Thursday, April 30, 2015

our second black POTUS the hon.sis.preznit souljah laments the missing black men bill snatched...,

NYTimes |  Hillary Rodham Clinton had not planned to make the first major policy speech of her presidential campaign an impassioned plea to mend the nation’s racial fissures and overhaul an “out-of-balance” criminal justice system.

But by Tuesday, as the nation confronted shocking scenes of Baltimore’s smoke-filled streets, Mrs. Clinton knew that the death of Freddie Gray from injuries he suffered while in police custody would lead her to make race, poverty and incarceration of men from poor, black communities central to her early campaign.

“There is something profoundly wrong when African-American men are still far more likely to be stopped and searched by police, charged with crimes and sentenced to longer prison terms than are meted out to their white counterparts,” Mrs. Clinton said in a forceful address Wednesday at Columbia University.

She said Mr. Gray’s death, the subsequent protests and the assault on innocent police officers in Baltimore “tear at your soul.”
The remarks marked the first time Mrs. Clinton has delivered a substantive policy address in a fledgling presidential race that had to now been defined by candidates’ upbeat announcements and vague promises.


Vic78 said...

I told you her boss played her and her husband. I remember they all tried to be slick and distance themselves. We saw how all that distancing worked out in November. One of the reasons he gave her the State gig was to tie her to him. So now she has to dance to whatever tune the President is playing. What I'm thinking is that Obama has a stronger sense of purpose than the Clintons.

What else can she say? "Bill and I are sorry for working so hard to appease the Leave it to Beaver crowd."

CNu said...

Dood, that's a level of long-con subversive strategery of which even yours truly is incapable. Further, distancing or no distancing last November, those results were in the cards because folks simply don't turn out for the non-marquee elections. Living memory history has now come full circle. Watch baby-faced young souljah literally and crushingly school of her aged interlocutors (including prophet Cornel West) on that old Donahue show. OMG but she spit straight fire with SO MUCH bass in her voice.

With the way that the Hon.Bro.Preznit quickly and categorically distanced himself from Rev. Wright, with the way that he has played a steady game of appeasement to even the most extreme elements of the opposition, there's no way I'm going to buy the notion that he has somehow or another managed a high John the Conqueror trick of those dimensions. No phugging way, no how, it's simply not in him.

No, this is simply karma and circumstances (confederate Bill's plane downed in Tanzania), the fact that the Clintons are hyper-responsive to however the wind seems to be blowing, and the pragmatic requirement for the Hon.Sis.Preznit.Souljah to proactively shore up her position among black folks as best she's able, given her and confederate Bill's abysmal policy record wrt black Americans, Africans, and any vertebrates with more than a smidge of superficial melanin.

She KNOWS she hasn't any prayer whatsoever with the teatards, no chance with the minority establishment republicans, so there's no recreating 2008 in any manner, form, or fashion. The ONLY hand that the hon.sis.preznit has to play is to go great guns for blacks, mexicans, asians, teh geh, and wimmins, period. Thus, we can expect to see yet more of her pretending to channel a little bit of Elizabeth Warren, and now, because events have conspired to have things jump off the rail in race relations, she gets to put on a Shaharazad Ali hat and pretend to give a rat's ass about the perennial canaries in the American coal mine.

Vic78 said...

She snapped back at Bill. It just sucks that it was pre social media.

BigDonOne said...

The criminal justice system is not "out of balance." It is perfectly consistent with the realities of genetic inequality.
Disproportiionately I.Q-deficient and F.T.O.-deficient folks tend to disproportionately end up incarcerated....

CNu said...

Tony Brown just called and said to put you in headphones and in front of a PC at the back of the class so he could help you across your stuck-on-stupid issue BD.

BigDonOne said...

Here's some PRR---> IQ, however, is also linked to a
number of social problems. IQ predicts the use of welfare and other social safety nets.
It predicts the number of births one will have [o.u.t. of w.e.d.l.o.c.k] and, more important, it
predicts criminal involvement
This applies just as well to white folks, it's just that there is a much higher incidence of Dumb in certain other identifiable groups...

CNu said...

lol, you do know that the acronym PRR stands for Peer-Reviewed Research, right? Cause that little opinion-piece you flumg up here like so much scat-in-a-sack is neither research, or peer-reviewed. It's just an opinion piece from a texax public community college.

As we're both well-aware, your spiritual and intellectual guru Charles Murray is deeply concerned about the condition of the melanin deprived now, as well. But predictably, it's not a question of IQ, rather, it's of "moral" decline and economic division..., - perhaps you would be better served focusing your considerable energies on the well-being of your own morally degenerate and economically incohesive kith and kin?

You know, mentoring heavily tatted young skinheads and headettes so as to furnish them with your elder human capital so that they too can rise and shine and be all that a young aryan can be.

BigDonOne said...

@CNu... did you like that video? It doesn't take PRR to pproperly interpret the first 30 sec....

CNu said...

oh, I'm sorry, I didn't watch it. when you come scooting through here on your hind legs giggling, it's cause you've got a bag of scat you're gonna light and leave on the porch, I don't trouble myself to look in the bag.

See, that's the reason you're my poster child. the contents of your mental life are so conspicuously obvious to the casual observer, they require no further inspection.

Constructive_Feedback said...

WOW: On that "Malcolm X Political Football" that he spoke of: Do you have a college half stripe panted upon your head and ass Or just plain pig skin like they use in the NFL?

After US aggression in The Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula in which thousands of "People Of Color" have been killed and tens of thousands displaced......what is the best way to make sure that the "Colonized Americanized Blacks" - still smarting from the admission that their political success in Baltimore has not translated into MATERIAL UPLIFT?

ANSWER: Use the knowledge that they will NEVER allow their "Domestic Struggle Motion" to be preempted by what they want you to believe that THEY BELIEVE about the exposure of the Black Diaspora to GLOBAL IMPERIALISM. And SELL THEM FORWARD on the terms that will allow them to be fully engaged in the FIGHT AGAINST THEIR SOLEMN WHITE RIGHT WING ENEMY.

Don't talk about the Black VICTIMS OF CRIME.
Run a Justice Thurgood Marshall Social Justice scheme in which THE SYSTEM IS PUT ON TRIAL and the CRIMINALS ARE MADE INTO VICTIMS.

Perceptions of POWER is more important than DEVELOPMENT and ACTUAL UPWARD THRUST

CNu said...

Tony Brown on the line again "wtf Feed yappin about now?!?!"

Tony says for you to scroll upthread and get straightened out the way old Nu prescribed for BD to get his self straightened out earlier today.

CNu said...


You didn't watch as instructed. You ass-umed with predictable results.

Tony Brown simply explained the exodus of black professional and managerial classes as the root cause of the collapse and utter ghettoization of the black underclass.

I did not paint you with the BD brush. You have your own special reserve brush. As others have noted to your attention, this goes much better when you use standard English instead of your arcane CF dialect.