Wednesday, April 15, 2015

conservatards want a can't we all just get along dialogue now...,

NationalReview |   One of the most frustrating aspects of the loud and vitriolic debates over police shootings is the extent to which they ignore common sense and human nature. In the quest to find grand narratives, we’re too quick to discount the simple realities of how human beings react during times of stress, and we minimize the reciprocal moral and legal responsibilities that citizens owe police and police owe citizens. 

First, when wary, angry, and/or frightened citizens interact with wary, angry, and/or frightened police — often at odd hours and in moments of maximum stress — there will inevitably be a certain number of both tragic mistakes and heinous crimes. Thus, it stands to reason that we should endeavor to decrease — not increase — such interactions. Yet our regulatory state keeps criminalizing more and more conduct. In two of the worst recent incidents, Eric Garner’s choking death and Walter’s Scott’s apparent execution, the victims were facing prosecution for violating petty or stupid criminal laws — selling loose cigarettes in Garner’s case and failing to pay child support in Scott’s case. Regarding child support, it’s idiotic policy to lock deadbeat dads in debtors’ prisons. According to one study of South Carolina jails, one out of every eight inmates was behind bars for falling behind on child support. Yet inmates are notoriously poor earners, and stints in prison tend to exacerbate chronic unemployment.


mhicks said...

Demographic transformations forcing the bend in rhetoric.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Wow Vic78.
Just imagine if you were this angry and impassioned about the present US military involvement in Yemen and the men who provide the approval for US weapons and intelligence information used for targeting.

Does it seem odd that you know the name of the woman who filed a sexual harassment charge against an American White right wing TV host that you hate but you can't list a single Black American media operative who is informing the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasing audience about what is happening in "Nations Of Color"?

* Tensions Flare Between Saudi Arabia and Iran In US Coalition In Yemen

* 400 African Emigrants Feared Dead As Boat To Italy Capsizes Off The Coast Of Libya

Makes you reconsider where your values reside. NO?

Vic78 said...

I don't ask for much; can you just stay on topic? I'm not asking for anyone to agree with me. I'll talk about Yemen in a post about African and Middle East politics. This post is about O'Reilley's message to the tribe that rubs shit in its hair. My response to the posting displayed my hidden contempt for Bill and the broader mainstream media culture. Bill has made a career of going after decent people and making their lives miserable.

You come out of left field about the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasing audience.

Constructive_Feedback said...

[quote]This post is about O'Reilley's message to the tribe that rubs shit in its hair[/quote]

Dear Sir Vic78:

My problem is that you have no problem with the JAR FULL OF PISS that you are handed to wash out the feces , saying "Thank You Sir, now my head doesn't smell like Sh#*"

Dear Sir CNu:

The other day I was "Uncle Rukus". Today I am "Jesse Lee Peterson".
You use the word "MISTAKEN" which gives reference to someone's INTERPRETATION of my message and agenda.

I worry NOT about those who assume the WORST any use this to "Keep Going" in the direction that they do.

Instead my bigger concern about the "Americanized Negro", who so frequently justifies his OFFENDEDNESS about so called "Conservative" to justify his own violation of the #1 tenant of every living being: "SURVIVAL AND PERPETUATION by channeling 'Yourself' into the next generation".

YET when brilliant Black Progressive Fundamentalist Intellectuals tell us that "SLAVERY IS MANIFEST TODAY" through our young people born in 1998 and that they don't trust "NEWS CORP" and thus 'EMPIRE' is a trick by Rupert Murdoch to insult Black people .................

I look PAST THEM and into the "Americanized Negro Secondary Marketing Arena" (Ebony, Jet, Black Hair, Essence, Hip Hop Weekly, Uptown, Sista2Sista" and wonder why the stars from these OFFENSIVE SHOWS (Empire, Atlanta House Wives, Love & Hop Hop, etc) always seem to get strong play in these rags that BLACK PROGRESSIVES have control over?


Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother CNu:

What you detect as "Coming To The Defense Of Fox"....................I take as a personal "Intrusion Detection System".

As I
* Talk to Black folks in person
* Attend "Black Events" around the ATL
* Read FB posts that are then repeated 20 times
* Read Black Newspapers................

and then see a PATTERN: "The White Conservative" is the greatest DISARMING factor for the "Americanized Negro" as he is always the UNINVITED GUEST OF HONOR

....then my REACTION is not a "Defense Of Fox News" but instead an attempt to jolt the said Negro by using a "BLACK ARTIFACT" that I personally judge to be more relevant to the crisis in the BLACK DIASPORA.

But alas, sir, while I understand that I do not get to determine "Blackness", when a person asks that I not "bother him by CHANGING THE SUBJECT", then I understand that such a person is more comfortable with his "White pacifier" that is exclusive to America.

Vic78 said...

You aren't very good at this. No matter what goes on you break into your blog post like your formula is the answer to everything. I say stay on topic and you come off like I'm uncomfortable talking about whatever tangent you feel like going on. "You'll talk about the blog post but you won't talk about black writers not talking about Yemen." People aren't going to do what you think they ought to. That's your problem and what are you going to do to win people to your way? Because if you don't have a solution to that issue you're going to complaining about the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasing audience" twenty years from now. How do you reach people with your gospel?

I'm gonna let you know your Black Nationalist thing isn't gonna fly with me. It's also a difficult sell to most black folks born after 1970. Your diplomatic chops are almost nonexistent. I get the impression that you aren't evolving. Are you open to the possibility that you could be wrong?

That's game right there.

CNu said...

rotflmbao..., don't do it Vic! Don't go in there without the Rev.Fr.Uncle Ruckus on point to deal with the manic forces of eldritch niggertry streaming ALL CAPS out Bro.Feed's keyboard!

Vic78 said...

Lol@ getting defensive. No, it's annoyance from reading the same reply no matter what. You act as if you're schooling me and I've never seen your writing before.

As for chasing conservative booty lol, there are reasons I'm a tad upset with them:

Climate change is a problem and conservatives are doing their damnest to make sure we can't even get to the drawing board for solutions. And they're enabled by the bullshit media culture.

There's also peak oil and they're acting as if there are some midgets underground making oil.

They're the #1 obstacle to stopping the war on drugs.

They're still at war with the 1960s. They have issues with birth control in the 21st century.

They have a problem with educated citizens.

They empowered the dumbass rubes. As a result, Roger Ailes and Rush Limbaugh are party bosses.

There's a lot more to say about them but that's enough for now.

CNu said...

"Plot for gold in Iran", "petro-militarism"?

Feed, you're confused and your vision's blurry. I'm advocating fair and free trade with Iran for it's riches, period - the normalization of diplomatic and trade relations - same as with Cuba.

Why you keep carrying water for the Knights of Nordica and their peculiar bedfellows working the eretz Israel angle in Tel Aviv?

Tom said...

Yeah Feed, fwiw this member of the audience isn't buying that Vic just can't keep up with your high-speed brain.

Dale Asberry said...

He's also hinted that I'm not terribly bright because I can't decipher his dense, obtuse, mostly irrelevant prose. Funny cause back in the day I could pick up a Physics Letters and get the gist of the experiments...

Tom said...

Yeah it can be weird when a commenter repeatedly tells an unseen audience you what he thinks you're saying or thinking. Same goes for you as for Vic: at least one reader (me) is not convinced that Feed's subject-changes are your fault!

Constructive_Feedback said...

My dear friend CNu:

(Now keep in mind that I don't know WHAT THE HELL Tom And Dale Asberry are talking )

You think that I didn't see the 'fast one' that you tried to pull on me.

THE RELEVANT POINT IS NOT a "Free and Fair Trade With Iran".


Why did you try to sneak that one past me?

CONSISTENCY in the world of "Anarcho-Capitalism" and 'The Occupy Movement" would have you OPPOSING "World Access To Iran's Hydro-Carbon Reservoir BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

Your "Free and Fair Trade" would remove the sanctions and restore them to a fully unencumbered PETRO-STATE.

When their national treasury needed some octane, they can increase their output of hydrocarbon based fuels, until an imbalance in the world commodity markets forced them to restrict the supply until the consumer demand exceeded the supply.

Constructive_Feedback said...