so that JUSTICE is more fairly dispensed.

Thus most of "The Left" in America had to cease and desist from the "Anti-War Rehetoric" when Obama came to power. Instead of focusing on the BODY COUNT on his watch they started to argue in 2012: "OBAMA ENDED TWO WARS!!! (That Bush Started)"

makheru bradley said...

Lol-- Vitriol on steroids-- these children are the victims of your incompetence.

[No Excuses: Lessons from 21 High-Performing, High-Poverty Schools. Samuel Casey Carter

There is no excuse for the failure of most public schools to teach poor children. All children can learn, as the principals and schools profiled in this book have demonstrated. These schools and administrators have overcome the bureaucratic and cultural obstacles that keep low-income children behind in most public schools. The 21 high-performing, high-poverty schools profiled have not succeeded by chance. Their success is the result of hard work, common sense teaching philosophies, and successful leadership strategies that can be replicated. The first part of the book contains discussions of effective practices that have made these schools successful: (1) parental accountability; (2) teacher quality; (3) effective diagnostic testing; (4) emphasis on basic skills; and (5) the effective allocation of funds. The second section contains the profiles of the 21 "no excuses" schools. Four appendixes contain educational reform models, research summaries, titles for further reading, and definitions, methods, and study procedures.]

Among the 21 schools noted (don't choke on your vitriol)--Marcus Garvey School: [According to Carter, pupils there routinely "score two or more years above grade level. In 1999, three 7th graders went on to attend West Los Angeles Junior College after they tested at the post-secondary level in all subjects." Fourth-graders at the school study elementary algebra, while 9th- and 10th-graders take calculus. Marcus Garvey has an Afrocentric curriculum and students study Spanish and Swahili.]

CNu said...

Bro. Feed, you've made it abundantly clear who you're against, what inquiring minds would now like to know is, exactly who are you for with all this tireless political advocacy for community nucleus minerals and consciousness valuables of the patriarchal familial wage-free child labor discipline - and shit?