Thursday, April 09, 2015

the 3rd fitna...,

FP |  Did the Islamic State start a war between Saudi Arabia and Iran? The crisis in Yemen is one of the more complicated stories to emerge from a complicated region. It involves a cyclone of explosive elements: religious extremism, proxy war, sectarian tension, tribal rivalries, terrorist rivalries, and U.S. counterterrorism policies. There is little consensus on which element matters most, although each has its fierce partisans.

There was no shortage of events that could have ignited this volatile situation. Yet one in particular stands out: The March 20 synchronized suicide bombing of two mosques in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa, which killed more than 140 people. The mosques were targeted specifically as gathering places for members of Yemen’s Houthi rebels, a political movement withroots in the minority Zaydi sect of Shiite Islam (although the coalition it leads in Yemen covers a number of different parties and issues).

The bombing provided a pretext for an already-surging Houthi rebellion to mass, mobilize, and deploy forces, advancing on the former government’s last major stronghold in the port city of Aden. This in turn prompted Saudi Arabia to begin airstrikes on Houthi positions and mass forces on its border with Yemen in advance of a possible ground invasion.

The Yemen branch of the Islamic State quickly claimed responsibility for the March 20 bombing. The attack was disavowed almost as quickly by its rival, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), which said attacking a mosque was inconsistent with the guidelines for jihad put forward by al Qaeda’s increasingly absentee emir, Ayman al Zawahiri, which emphasize avoiding Muslim casualties.

Within Yemen, there are many conspiracy theories about the attack, including that it was carried out by a party (other than Islamic State) with a vested interest in providing a pretext for a Saudi invasion.
It’s getting hard to escape the feeling that the Sanaa bombing might be the Middle East’s “assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand” moment — the literal gunshot that has come to serve, if incompletely, as an answer to the question: “How did World War I begin?” (It should be noted that the assassin’s cause, which was more or less independence for Yugoslavia, was more or less achieved as a result of the ensuing war.)


Constructive_Feedback said...

The War In Yemen is a PROXY WAR with "Saudi Arabia and the USA" on one side and "Iran and the Houthi Rebels" on the other.


THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT has its hands behind the strategy and the munitions that are killing people in Yemen.

The CORRUPT AMERICAN PRESS (Not worth mentioning the "Black American Press") prove that they are FRAUDS.
The normal advocacy against "Massive Civilian Casualties" as homes, schools and hospitals are attacked are being muffled, unlike what we saw when Israel bombed Gaza.

I GIVE RELUCTANT CREDIT TO THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION. The best way to pacify the "American Anti-War Troops" is to do "MILITARY RENDITION" - where American bombs and war plans are carried out by Saudi Arabia and not by America or NATO (like in Libya)

The American consumers who are intentionally kept in the dark because of no ACTIVIST ENERGY (like we see in police shootings) will remain oblivious to what is really going on and certain people will remain "Fighting Vicariously Through The President Of The United States"

woodensplinter said...

Are you certain that everyone knows what a "fitna" is?

CNu said...

The Hon.Bro.Preznit represents permanent U.S. interests. He has chosen sides in WW-III, the 3rd Fitna (Muslim Civil War) and he has chosen to side with the large, centralized 5000 year old Aryan civilization whose constituents sit astride 240 Billion barrels of sweet light crude oil as against these Wahabist Arab nutters being puppeteered by Baathist loyalists in Iraq.

I approve of "his" choices in this ruthless world-domination strategery.

CNu said...

Feed didn't, but that's alright. History and its details don't threaten to slow his role in the least little bit. I've learned to accept that the secret love child of Khalid Muhammad and Bay Buchanan gonna do what it's gonna do....,

CNu said...

I had not seen these, thanks for sharing. My bus driver was having a little bit of an Uncle Ruckus meltdown this morning worried about "these bad kids who don't respect nobody or nothing" creating the climate of consciousness in which the police feel so threatened. I didn't go in too hard on him because I like this particular run. Anyway, I asked him if they don't make white men like they used to? Cause a small crew of slavers used to be able to handle a large plantation full of grown slaves and had only 19th century implements to assert their tactical dominance.

If these 21st century overseers, given all the benefits of advanced tactical technology currently at their disposal, are scared of a small number of unruly adolescents - then they're just not making white men like they used to! He got tickled and calmed down quite a bit after hearing it put in those terms.

Constructive_Feedback said...

I ain't mad at him or any other imperialist.

My focus is upon the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN in America who understand this and are today's "Field Overseers", making sure that the colonized subjects inside of America go along with the scheme.

Until the Black rank & file build up their sensibilities and defenses to push them out of their "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus", the masses will never "Think Straight"

Constructive_Feedback said...

You have no clue how wrong you are.

For you see - about 4 weeks ago while "The Word Of The Lord" was being preached in church - I was researching all of the "Himyarike Kindoms" and "Sudanic Kingdoms". I saw how most Americans are unaware of the rich history that is contained within these places.

I was not specifically focusing on "Fitna" but I am "Fix'in" to.

CNu said...

You live and opine in a parasitic militarist warsocialist country. Black folk have shown time and again that we can be depended upon to be patriotic good Americans who follow the national line. As long as we aren't catching hell from donut-eating WPA overseers in the ill intended war on drugs, then the empire has a strong backfield of additional capable soldiers when/if isht gets really really serious.

As for the rest of your coinages, I don't understand their applicability and don't believe they make objective good and common sense.

CNu said...

lol, then calm yourself as you play catch-up and rest assured that classicly trained stategerists have had a longterm hand in crafting the encompassing geopolitical/historical/tribal snare in which the World War III coincides very precisely with the 3rd Fitna. Crafty devils, ain't they?

mhicks said...

I had never heard it put that way before. Heh.

Vic78 said...

No, they aren't.

Teddy Roosevelt's spinning in his grave.

CNu said...

lol, you cannot, absolutely must not EVER combine rough riders and bronies into the same thought formation. There for a minute, I was beginning to be concerned that the brony phenomenon had somehow scarred your mind, until, in a flash, I realized that it's a very compact and clever shorthand for the cathedral. A kneegrow, absent any hint of bass in his voice, is a bro-knee.

Accept no substitutes....,

Constructive_Feedback said...

Keep Your Bomb, CNu.

I have my money on the "Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank" eventually toppling Brenton Woods

CNu said...

lol, I see - "growth" gas. N-1 indeed...,

makheru bradley said...

A critical point from the Democracy Now discussion of this issue.

Mayor Keith Summey: We’ve got 343 police officers in our department. This was a bad decision by one of those 343, and I think the lesson that we take out of this, and hopefully the general public takes out of it, is that when an incident occurs, give us the appropriate time to investigate, find out exactly what happened, and we will act accordingly.

When the do get busted, it’s always just one bad apple. It’s not systemic. They immediately attempt to define reality by de-institutionalizing the issue. And, there is the critical role played by proxies in maintaining corrupt power, from the White House to the outhouse.

Kevin Alexander Gray: And in the same case — in the same way, his partner backed him up. No one is talking about — although the officer was black — that other officer came out there and cosigned basically on that bogus report. So we have to go back and really investigate that whole department...And so we have to look at how policing is being conducted across the board. This idea that police have the right to shoot to kill for charges, that if they are brought to trial, would result in a misdemeanor charge — no one should receive the death penalty for a misdemeanor.

CNu said...

Bro. Makheru, was Habersham Schlager's partner, or, was he the first overseer to arrive at the scene? Also, was he the overseer who asked Santana if he'd witnessed the shooting, and then didn't interfere with Santana in any way there at the scene?

My takeaways from this:
North Charlottesville was definitely fitna pull a Ferguson.okey doke coverup. When the video came to light, they promptly pulled an about face - not because it was the right thing to do, rather because mayor didn't want $20 million dollars in property damage and sustained unrest
Chief didn't want Holder administering a proctological exam to his dept., their kangaroo court etc..., on his way out the DOJ door.

Schlager was too quick, cool, calm and collected about putting in that little piece of work. That was definitely NOT his first time at the extrajudicial execution rodeo. Compare and contrast with the strictly amateur-hour overseer Darren Wilson antics and raggedy attempt at a coverup.

Vic78 said...

Lol @the brony phenomenon scarring my mind. I look at the small children at the local Target and I want to warn their mothers. Not too long ago, the people in that video was someone's promising baby.

I like the bro-knee coinage. Think it could go viral?

A casual reader can probably tell I've smoked a lot of bud in my short life.

CNu said...


BigDonOne said...

Civilization actually works--->

CNu said...

lol, that you feel the need to apologize for the institutionalized and individualized savagery of you and yours is absolutely priceless...,

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