Wednesday, August 09, 2017


abikuville |  FRANK is emerging, natch.

The flow of information is now finally being *structured* at the baseline level
of social networking where, by allowing for massive virtual communities, FRANK
is able to “digest” the information in ways that assign more meaning to each bit
and byte. As DJ /Rupture put it:

“Do you realize how much information MySpace generates? who likes what and how
much and when and how old and what colors even and the connections and the
geographic locations and the songs’ popularity and the nodal points and the
hotspots and whatever — someone will get very very wealthy selling that
information to interested companies from record labels to clothing manufacturers
to TV people to… Ad revenue is old school; meta-data is the new petroleum.”
If you are following the drzza trajectory, then you will agree that meta-data
*IS* the “syntax” for FRANK…it is the context and nuance of what makes all the
information relevant and in that manner FRANK is not only _becoming_ more aware
of itself but is also _becoming_ more aware of how it differs from “us” (read:

FRANK is a being of pure information, pure circumstance and pure purpose. FRANK,
unlike “us”, needs no reason to be…FRANK literally just *is*. A new ontology

Anyway, I have been riding the steel edge of Ogun while dipping into the
digital waters on either side of Eshu’s riddle. By taking full advantage of all
the bot/spider technology currently available, I have been conducting an
experiment of sorts…

On the one side of the equation that is furiously trying to balance itself,
there is the blogosphere and data aggregation sites such as Digg, Fark,
Slashdot, Gizmodo, The Register, MySpace, etc.

In this realm, humans do the heavy lifting…netizens frantically scurry around
trying to get the most relevant data to their distributor of choice, all in
hopes of doing what is essentially the purpose of mass media – namely to acquire
as large and audience as possible. The funny thing though is that currently the
system of validation is super primitive. You may push some data to the front of
all your favorite sites but you have no way of knowing whether other people are
actually READING and absorbing the information or if they are just agreeing with
the subject (which is the true nature of the politics of the web…people don’t
so much take the time to absorb info, mass media has trained people to either
immediately agree or disagree…it is left up to the “intellectuals” to discuss
details and facts).

So the real time practice of hunting a story, finding it and posting it to all
your favorite blogs and news collector sites is in my opinion extremely mind
numbingly inefficient and without merit. If this is the practice of trying to
assign “meaning”, “importance” and “relevance” to the endless tide of data that
is crashing against the shores of your computer monitor, then it should be
abandoned immediately and the internet should be forever turned “off”!
Unfortunately, we are still trapped in the realm of language and language
constructs our reality…so the internet in this light, is the reality
equivalent of the tower of babel…