Friday, April 10, 2015

P5 +1 fitna facilitate a fair fight on a level playing field for control of the middle-east...,

vox |  The core of the disagreement between Obama and his critics is over the nature of the Iranian regime. Obama sees an Iranian government that's hostile now, but one that can potentially be reasoned with on specific issues if given the right incentives. "Iran may change. If it doesn’t, our deterrence capabilities, our military superiority stays in place," he told Tom Friedman on Sunday. The deal is a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see whether or not we can at least take the nuclear issue off the table."

The deal's most vocal critics see Iran differently. They see it as essentially malevolent; a government that's fundamentally hostile to the United States and Israel by virtue of its very identity as a theocratic Islamist state. This regime will game any compromise to its advantage, pursuing a nuclear capability and violent foreign policy so long as it's able.

This isn't a fringe position. You hear it from rank-and-file Republicans on the Hill as well as presidential candidate Ted Cruz and likely presidential candidate Marco Rubio. Netanyahu will tell it to anyone who listens.

If you see Iran in this light, then there's only one real alternative: crush the Iranians. Cotton has argued American policy in Iran should be "regime change." Netanyahu's vision of a "better deal" depends on Iran being so beaten down by sanctions that it's essentially willing to give up everything to see them relaxed.

Obama thinks this is all pie-in-the-sky fantasizing. His view, laid out very clearly at a Thursday press conference, is that war is the only actual alternative to his deal that could prevent Iran from going nuclear.


CNu said...

C'mon magne!!!

CNu said...

Oh yeah, and it's not just fitna, 240 billions barrels, and all those lovely persian wimmin

Dale Asberry said...

SMDH. It's been one of those mornings...........

CNu said...

When I started out on this one, I was gonna say, "Hon.Bro.Preznit fitna facilitate" - but that's not true. It's the P5 +1 working this arrangement. Also, the two very most grown folks in the room Moniz, a PhD physicist from MIT, was brought into the negotiations ostensibly to provide a US counterpart to Ali Akbar Salehi,
who leads Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization. Salehi is another
MIT-trained physicist who earned his PhD at the same time that Moniz
began his teaching career at MIT. Moniz brings more than just scientific
expertise to the negotiating table; he has considerable experience working in political settings, having put in earlier stints at the Office of Science and Technology Policy and at the Department of Energy as an undersecretary.

Which is in no small part what slays me about porch monkeys like Cotton, Cruz, Rubio, Walker, et al even fixing their ignorant thumb-sucking mouths to say anything about serious men handling grown folk's bidnis...,

Dale Asberry said...

Considering that last bit of info, I'd agree with "Hon.Bro.Preznit fitna facilitate." He's bringing these serious people to indicate to the Iranians that he wants to take care of this grown folk bidnis....

Constructive_Feedback said...

My Dear Friend CNu:

Observe the "Jedi Mind Trick" that is played.
Regardless of if it is "MSNBC", "The Final Call" or "Bev Smith Radio Show" -they are so sure that it is the AMERICAN WHITE RIGHT WING WARLORDS that are provoking wars and that OBAMA's instincts make him a MAN OF PEACE and RECONCILIATION that when COMMANDER IN CHIEF OBAMA is either 'Running Military Operations" or SELLING WEAPONS and providing INTELLIGENCE for the combatants - these Jedi Mind Trick operatives STILL want us to focus on the RIGHT WING WARLORDS.

Their goal is to keep their Progressive congregation affirmed in their beliefs, distracted from the real world. This allows them to continue their mythology that they are "Secular Humanists", while the bombs drop and the arms are shipped - but it doesn't make a sound in their pristine forest

CNu said...


No Jedi mind trick involved Feed. You put Ernest Moniz into the room, you satisfy my criteria for knowledge, skill, ability, seriousness and integrity. You put can put anything emanating from this cabal of uneducated hillbillies who've ridden white fright into capital hill, and who were the nuts and yahoos supporting the catastrophically failed invasion of Iraq, and I have no use for it.

Same goes for Moniz' counterpart in the negotiations Ali Akbar Salehi,who leads Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization. Salehi is another MIT-trained physicist who earned his PhD at the same time that Moniz began his teaching career at MIT - and I'm good with it.

Show me a single conservatard nuclear physicist and we can talk. Until then, you can keep your war-on morons and theoconservative bibtard cheerleaders for Israel.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Wow Mr CNu:

So the "White Right Wing Hillbilly's" whose primary mistake was to make use of American troops to carry out their imperialism, while riling up right-wing patriotism and left wing anti-war are being scoundrels than

"The Left Wing Marketing Machine" that is in power now?
They are carrying out the same Imperialism except they

1) Use Military Rendition, using NATO (Libya) and the "Gulf States Community" (Saudi Arabia) to drop bombs on foreign nations
2) And since they are wise enough to not bring home American coffins
2a) The right wing STILL gets to stir up their base by saying that the Progressive-Imperialists should DO MORE
2B) The left-wing Anti-War coalition has been REPURPOSED. They now focus on American Men In Uniform KILLING PEOPLE OF COLOR domestically (the Police) and the "Progressive Imperialist" offers them the hope of using the US JUSTICE DEPARTMENT to attack their WHITE RIGHT WING DOMESTIC enemy
3) and thus in the biggest quid pro quo in history - THEIR MEDIA keep their progressive congregation TRAINED AWAY FROM THE HANDS OF THEIR FRIENDS who they live vicariously through - as Arms dealers, Strategic Targeting Analysts and Saudi Air Craft Refueling specialists.

I only have one question for you, CNu - Do you believe that "John Perkins" ("Diary Of An Economic Hit Man" ) will ever do a Freedom Of Information Request - to inspect the invoices for the arms sales and the fuel that was delivered - mid-air - to the American made planes, flown by Saudi pilots?

Constructive_Feedback said...

The (Real) Leader In Iran Says "No Deal" Unless All Of The Sanctions Are Lifted On Day One Of The Agreement.

As The USA And Iran Break From Their Negotiations - BOTH SIDES Return Home And Leverage Their Spokesmen To Tell Their Domestic Audiences What Each Of Them Want To Hear

CNu said...

lol, Imperialism is when you win and bring home the spoils Feed. All that the hillbillies and their neoconservative puppet masters managed to do is fuck things up beyond all recognition. Smart, competent, and cool grown folks had to come in behind those ass-clowns and clean up the serial clusters they left in their wake.

Single stupidest thing I've read this week"The Left Wing Marketing Machine" that is in power now? They are carrying out the same Imperialism Double-0 is redesigning the map of imperial alliances to discard useless parasitic baggage in Tel-Aviv and assist our oil-having allies in Riyadh and Tehran solve their unemployed millions of young men problem in the only way that problem can be effectively solved given prevailing political sensibilities.

Do you believe that "John Perkins"

Nope. But I'm fairly certain that our oil-having allies in Riyadh have an unemployed young men management problem that would have beggared the imaginations of the medieval Italian machivellians...,

CNu said...

Focus on what matters and on who's really running thangs Feed...,

Constructive_Feedback said...


He threw that in there because he knew that it would make the gullible click on "Like" when the article was propagated on FaceBook.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Wow CNu you really have it bad.

As I type this I have on "CCTV News" (Chinese state television). They are talking about the "Saudi Arabian bombing of Yemen".

Your blind bigotry against Israel prevents you from seeing that the same sustained outrage against "The Jewish State" when it bombed Gaza is no where to be found as the "Sunni State" of Saudi Arabia mercilessly bombs the "Shiite Rebels" in Yemen.

The United States is the arms supplier for both Israel and Saudi Arabia BUT American media outlets like "Democracy Now", with so much entrenchment in "Anti-Israeli Text" can't bring themselves to spend even a SINGLE entirety one of their episodes this week on the matter in Yemen. When "Gaza Was Hot" last year they spent a series of episodes on the matter.

I guess, just like the same model of gun, used by the police or used by a Street Pirate - a bomb dropped by an American F16 on Gaza or Yemen must be qualified by WHOM is flying the fighter jet. At least in the view of some people.

CNu said...

Hoo-dee-hoo....., lil peel-head Hung Wen Ting just now instructed to google up fitna, and armed with nothing more than hot breath, has the temerity to run up one mo'gin on the great Pai Mei.., priceless.

The Houthi-ized Zaidi's in Yemen are the demographic equivalent of all the Saudis in Arabia. The Zaidi's are Shia aligned, but not the same as Shi-ites. F'zample, Zaidi's believe it's their religious obligation to overthrow unjust rulers. So, now that the colonial crust has been peeled off the restive population, the house of Saud's worst nightmare once again grown restive down there right across its border.

Now, given that the great Pai Mei is sympathetic to the whole and entire Shia aligned world, and philosophically hostile to the whole and entire Sunni Wahabist world, you can easily discern whose side I'm on in the fitna. Which effectively renders the majority of your above statement ridiculous on the face of it. (see what I did there, I didn't even have to bring your bibtardical tapeworms in Tel Aviv into the discussion. Except for an increasingly irrelevant minority of nitwits - they ARE irrelevant notwithstanding their nasty little stolen nuclear arsenal)

Vic78 said...

The reasons for being opposed to any deal is pretty stupid. Iran wants normal relations with other countries.

Constructive_Feedback said...

There is little within me to make me believe that YOU don't believe that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is among the 'Stupid People" who are opposed to the deal because he wants to derail Obama.

NEVER has a group of White negotiators from the USA received more "racial cover" as if they were Black people due to the "Prove You Are Not Against Obama Just Because He Is Black" fraud and hokum scheme.

Constructive_Feedback said...

[quote]So, now that the colonial crust has been peeled off the restive population, the house of Saud's worst nightmare once again grown restive down there right across its border.[/quote]


* Israel = The Apartheid State. It sucks up American military aide and has no oil to speak of. The Jewish majority wishes to keep the population and political balance of the nation lest it fall to the Muslims of any sect.

* Saudi Arabia = The Apartheid State. It has OIL that it sells to "The West". Oil is the most fungible "Wealth Redistribution" mechanism in the history of man. The Sunni Muslims of the "Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia":
1) Have one of the world's most restrictive citizenship naturalization programs. (A foreigner who marries a citizen MUST HAVE the marriage APPROVED BY THE GOVERNMENT, before the spouse is granted citizenship
2) No non-Muslim churches are allowed to be erected (outside of zones where foreign oil workers live). Proselytization, attempting to convert people away from Islam is punishable by death

MY DEAR FRIEND CNU - We already talked about your covetousness over the "Hydrocarbon Reservoir" under Saudi Arabia as your motivating reasons for approving US weapons sales to Saudi, while opposing them to Israel.

Still I am puzzled as to why you value the lives of those in Gaza (killed by the Oil-Less Israelis who fly American warplanes) over the lives of the Houthi people who are being summarily killed by Saudi Arabia flying US warplanes

CNu said...

We already talked about your covetousness over the "Hydrocarbon Reservoir" under Saudi Arabia as your motivating reasons for approving US weapons sales to Saudi, while opposing them to Israel.

No lil'Ting. I'm indifferent to Gawar, no fan of the Wahabis, and disdainful of the "Chosen", period.

Still I am puzzled as to why you value the lives of those in Gaza (killed by the Oil-Less Israelis who fly American warplanes) over the lives of the Houthi people who are being summarily killed by Saudi Arabia flying US warplanes

I'm a fan of Tehran, all its Shia-aligned partisans, and the fresh ocean of oil which these, far more interesting people straddle.

CNu said...

Mentholated Americanized Kneegrows must be feeling some type of way about how Ernest Moniz is channeling James Brown's hairstyle...,

Vic78 said...

He wants the sanctions lifted and he doesn't want to look weak. It's the people stateside that are stupid. Iranians remember going to war with Iraq in the 1980s. People in their 30s remember the revolution. Iranian leadership is playing a balancing act right now. The Obama administration is aware of Iranian history and conservative stupidity. So, he's doing some good faith gestures towards Iran. And he's not too worried about stupid; he's sending his message out to the normal people in the US.

I hope the deal goes through. The Persian women are hot.

persian women

Constructive_Feedback said...

Indeed Sir. The "body of 'stupid conservatives" is a problem for every nation around the globe.
For the other non-conservative stupid people - a streaming set of media propaganda that are always perfectly aligned again to the sensor images provided by an "Occulus Rift" TRICKS THEIR MINDS into believing that they are living through reality and that the smell of feces as they walk without boots is due to the failed "carbon capture" program advocated by the Koch Brothers.

If the Ayatollah HIMSELF "Doesn't Want To Look Week" and uses HIS OWN WORDS to countenance this desired disposition..................why is it that when it comes to President Obama, it is the Post-Raical Progressive Fundamentalist Propaganda Machine that is the one utilizing Obama (the human being) as their stage prop, making the INDIVIDUAL AMERICAN believe that HE IS SMARTER THAN THEY ARE for the purposes of VENERATION and eroding the possibility of opposition.


TEMPORAL VICTORY at the expense of LONG TERM TRUTH AMONG THE MASSES is merely pleasing to you while THE PROJECTILES are aimed in a direction AWAY FROM YOU.

Do you concede, sir that the AMERICAN CITIZEN TODAY, Including the Negro, is 100% EQUALLY ABLE to allow (what had been called) "White Supremacy/ Global Imperialism" to continue unabated - because HE/SHE does not intent to sully his CONSUMER RELATIONSHIP with America?

Previously COTTON was the valuable commodity , today its "ENTERTAINMENT NEWS MEDIA PORN"

CNu said...

lol, time for you to go to church and get delivert Feed! You said a single lucid thingIndeed Sir. The "body of 'stupid conservatives" is a problem for every nation around the globe. and proceeded from there into a cascade of powerful ________________ that makes no sense anybody but you, Oswald Bates, and Rev.Dr.Uncle Ruckus - who we're going to have to call to get that out of you if this morning's COGIC can't do the trick.

Constructive_Feedback said...

My Dear Friend CNu:

I worry less about ME "Making Sense" to the masses, than I am concerned that WHAT MAKES SENSE TO THEM TO-DAMNED-DAY, allowing them to retain their "Consumer-Based Passivity And Contentment" during this time of iniquity because they believe that NO ONE WITH COMMAND OF A "RAINBOW" COULD ALSO BE LIKE THE EVIL IMPERIALISTS OF THE PAST, who lead the way in an America who was driven on "Blood-thirsty bigotry" that marinated through everyone EXCEPT the "Freedom Fighters" who saw through their schemes.

CNu said...

Get back to me when you have something objectively true to say about overseer Cotton and the other conservatard m'fers who want to murder Persian and Cuban wimmin instead of normalizing relations with their respective nations...,

Constructive_Feedback said...


It is YOU who believe that the Bombing Attacks On Yemen and the proxy war therein is a wise attempt to SHIFT THE BALANCE OF POWER in the Middle East, while the Israeli views in which they are doing the same "balancing act", while surrounded by forces who wish their early death - is an EVIL disposition.

So "Objectivity", sir, is not your strong suit.

CNu said...

Yet here you are, back again and again, and again - calling yourself doing what exactly? I am objectively in favor of normalizing trade and relations with Iran. They have much that we want and need - and there's no reason whatsoever for the U.S. to go to war with Iran.

Israel, OTOH..., is a parasitic tapeworm having nothing that I want, nothing that I need, and its hand stuck out to the tune of $3Billion/year in taxpayer "donations". Time for Israel to pull itself up by its own bootstraps and get off the American teat!

makheru bradley said...

“P5 +1 fitna facilitate a fair fight on a level playing field…” First of all, P5 +1 ain’t a monolithic structure with common goals in this process. Secondly, the phrase “a fair fight” is a gross misreading of history. Germany (the +1 in P5) is in the process of providing Israel with 6 Dolphin-class submarines, some of which have been armed with nuclear missiles per various sources. A fair fight--nukes vs midgets--lol. The phrase “level playing field” does not exist in the political vocabulary of empires. This deal has nothing to do with a “fair fight” or a “level playing field.” Obama is attempting to execute the geopolitical strategy of one of his early advisers--Zbigniew Brzezinski’s “Grand Chessboard.” P3 +1 are “tryna facilitate” Iranian internecine conflict and the rise of a moderate class--regime change, the only game they know. Putin, whom Zbig called “a partially comical imitation of Mussolini and a more menacing reminder of Hitler,” is driven to keep the Mujtahid’s in power, thus today’s S-300 deal. I understand, you and Patrick J wanna cut off that welfare check, but get a grip on reality, bro.

CNu said...

Given the play on fitna (Islamic civil strife) I hadn't considered the negative return on value garrison-state an actor in the conflict, merely a piss-poor ROI ex-girl holding up proceedings with the next girl in Tehran.

Honestly Not Sure How A Turd Like This Calls Itself A Scholar.....,

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