Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Moloch and Ishtar

We are waking up as no society that we've ever been taught about, has had to do. No society that we've ever been taught about has been where we are today.  Our current situation is not a pretty thing.  We know about some of the changes, events, and developments that we're allowed to know about. These are the underlying causes for societal dysfunction that are blamed for our current predicament, and even these permitted causes of societal dysfunction cannot be addressed in any agreeable way. Too many needy people appeared as if out of nowhere too fast. All our budgets are strained with expenditures far outpacing revenues. The welfare of those who brought about this predicament will not be sacrificed. It will never be sacrificed for those already stigmatized as society's weakest links, no matter who is really to blame for their condition.

The proprietors cannot proceed into the world of tomorrow dragging a heavy burden of the unproductive and unprofitable forward with them.  They cannot compete with other elite proprietor's in the global 1% and maintain their influence within that global elite if they spend their last borrowed dime on the unproductive and unprofitable. What our elites are faced with today is a perfect storm of aging boomers, unsustainable national debt and continued borrowing, legislative dysfunction, automation, continued job-shedding with 95 million already on the sidelines, apathy, all of which lead to the type of events which unfolded last weekend in Charlottesville. You're kidding yourself if you think this situation is going to get any better. From here forward, it can only get worse.

Only ignorant peasants wonder why the war on drugs has never been won, why the situation worsens by the day, and why those governance pretend at helplessness to do anything about it. That is because the entire human livestock management scheme is designed. Drugs are just one aspect of the human livestock management scheme. The unproductive and unprofitable have overstayed their welcome. 99% of this herd is subject to accelerated cull. The challenge, to the extent there is one, is putting down these two-legged cattle without being too obviously to blame for the cull.  This is the way the corporate neofeudal system works. Top people, thought-leaders are rewarded and accorded status for their cleverness at squeezing out profits under by any means necessary but under cover of law - and doing so in a manner designed to shield them and the proprietors they represent from any liability for any externalities that may be involved in yielding that profit.
The top lives off the yield from the bottom...the roof or top of the structure is supported by the bottom or foundation of the structure.

If the bottom can't support the top...the structure collapses.

Oh I get it you all think you support those below...

You think the top or roof supports the foundation of the structure...well I guess in your mind where LAW that governs the Universe does not apply you could imagine such.

The bottom produces everything and the top monetizes it...They then mark up everything and sell it back to the bottom to get their money back.

The top owns the money and all the money belongs to's their money that monetizes the wholesale production operation...not yours...all the money in circulation does not belong to any of you...You just think it does.

The difference between the wholesale cost and the retail price is the yield the top lives off of...well then how does the bottom make up the difference?

By supplying the top with more than the top gives...forever...Until the bottom can't supply the top with the yield they demand.
Somebody has been glorifying the use of drugs, especially alcohol, for quite some time now. Think, "most interesting man in the world", when was the last time you saw a commercial that showcased the actual results of alcohol indulgence? Colleges are ranked by how hard they "party".  Endless televised coverage of the young and beautiful doing themselves in all the while leaving viewers with the impression they are missing out on something wonderful. The drug and degeneracy problem could not have grown to this extent without the complicity of those in power or connected, whether locally or nationally, running things behind the scenes. Most do it for the profit while others for more sinister reasons. Like so many cattle, Americans don't really have to be forced any more to go to their own slaughter. The pied-piper of our celebrity addiction has made it so that Americans seemingly can't get enough.

Self-pity, fringe sexual acts, drugs and alcohol, excessive eating, conspicuous consumption, these humans have become so lacking in meaning and purpose that they destroy themselves (and everything around them) in pursuit of fashionable degeneracy. All this degeneracy has  turned us against and blinded us to the fundamental necessity of WORK. WORK is the only thing that rewards and fulfills our being. Not the money we receive from the fruits of our work, not the luxury this money may afford, but the sense of accomplishment and mastery that one discovers within himself. In comparison with this fundamental being-duty, everything else is merely conversation....,

Degeneracy is a deceiver. It lies, telling you how smart, how deserving, how rewarding, how fulfilling it is.  Even those who try to WORK can be turned from the truth within, misdirected toward getting money instead of life. These misdirected souls seek money and spend money on the empty things and degeneracy they've been conditioned to believe that others value. This is what hypnotic marketing does to our "monkey-see monkey-do" species ethology. Marketing doesn't tell you humans what you want or need, rather, it convinces you to want what everyone else has been or is being convinced to want. Marketing has built this false consensus, making you believe what the proprietors want you to believe and do what is profitable for them to have you do. Foolish humans, addicted to an unsatisfiable set of urges that cannot be explained by simple biological necessity.

This is our world now, and we're not at the beginning of this process, we are in fact fast approaching its culmination. The contagion of degeneracy and aversion to WORK has become apocalyptic.