Friday, August 04, 2017

Red-Pillers vs. The Cathedral: When Pathetic Ideological Bishes Collide...,

CounterPunch |  The alt-right, Steve Bannon’s Leninist cadre of white nationalists looking to build their base, is one of the most astoundingly ironic things I have ever encountered in my years of studying Marxist theory and cinema. Among all the undeniably well-designed and aesthetically-pleasing elements of this new Nazi cottage industry is the fact that their entire initiation system, so-called ‘red pill-ing’ someone, is a trope derived from THE MATRIX films, one of if not the most successful neo-Marxist series made in history. In other words, so to wage a war against ‘Cultural Marxism’, ‘feminism’, and ‘white genocide’, they literally are using as a vehicle for their wretched doctrines not just a Marxist text but a masterclass on Althusser, Gramsci, Lacan, and Zizek and how their theories are elements of the discourse about praxis and cultural studies, which the alt-right mistakenly call ‘cultural Marxism’.

The irony is so rich it would be the stuff of a deadly diabetic shock if it were not so deadly serious. Bebel’s famous quip about the socialism of fools is totally lacking in this instance. I would argue the alt-right’s use of this film is nothing less than the War Communism of the genocidal lunatics. Certainly one might wonder whether jesting about such matters is appropriate but I respond by pointing to the European pogroms that were flooding newspaper headlines when the German socialist made his remarks. Furthermore I feel inclined to point to the fact that, at least in my own analysis, we are only going to beat these people with humor. For if there is one thing borne out by history, it is that Adolf Hitler felt so threatened by Charlie Chaplin that he banned THE GREAT DICTATOR. By contrast, he found allies in the Communists not once, when the KPD idiotically helped get the Nazis elected in 1933, but twice, when Joseph Stalin allowed for the commission of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact!

My hope here is to provide a basic primer for the non-academic and non-Leftist reader so to build a consciousness that can challenge the alt-right’s use of the films and repudiate it. Putting it another way, I offer a short essay on the true meaning of the films and why it is an important tool for the abolition of the white race. I would argue that our repudiation of the alt-right’s “red-pill” must articulate a brief summary of the notion of ideology, which the films act out, and then a sufficient explanation of what the implications of the much misunderstood and maligned final film are.

The first point to be discussed in such proceedings would therefore be an explanation of the analogy of the Matrix. What is it actually?