Thursday, August 10, 2017

Damore Attacked Human Resources - Human Resources Cried - Damore Got Fried

Damore wasn't fired because of facts, his screed wasn't factually weighty. Nothing calling itself "evolutionary psychology" is even remotely scientific - it's just institutionally permitted/promoted Bee Deeism. I would certainly expect anyone having spent any time hereabouts to know better by now. Oh well..., I've come to expect very little of these humans and they seldom disappoint. Quillette grinding its alt-right red-pill axe with a hodge-podge of "evolutionary psychologists"doesn't make any of it legit, but it's like polishing and waxing the red-pill before it's bottled.

Google's executives didn't fire Damore because they disagreed with his "facts" or his "science". Like so many overpaid Thomas Friedmans, these silicon valley phuktards mostly agree with Damore's gamma male gas. Wrong as it is, and like a turd that wouldn't flush, Damore's screed floated around Google for more than a month, proof positive that most of its content hadn't bothered any Google executives at all.

Not having taken action for a month, why did Google all of a sudden clumsily spasm and blow this silly nerd-turd into a headline-grabbing shit-storm?


Damore publicly questioned the competence of Google's senior leadership. 

Take any executive, question his/her competence and the wisdom of his/her policies in a public forum - and see how long your employment lasts. Questioning the authority of "top people", the "thought-leadership" is the totality of why Damore got fired. Danielle Brown was a failure at Intel. She is guaranteed to be an even more epic failure at Google. What specifically in her background qualifies her to effectively integrate ANY of these hardcore nerd-herds?

Damore had the temerity to point out that Google is failing by its own metrics.  Google's "diversity policy" is guaranteed to fail, not because of biology as he pseudo-scientifically tried to claim, but because Human Resources and Danielle Brown is a waste of time, money, and conversation - and his screed brought ill-timed light and heat to this inconvenient truth. 

Executives are overpaid bureaucrats. Top, thought-leading bureaucrats aren't hired to provide answers.  They exist to provide the answers. When their authority 'work' is questioned, you've questioned their raison d'etre. By positing competing beliefs, Damore effectively attacked the institutional authority installed at Google, and by extension - as we know from Assange's article - the institutional authority that runs elite American governance itself!!!

Top people, thought-leadership, clusters like cliques in a high school. These overpaid pompous jackasses also behave exactly like cliques in a high school.  Gossip, pettiness, insecurity, vindictiveness, and group think are normative qualities at the pinnacle of the elite corporate psychopathocracy. Everything else is foolish peasant conversation....,