Thursday, April 23, 2015

open thread thursday: where every worldview is a hammer and every comment a nail...,


CNu said...

The historically ignorant, IQ-75 conservatard wattle of today lacks sufficient living-memory grasp of their parents political context to know how or why the conservative mainstream was forced to dispense with any and everything that the Kochtupus is working assiduously to resurrect. The godfather of American conservatism himself had the good sense to kick Bircherism to the curb in 1962. Time was given to the John Birch Society lasting through lunch, and the subject came up again the next morning. We resolved that conservative leaders should do something about the John Birch Society. An allocation of responsibilities crystallized.

Goldwater would seek out an opportunity to dissociate himself from the “findings” of the Society’s leader, without, however, casting any aspersions on the Society itself. I, in National Review and in my other writing, would continue to expose Welch and his thinking to scorn and derision. “You know how to do that,” said Jay Hall.

I volunteered to go further. Unless Welch himself disowned his operative fallacy, National Review would oppose any support for the society.

“How would you define the Birch fallacy?” Jay Hall asked.

“The fallacy,” I said, “is the assumption that you can infer subjective intention from objective consequence: we lost China to the Communists, therefore the President of the United States and the Secretary of State wished China to go to the Communists.”

“I like that,” Goldwater said.

What would Russell Kirk do? He was straightforward. “Me? I’ll just say, if anybody gets around to asking me, that the guy is loony and should be
put away.”

“Put away in Alaska?” I asked, mock-seriously. The wisecrack traced to Robert Welch’s expressed conviction, a year or so earlier, that the state of Alaska was being prepared to house anyone who doubted his doctrine that fluoridated water was a Communist-backed plot to weaken the minds of the American public.

CNu said...

lol, bringing that bossip gas to the spot. Anyways..., you.were.not.first - I just got caught in my own spam filter. But to your point, we even have our own little "show me no black people" bircherite "institute" in the show me no black people state.

BigDonOne said...

...BD would bet the same folks behind the MB Memorial Tree planting, are the same ones who chopped it down, in what turned out to be an unsuccessful attempt to leverage-up some national outrage. The world just laffed.....

rohan said...

If Dawn had any technical skills here's the mad science he'd have gotten behind (no homo)

DD said...

Hmmm, the biggest threadjackers don't want any part of a free speech zone?! I was hoping BD and CF would coordinate their "Get OFF my (L00z3r Americanized) LAWN" world tour here. They could debate how black people should act in dozens of empty auditoriums around the country, and whether or not they are both right, or if merely everyone else is wrong.

CNu said...

lol, why you have to go and summon the Candyman? Now he's jumped in with both boots on to try and shore up some IQ-75 conservatard struggle motions with his own temporal epileptic stylings.....,

ken said...

"In addition, even assuming that you proffered a source I might consider credible, what business is it of the U.S. to intervene in affairs with no bearing on my domestic prosperity and security...."
This isn't about the US intervening in domestic affairs from my perspective. This is about the credibility of Chomsky. Chomsky either had no idea what he was talking about in regards what it took to submit China to communist rule or he knew and was misleading with purpose. You trot him out there like he has something worth while to say, when in fact every word out of his mouth has to be fact checked.

ken said...

why did you feel you had to sit through Francis Schaeffer talks?

Constructive_Feedback said...

[QUOTE]the interests of black elected officials and the black political class in general are not necessarily isomorphic with those of a “black community,” no more than is the case with respect to any politicians and their constituents in the American political system.[/quote]


I have a problem digesting what you and Adolph are trying to feed me. Just like my dog at a tassel from one of the pillows on our couch yesterday and hurled it, forcing my son to clean it all up off of the system that attempts to convert the carbohydrates into glucose energy is making me gag on the words above.

My good man. When you see me argue that VOTING MUST BE SEEN AS A TRANSACTION, AN INVESTMENT by the Black community - DO YOU AGREE?


The reason why the above reference does not sit well with me is because IT SPEAKS OF "BLACK POLITICIANS" as a separate entity from the BLACK COMMUNITY--------------(listen, listen, listen) A FACT THAT IS MECHANICALLY TRUE.

It is only when we look at how THE SUPPORTING CAST (the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men) who work to MAKE THESE OFFICIALS as SIGNS OF RACIAL EXTENSION INTO AMERICAN GOVERNMENT and the FIGHT AGAINST 'WHITE RIGHT WING SUPREMACY" that the argument breaks down.

AT MINIMUM SIR, we should see an ENTITY THAT STANDS BETWEEN the "Semi-coupled Black elected official" and the BLACK RANK AND FILE, protecting the interests of the rank and file.

THIS SIR - is the "Black Racial Services Machine.
BUT AGAIN - they are the "Forward Operating Base" - drawing the Americanized Negro into politics.

SO THE REBUTTAL QUESTION that I have for you and Adolph is - "WHAT other than a trance state that has been induced, allows us to see this incestuous relationship to go unchecked?"

With all of the under-development of the masses and the OVERREPRESENTATION of "Police Killings" as compared to the baseline of 'regular' murders - DO YOU SEE how this lack of transparent regulation damages the Negro?

CNu said...

What I see is a staggering set of contradictions.
1. Community and Transactions dont mix. Either a politician faithfully represents the interests of his constituents or he doesnt. If the former, then he is a parasite with a distinct set of self-interests separate from and incongruent with those of his constituents. This is what Reed asserts and it is a point with which I agree.

2. Afrodemics. See parasitic negroe politicians, see Reed, SeeNew agrees.

3. Suspend due process and commence signature strikes on violent street pirates.

That will end the trance, solve the problem, and wake everybody the flock up. Everything else is frivolous conversation...,

CNu said...

Actually it's about the credibility of Ken's weaselly and as yet unsubstantiated assertions that Chomsky is a liar. At this juncture, Ken is the liar, shilling fabrications he cannot possibly substantiate.

CNu said...

They were compulsory at the private independent school founded by these selfsame dominionist Birchers that I attended.

Constructive_Feedback said...

I have come to agree with this assessment, initially advanced to me by "Denmark Vessey" and now by you that "There Is No Black Community".

BUT AGAIN - this leaves you where Professor Adolph was left stranded.

An accurate analysis of MECHANICS indeed wins you praise.
But when you stop short of detailing how, DESPITE this 'Natural Law' that you have enumerated, THE CONFIDENCE MEN knows that HE IS NOT BOUND BY LAW, but ONLY by what he can COMPEL a QUORUM OF NEGROES to believe...................this is like Copernicus detailing cosmology at a time when "Earth as the Center of the Universe" is the prevailing scientific theory and the rank and file is more interested in COSMETOLOGY.

Because of the short shrift they have received as followers - they now have student loan debt from Everest and Corinthian College and are desperate to pass their state licensing test and gain employ in the industry as quickly as possible because student loans are not dischargeable by bankruptcy BUT SURELY they would vote for a politician that advocates for such.


If a corporation/bank is sanctioned for fraudulent actions and misrepresentation - WHAT GOVERNING MECHANISM do you suggest to REGULATE "Fraud And Hokum" done under the cover of RACE?

Constructive_Feedback said...

I am not a fan of Chomsky's politics BUT I GIVE HIM FULL CREDIT on his analysis of the PROPAGANDA MEDIA.

People are too bigoted as they assume that the "Corporate Media" is advancing "White Right Wing Conservative" interests.

They need to watch "Oxygen Network", just as one example, to note the Jedi Mind Trick that they play in establishing new NORMS.


CNu said...

Reed's not stranded. He's tenured, publishes routinely at will, and has the luxury of having been correct for decades despite all the useless blather and self-promotion emanating from the afrodemic cathedral. Not only Adolph Reed, but Ishmael Reed, as well.

From what I can see, you got four options Bro. Feed.

1. Hustle Hard - changing a man's diet is harder than changing his religion. You can pull a Denmark Vesey, find you some Essence of Vitality, rebrand and repackage that isht, and attempt to organize and promote a prestige network centered on trying to change peoples' habits and standards, and on that basis, change their minds and their beliefs. In that direction lies heartbreak, disappointment, and financial disrepair. (Just hollar at your boy Vesey if you don't believe) - notable precursors in this field include the NOI, 5%, Moorish Temple, and other cults of personality.

2. Black Steel - seize control of all black-facing criminal enterprises including political and religious fraud and hokum under a centralized, highly intelligent, and utterly ruthless command within a major metropolitan area. Organizing a dominance network under current circumstances might not be that difficult, though it would certainly be a little fraught up front until you become a proficient killer - remember - practice makes perfect.

3. Belsidus Black Empire - combine elements of 1. and 2. above - as well as - organize a small and trusted cadre of operational specialists in each of the required fields of endeavor. Fund and work elements of your holistic organization sufficient to their respective opportunity/need and put folks seriously to work in the encompassing enterprise. This certainly was the classic NOI model until that model fell all to pieces. Still reminisce about me some good old white fish sammishes and bean pie at the Shabazz bakery. What happened there?

4. Calm down. Accept what you're unable or unwilling to change, go integrate the wealthiest and most powerful catholic parish in your locality, join the Rotary, enroll your kids in the best parochial school(s), do community service within those schools and with your fellow knights of columbus, and work toward intelligent and sustainable institutional change via relationships and shared interests and enthusiasm.

BigDonOne said...

Democrat literacy item...

BigDonOne said...

Prof. Sarnoff Mednick, from USC, has passed away. If you ever wondered why jails/prisons have a disproportionately high black population...
"In a groundbreaking psychology study published in Science in 1984, Mednick showed that criminal behavior has a genetic component. At the time, criminologists still rejected the possibility of any genetic influences on crime. However, by using an adoption paradigm, Mednick showed that although there was no correlation between criminal conviction in adoptive parents and their children, there was a correlation between convictions of biological fathers and their offspring. The role of genetics in crime and other behavioral outcomes is now well recognized and accepted by researchers and the general public.

Think genetic tendency toward violence and low Eff-Tee-Ohh.....