Monday, July 14, 2014

metropolitan segregation by education

WaPo |  Census data suggests that in 1980 a college graduate could expect to earn about 38 percent more than a worker with only a high-school diploma. Since then, the difference in their wages has only widened as our economy has shifted to bestow greater and greater rewards on the well-educated. By 2000, that number was about 57 percent. By 2011: 73 percent.

These figures, though, reflect only part of the inequality that has pushed the lives of college and high school graduates in America farther apart. As the returns to education have increased, according to Stanford economist Rebecca Diamond, the geographic segregation of the most educated workers has, too — and not by neighborhood, but by entire city.

This effectively means that college graduates in America aren't simply gaining access to higher wages. They're gaining access to high-cost cities like New York or San Francisco that offer so much more than good jobs: more restaurants, better schools, less crime, even cleaner air.

"With wage inequality, you could just observe the average wage of a college graduate, and the average wage of a high school graduate," says Diamond, whose research has gone a step further to calculate what she calls "economic well-being inequality." "But then on top of that, college graduates also live in the nicest cities in the country. They’re getting more benefits, even net of fact that they’re paying higher housing costs."

It's easy to recognize this phenomenon in San Francisco, or even Washington. College graduates have flooded in, drawn by both jobs and amenities. Yet more amenities have followed to cater to them (luring yet more college graduates). Housing costs have increased as a result, pushing low-wage and low-skilled workers out. At the neighborhood level, this cycle sounds a lot like how we describe gentrification. At the scale of entire cities — picture low-skilled workers increasingly excluded from Washington and San Francisco and segregated into cities like Toledo or Baton Rouge — Diamond describes this as a kind of nationwide gentrification effect.  Fist tap Dale.


CNu said...

bears repeating:Because the coward cannot execute revenge
Because the coward cannot execute revenge
Because the coward cannot execute revengepunks just want to talk at the bottom of the slave ship and get real silent when the dudes from the upper deck come, it's that unrequited love for the genetically self-segregated reptilian dudes from the upper deck who bred and trained that icy ruthlessness into their scion and have been continuously running things now for centuries.

Ed Dunn said...

oh massa, you need to tell me you sorry for what you done to me! oh massa, please show me you are sorry for what you done to me!!!!! I cannot move on until you to heal my wounds and tell me how sorry you are!

If that ain't punk ish, I don't know what is...

CNu said...

BD was drawn to Subrealism to defend white folks against rotflmbao...., whew!!!! BD was promoted to cherished poster-child at Subrealism precisely because he single-handedly exemplifies and embodies any and every "quality" that the subrealist oeuvre might ever find itself at cross-purposes with.

umbrarchist said...

CNu said...

lol, why you nattering nabob of negativity you!!! Better zip that isht up, respect your elders, and send them some donations. Cause in the collapsed economy, things are getting unbelievably hard out here for the breath and britches identity bidnis

Tom said...

lol yeah I never realized the lengths the thin BD line was going to to keep me and mine safe!

Tom said...

BD, You of all people can't seriously say race isn't a barrier. That's ridiculous.

Just to review the bidding:
(a) You make it clear that the USA is full of folks (for example retired people with engineering credentials) who absolutely believe that everyone with dark skin is mentally crippled.
(b) Yet people with dark skin face no barrier.

Black President, barrier can be overcome, ok. But is barrier, nyet?

Help me help you BD.

Tom said...

Only, Dale ... what kind of combat are we picturing here? I'm trying to work ...

CNu said...

SMDH...., you lowdown dirty, disrespectful, race-traitoring sons of sea-biscuits you!!! It's RAHOWA out here, and Big Don is a mighty, mighty warrior defending occidental interests from all FTO-deficient, IQ-75 Fuzzlim L00zers and other assorted riff-raff and scum wherever it is to be found attempting to infiltrate the Camelot trailer park that is these United States of America.

Dale Asberry said...

Clearly "sword fighting".

CNu said...

Gottdammit Tom!!!! Respeck BD's authoritay, and for chrissakes don't make him have to say that isht again The African-American situation today is *NOT* the result of "400 years of oppression." It is the result of genetic defect.Cause when he gets worked up and commences to making his racial warrioring - with real emotional content - he manages to single-handedly set the entire occidental world back to the time whenWhen President Nkrumah (he wasn't president then, I
don't think) visited New York (I think it was in 1959; Harriman
was governor) they had a banquet for him downtown,
which I attended. Governor Harriman, Abe Stark, Mayor
Wagner, all of them were there. At one point when they were
introducing Nkrumah, they were congratulating him. I remember
Abe Stark said this: That Nkrumah comes from
Ghana, a country which was highly civilized, wearing silks, at
a time when we, he said, up in Europe, were painting ourselves
blue. Pick up on that. Abe Stark at that time was right
under Wagner, and he's Jewish, which means he knows a
whole lot of Black history, and here he was admitting that a
civilization existed in Africa, where you and I came from, that
was so highly developed that the people were wearing silks
when his people, the Europeans, were up in the caves painting
themselves blue.

Tom said...

That's probably real interesting, but you did ignore my point and change the subject.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother CNu:

Is there any detectable difference in the VOTING PATTERNS of these "diverse" people in Metro SFO?

With the claim of "Voting Against Your Interests" - how can this span "Educational / Income Classes" unless.................ONE OF THESE is VOTING - just to "Get In Where They Fit In" - WHILE KNOWING that are more substantive forces beyond VOTING that is allowing them to maintain their favorable position?

Tom said...

Yeah, years ago BD's nonsense was completely blown out of the water when you pointed out to him some data that (iirc) Nigerian immigrants do better in the UK school system than any other ethnic group, including our valued English cousins.

BD's response was it had to be the mixture of a tiny bit of WiteGenes^TM into Nigeria that made the Nigerians smarter than the English.

Let's think about that bit of Peer Reviewed Research for a minute. We could make a lot more Genetic Realist discoveries. For example I bet T Rex grows bigger than an Iguana, because T Rex has Iguana Genes. Birds fly better than Turtles ... but only because Birds have the advantage of Turtle Genes. The possibilities are endless!

CNu said...

I don't know and I don't care and I have no earthly idea what your "more substantive forces beyond voting" could possibly refer to. Please translate from Feedspeak to plain english. Thanks

Constructive_Feedback said...


Surely you jest.

"Raised taxes for the lowest income brackets"? 1.3%!!!!! WHAT AN OUTRAGE.
Do you mind converting this into DOLLARS???

So GOVERNMENT tax revenues - decreased by a "Self Inflicted Wound" of TAX CUTS are detrimental to STATE ECONOMIC GROWTH?
QUESTION: Does the STATE EXPENDITURES have to be a certain proportion of the STATE ECONOMY for this to be true?

Do you believe that the NY Times would negatively highlight a state that experienced NEGATIVE ECONOMIC GROWTH due to an exodus of BUSINESSES who got tired of getting soaked by HIGH TAXES and as a result - and after a state economic convulsion THEY RAISED THE TAXES EVEN HIGHER in their attempt to retain the level of STATE SPENDING that they desired - only to cause long term economic havoc? THIS IS THE MORE POPULAR SCENARIO but for some reason the NY Times Economists would blame it on SELFISH, GREEDY CORPORATIONS but not STATE POLICY decision makers.

Constructive_Feedback said...

MORE SUBSTANTIVE FORCES BEYOND VOTING (To Achieve Uplift For The People I Care About)


LET THEM EAT CAKE at my VOTER REGISTRATION RALLY that I divert them with WHILE ME, My Children, My Neighbors and Extended Family seek UPLIFT by:

* Affirming and Enforcing EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT for upward thrust

* Managing The High Standards and Culture of my community so that ORDER and LEVERAGE can be perpetuated far into the future

* SELL to CONSUMERS - any trinket that their heart desires to PAY FOR my house and my children's education

* And Most VALUABLE OF ALL - Receive The CURRENCY OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS of the people who I get to BUY INTO MY SCHEME which reinforces MY POWER without them necessarily following all of the previously listed steps that I have used to ascend.

I don't have a problem with President Johnson's analysis - which is correct. I ONLY have a problem with the fact that HE WOULD NEVER extend this observation to describe the antics of the "Americanized Negro"

CNu said...

Good, good, clear now - thanks!

Can you now run that translated bit through the original script which went thus:Is there any detectable difference in the VOTING PATTERNS of these "diverse" people in Metro SFO?

With the claim of "Voting Against Your Interests" - how can this span "Educational / Income Classes" unless.................ONE OF THESE is VOTING - just to "Get In Where They Fit In" - WHILE KNOWING that are more substantive forces beyond VOTING that is allowing them to maintain their favorable position?Since the article is about educational and economic self-segregation working organically to terraform entire cities, I'm going to guess that every aspect of a Baton Rouge or Toledo urban monad will be clearly and jarringly distinct from a San Francisco or Boston urban monad. How could it be otherwise?

Tom said...

Yeah, and nobody seriously doubts this. It's not revisionist history. The Euro forebears of the American people were painting ourselves blue in Scotland 2,000 years ago. No written language until about 1,500 years ago, and that borrowed from Rome, which got its alphabet from the Greeks, who got theirs from the Phoenicians, who used a simplified phonetic subset of Egyptian Hieroglyphics. An "alphabet," to coin a word.

Egyptians however had a written language 5,000 years ago. It just took 3,500 years for teh Celts and Germans to catch on.

Simple facts. I'm certainly not embarrassed that blue-eyed, brown-haired Celts took a New-York 3,000 or 4,000 to catch up to the Egyptian-Ethiopian civ, and when we did catch up we used the Baby Runes. (I.e. what I'm typing in right now.) -- you copy from the best. That's technology.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Big Hard On:

When you see the ability of the USA to recover from economic malaise - as compared to "Black Run Nations" (Borrowing a bit from your friends over at "Stuff Black People Don't Like" ) are you prone to look at WHITE BRILLIANCE or is the fact that the US Federal Reserve Bank is able to generate FAKE MONEY - for use as a "Credit Card Cash Advance" when America has "Too Much Month Left At The End Of Its Money" and thus PAYS ITSELF TILL THE END OF THE MONTH - except it NEVER HAS TO PAY ITSELF BACK after taking the cash advance?

Just imagine if there was some "Transporter" that was able to pick out YOU and about 10 million others who THINK JUST LIKE YOU, transferring you to a lush island where YOU HAD TO FEND FOR YOURSELF - no "Magic Money" or other American institutions or history for you to claim as "Your (Racial) Own".

How long before you adopt cannibalism?

I'd give you about 5 months before you accept the psychological changes which you now see that YOU ARE NO LONGER IN THE "CIVILIZED WORLD" and that YOUR RACIAL COMPANY alone does not make you "Civilized".

Tell me - when you eat that first human appendage - will you boil it whole or chop it up into little pieces so it no longer has a human form, tricking your mind into believing that you are eating pieces of beef stew?

I bet you'd STILL be blaming Black people because none were around and thus you were forced to kill a White person who tried to steal your food.

Tom said...

Man, when you use plain English you smush all before you, like Conan or something.

CNu said...

Aaaawwww SCHNAP!!!! You dun-phukked up now BD! Got Bro.Feed irritated with you. Gone be hell up in Harlem for a race warrior from here on out.

DD said...

Allow me to chum the waters:

John Kurman said...

Statistics + time = comedy.

Vic78 said...

When I was talking about Black folks' voting I was saying that Black folks should approach elections from a position of self respect instead of fear.

When I talking about the Mayor of Atlanta, I was pointing out the games being played. If he were serious about what the election of 2012 meant, he and his people would've been busting their asses to register voters to put Georgia in the blue column. They just wanted Obama to carry their weight. I got the impression that Reed was a little selfish.

I was just talking about the Brookings' article and how Black folks can have some semblance of political savvy when 2016 hits. When it comes to politics the people that are supposed to be 'leaders' are a damn joke. It shows in many ways. We shouldn't expect seriousness from people that throw Scandal parties. I know better than to trust a 'Black Magazine' when it comes to politics. What are they going to tell anybody? Have they said anything about taking advantage of having a Black President when he had majorities in the House and Senate? Have they even spoken on interest groups and how to start one?

I'm not promoting more of the same. Those people don't have the wit or integrity to do anything I just spoke on. All they can do is the same shit they've been doing for the past 40 years. They won't even tell Black folks to not support Hillary for the stunts pulled in 2008.

Vic78 said...

How is it that you attack the orchestrators of these "SCANDAL Parties" yet you previously suggested that BLACK PEOPLE would have our interests advanced via more BLACK VOTER REGISTRATION in Georgia?

The party would have to be more people centric to register enough Black folks to win Georgia. To register 400,000 in one city people takes a commitment that isn't for those looking to maintain the status quo. As far as advancing Black interests go, voting isn't the #1 priority. It's an issue that requires more sophistication than it's been getting. I never believed it'll be all good when the demographic shift comes. That demographic shift is here now and people are saying 2050. That's just a revision of that I'll go to heaven when I die. You have to work for it. The people I talk bad about are trying to make sure people don't see through the games they're playing. They're getting over on people's overall lack of political sophistication.

makheru bradley said...

“History are for Negroes....” And they call this type of thinking “evolved.” History is for people who are ignorant of history, such as yourself, as our Esteemed Ancestor Malcolm X explains:

Tom said...

Tell me - when you eat that first human appendage - will you boil it whole or chop it up into little pieces so it no longer has a human form, tricking your mind into believing that you are eating pieces of beef stew?

Goodness, of course we will chop it up and put it in a sauce. Eating recognizable human limbs would be uncivilized!

makheru bradley said...

“There's a case for reparations. What I'm saying is that it isn't worth the time or energy. It's better spent in fruitful pursuits.” It isn’t worth your time and energy, but Afrikan Americans are not a monolithic structure. Other people obviously feel that it is worth their time and energy. The reparations issue has gotten so much attention recently, that even the host of this blog (incredibly in light of recent comments) was moved to feature the Coates article on May 23, 2014, and made these comments:

“Hard and unforgiving as I tend to be, I give credit where credit is due. Coates brought his analytic and synthetic exposition A-Game to this task and accomplished something that generations of "scholars" and activists have not managed to accomplish. He presented a succinct, fact-based, and largely unemotional case for why it's due, and, what it means that this country can't man up enough to even just study the issue.

He used his platform exceptionally well, knocking down many birds with one well-polished and precisely placed stone. For me personally, the timing couldn't have been better as my man John noted at the outset of this thread, he's underscored in very glaring - and again quite unemotional terms - the historical process of sabotage and redistribution.”

If you are able to generate support for your “fruitful pursuits” and make them part of the national conversation as reparations have been since the 1860s, then we’ll be discussing the value of those pursuits. Some people focus on building their own programs. Others focus on tearing down the programs of others because they cannot generate mass-based support for their ideas. I’m saying this as a person who believes in creative contention, particularly when compelling argument test and temper my own thinking. The choice is yours.

makheru bradley said...

“Reparations for slavery is a coward channel in lieu of seeking revenge/justice for slavery.” Breaking news: Attention Jewish people. Reparations are not a form of justice. You must immediately stop attacking the Palestinians and seek revenge against the Germans.

“Because the coward cannot execute revenge, they continuously ask/discuss reparations like a punk.” Evolution I&II cannot get the boot of the powerless 2nd/3rd line civil right inheritors off their necks (based on their continuous whining) and they are calling people whom United States governmental agencies declared war on “cowards.” SMDH

“Oh massa 2nd/3rd line civil rights inheritors, I cannot move until you get your feet off my neck. and tell me how sorry you are for holding me down for the past 25 years.” If that ain't punk ish, I don't know what is… LOL

Novel idea for Evolution I&II. Why don’t you try presenting your ideas to masses of people and see if you can generate a national conversation. Can’t wait to see how they respond to all of this vitriol you direct towards the masses of Afrikan people.

CNu said...

The reparations issue has gotten so much attention recently, that even the host of this blog (incredibly in light of recent comments)

Entirely consistent with recent comments. in 15,000 words, ta-nehisi coates demolishes nicholas wade - sabotage/redistribution, inability to discuss those facts, and demolition of nicholas wade's pack of lies - let me know when the reptilians go soft and empathetic and when their unrequited negroe "lovers" go hard and vengeful. Until then, the predator/prey relationship remains constant and whatever comes out of the prey's mouth is merely conversation...,

BigDonOne said...

"Speak Truth - Get fired..."

CNu said...

I had a superb father and I've arrived at a harshly anti-cop mentality due largely to personal experience with cops, the war on drugs, stop-and-frisk, racial profiling, and the war on drugs. The reporter pulled a Big Don in public. That's a loooong way from speaking truth, and in most organizations would constitute a fireable offense.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Again - YOU say that "Voting isn't the #1 priority".
If you listen to the public forums of the NUL, NAACP, the printed strategy from Ben Jealous and the "Center For American Progress" - they advocate VOTING AS A MEANS TO PROGRESSIVE IMPERIALIST COLONIZATION of places that are in the hands of the OPPOSITION.

MY ARGUMENT against the fraudulent white paper put forth by Ben Jealous who they made a "Senior Fellow" is that he told us THAT "Black people were moving back to the South for opportunity" but was too corrupt to tell us WHAT WERE THEY MOVING AWAY FROM.

If the modern day "Negro Spirituals" (Black history) tells the "Great Migration" as a move AWAY FROM blistering White violence and job opportunities limited to agriculture, house cleaning as THE NORTH offered FREEDOM and ENTRY INTO THE MIDDLE CLASS" then................

I would expected that AT LEAST ONE "Black Media Propagandist" who received "The Center For American Progress' " "Plans For The Negro To Help Take Over The South For Progressivism" TO critically inspect this position paper and note that Jealous NEVER MENTIONS "THE CONDITION OF THE NORTH" that Black people are moving away from.

It is clear that everyone sitting in the 'Think Tank' already knew that the average "Americanized Negro" would donate his left arm to the "White-led" "Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Movement" to assist it to FIGHT THE "RIGHT WING EXTREMISTS" in the South - as Jealous noted. They would FIRST FREEZE THEIR ARM before handing it over so that the FROZEN TISSUES would KNOCK THEIR ENEMY OUT when swung at their heads.


It was clear that there was some INTRINSIC benefit to the Negro by DEFEATING the RIght-wing.

The problem is that Jealous and "Center for American Progress" did not see the need to tell the Negro that "What happened UP NORTH - won't happen again - WE HAVE LEARNED FROM OUR MISTAKES.


Dale Asberry said...

There was a recent shooting here in Indy where the cop was shot by a troubled young black man. The story gets interesting because his father was taken into custody several years ago for marijuana possession and died in the "care" of this same cop. Of course the IMPD and city lionized him for being a "hero" while quickly sweeping the rest of the story under the rug. Meh.

CNu said...

While always hazardous to stereotype, I don't believe there are many Joe Ehrmann's left in law enforcement. One of my best friends is a retired police commander who never once had to draw his service weapon. My office neighbor, retired two weeks now after 45 years in education, embodied the exact same principles. Neither of these individuals ever had to fear for their personal safety in the line of duty, such was the respect and consideration given to them by all people in all walks of life. The latter was a Korean war conscript, the former a Vietnam conscript, both have had a diversity and wealth of life-experiences unknown to the typical young bully with minimal psychological and vocational depth who signs up for a badge.

Tom said...

And it's not "stew" it's ragoƻt.

Constructive_Feedback said...


Your sentiments on this matter are 110% in line with mine.

A significant portions of those who are driving the "Reparations Movement".............

1) Want to make sure the Americanized Negro NEVER inspects them for where they have lead the masses into over the past 50 years

2) Understand that since it is becoming evident that the "BLACK COMMUNITY SALVATION THROUGH POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM SCHEME" has failed to produce the desired uplift - A NEW 'STRETCH GOAL' will effectively keep the congregation UNIFIED IN STRUGGLE.

Ed Dunn said...

How does one try to compare the reparations of Jews in WWII which was a short decade to hundreds of years of sanctioned slavery? There was documentation and actual living survivors for the Jews to claim reparations and items taken away and most important, there were lawsuits and legal channels.

What legal channels have you or your ilk pursued other than crying and wailing and moaning and bitching for slavery reparations? Even more important, what you are asking for on your slave ancestor graves? You think there is a price to that or you just looking for a payday?

BTW, in your state of denial, I already presented my ideas to a mass of people and generated a national conversation - you just have a problem of acceptance of who I actually am dude. You are the most funniest commercialized so-called underground cat I met...

CNu said...

Grisly, and I suspect suboptimal given my years of pig-roasting experience. Generalizing from the young porker to the hog, the best and easiest way to cook that bad boy and present the tasty meats without question, is to dig a pit and fire up a bed of coals, stuff it with lemons, onions, oil and season the carcass, wrap it thoroughly in palm or other large leaves - and then down on the coals and cover with additional leaves for very slow and moist roasting.

That carcass becomes one continuous pulled-pork extravaganza. I think that's the way I'd go in a clampdown, given limited utensils, cooking apparatus, and desirous of an unrecognizable and nearly universally appreciated end-product.