Friday, April 24, 2015

scientists discover LEM

telegraph |  A protein which ‘turbo-charges’ the immune system so that it can fight off any cancer or virus has been discovered by scientists. 

In a breakthrough described as a ‘game-changer’ for cancer treatment, researchers at Imperial College found a previously unknown molecule which boosts the body’s ability to fight off chronic illnesses.
Scientists at Imperial College London, who led the study, are now developing a gene therapy based on the protein and hope to begin human trials in three years.
“This is exciting because we have found a completely different way to use the immune system to fight cancer,” said Professor Philip Ashton-Rickardt, from the Section of Immunobiology in the Department of Medicine at Imperial, who led the study.

“It could be a game-changer for treating a number of different cancers and viruses.

“This is a completely unknown protein. Nobody had ever seen it before or was even aware that it existed. It looks and acts like no other protein.”

The protein – named lymphocyte expansion molecule, or LEM, promotes the spread of cancer killing ‘T cells’ by generating large amounts of energy.

Normally when the immune system detects cancer it goes into overdrive trying to fight the disease, flooding the body with T cells. But it quickly runs out of steam.


Constructive_Feedback said...

My good man, CNu.

I am not trying to make this ALL ABOUT You.

I invest a good portion of my time understanding the FORCES at play in this world.

I agree with the guy on "Democracy Now" yesterday that "The battle in Yemen" is an example of Saudi Arabia exercising its option to control the land in its back yard - akin to Russia meddling in Georgia the USA in one of the islands were 'rebels threatened the order.

Just as YOU are able to make a sober assessment of the importance of Iran as a hydrocarbon vendor in the context of the global energy market that no "Green Energy Ferry" is going to magically fix - I BELIEVE that that which is called 'GLOBAL WHITE SUPREMACY' as manifest by US Foreign policy is in fact an attempt by western powers to retain the status quo of economic and cultural order. THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE CHALLENGED by "Sh#8 Talking Negroes On The Radio" but by what CHINA IS PRESENTLY DOING at the "Asia-Africa Conference" going on to-damned-day in Jakarta.

There are identifiable methodologies by which this "Western Global Order" grew to be strong, wealthy and the source of cultural and religious standards consumed by others. Yet, once again, when one listens in detail to what the NEGRO IS BEING FEED and how it manipulates them into believing over-simplified narratives and draw them into a tightened sense of "UNITY" which is good for the political "Plantation Owner" but not for the "Sharecropper" of today

Once again I ask: IF THE GOAL OF THE NEGRO IS INDEED a complete and comprehensive understanding of these dynamics SO THAT HE MIGHT ONE DAY "BECOME FREE" from these forces..............then WHY does he allow these narrow minded manipulators to misrepresent these forces and IGNORE the ones that prove damning to his theory (ex: Obama is an equal imperialist to the rest of them yet his actions will NEVER cause the recipient of subsidized health care to 'bit the hand that feeds him')

CNu said...

so sorry young Ting. Pai Mei must have struck you too forcefully. You made sense right up until the second sentence in your third paragraph...,

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