Wednesday, April 29, 2015

hon.bro.preznit kicks the can back to its creator sistah souljah hellury....,

HuffPo |  Hillary Clinton will deliver a major speech on criminal justice reform Wednesday, calling for fundamental changes to how the United States punishes its citizens and an end to a system that disproportionately targets black men. 

Clinton is scheduled to keynote the 18th Annual David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum at Columbia University Wednesday morning. It will be her most significant policy address since she launched her 2016 presidential bid this month. 

Clinton will lay out her vision for criminal justice reform, centering around an "end to the era of mass incarceration," according to an aide who provided a preview of her remarks. Those changes include addressing probation and drug diversion programs, increasing support for mental health and drug treatment and pursuing alternative punishments for low-level offenders. 

She also will call for body cameras for every police department in order to increase transparency and accountability in a way that benefits both officers and members of the public. 

In a December speech to the Massachusetts Conference for Women, Clinton said the country needed to look at "hard truths" about racial injustice in the current system. 

Clinton will revive that theme on Wednesday, saying black men are far more likely than whites to be targeted by police and slapped with longer prison sentences

During a fundraising event in New York City Tuesday, Clinton addressed the tensions in Baltimore, which is still reeling from the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man who died after sustaining injuries while in police custody.

“It is heartbreaking,” Clinton said. “The tragic death of another young African-American man. The injuries to police officers. The burning of peoples’ homes and small businesses. We have to restore order and security. But then we have to take a hard look as to what we need to do to reform our system.”

Clinton will also make additional comments about Baltimore on Wednesday.

Clinton's rhetoric on criminal justice has changed significantly since the 1990s, when she was first lady and when President Bill Clinton signed a massive 1994 crime bill into law. At the time, many politicians in both parties -- including Clinton herself -- were pushing for more prisons and stricter sentencing laws.


rohan said...

You did good putting up the Hon.Bro.Prof.Tyrone Hayes - I thought that once you paid him a little attention, you'd see just how important yet neglected his work has been in the mainstream. Speaking of Sistah Souljah - both those stankazzed Clintons owe her an apology. She still ain't lied, folks just don't remember.

CNu said...

I thought you were just breaking on Dawn until I stopped and listened to the whole thing. Incredible.

Anyway, this calculation is the mirror-image of the calculation made in the early 90's. So back then, they were trying to swing rural democratic voters and establish their blue-dog cred, now, they both know that that's a goner and not worth trying for, so phukkem and the penitentiary staff jobs they created for them. Since those clowns are not constituents or prospects any longer, might as well go long on tryna shore up the 96% urban black turnout that Obama received in '08 and '12.

Obama can't make a dent in this in the time remaining, but perhaps Hellury and that first black female AG (bet she's kept over during that first term) can swing on it, and since housing and feeding prisoners is not feasible in the game of musical chairs on the deck of the Titanic, it's all just a wash in the end.

CNu said...

What peculiar psychological gratification do you obtain from rendering the simplest plain-english expressions into indecipherable gibberish?

CNu said...

Here you go, and with pictures - should be easy even for you to understand.

rohan said...

Baltimore overseer says it's overseers' fault I blame the department and let me tell you why. They praise rookie
officers. They’ll go around making a 100 arrests a month, and they’ll
praise them. These rookie officers will do anything to get an arrest
because they want more praise, you know what I’m saying? This is the
result of it. They arrested Gray for some bullshit. That arrest was the
weakest thing I’ve seen in my life. They do things like that and then
what we see happening now happens. They can say anything to anyone to
lock them up because they want an arrest. I don’t think they hurt him or
messed him up, that’s what I truly think, but I do think they should
have called a medic.

Constructive_Feedback said...


When the mayor of Baltimore asked BLACK MEN to step up and provide mentorship to the young Black males as a means of reducing violence and murder - do you think that her outreach was some "Bullshit" or that NO ONE RESPONDED was a "God Damned Shame"?

CNu said...

lol, it hasn't even been a week since I let young weedhopper try and snatch the pebble from my hand:From what I can see, you got four options Bro. Feed.

1. Hustle Hard - changing a man's diet is harder than changing his
religion. You can pull a Denmark Vesey, find you some Essence of
Vitality, rebrand and repackage that isht, and attempt to organize and
promote a prestige network centered on trying to change peoples' habits
and standards, and on that basis, change their minds and their beliefs.
In that direction lies heartbreak, disappointment, and financial
disrepair. (Just hollar at your boy Vesey if you don't believe) -
notable precursors in this field include the NOI, 5%, Moorish Temple,
and other cults of personality.

2. Black Steel - seize control of all black-facing criminal enterprises
including political and religious fraud and hokum under a centralized,
highly intelligent, and utterly ruthless command within a major
metropolitan area. Organizing a dominance network under current
circumstances might not be that difficult, though it would certainly be
a little fraught up front until you become a proficient killer -
remember - practice makes perfect. Jeff Fort pulled it off in Chicago
for a while. Now he'll die in that turrible Colorado supermax federal

3. Belsidus Black Empire - combine elements of 1. and 2. above - as
well as - organize a small and trusted cadre of operational specialists
in each of the required fields of endeavor. Fund and work elements of
your holistic organization sufficient to their respective
opportunity/need and put folks seriously to work in the encompassing
enterprise. This certainly was the classic NOI model until that model
fell all to pieces. Still reminisce about me some good old white fish
sammishes and bean pie at the Shabazz bakery. What happened there?

4. Calm down. Accept what you're unable or unwilling to change, go
integrate the wealthiest and most powerful catholic parish in your
locality, join the Rotary, enroll your kids in the best parochial
school(s), do community service within those schools and with your
fellow knights of columbus, and work toward intelligent and sustainable
institutional change via relationships and shared interests and
enthusiasm.Pay for some other dude's bastard(s) to go to a good parochial school. You got options Feed. But that lame-assed frat phi frat fig leaf option "mentor a young man" hasn't worked not nary a single time over the past 40 years in which it's been pretended.

Ed Dunn said...

Interesting how the mainstream media is shutting down all these YouTube videos, they must have protocols in place. Anyway, I like how Erin Burnett the one using the word thug and rationalizing the term quickly deflected to Kwame to setup two black men to argue against each other instead of put the focus on her....what a trick...

Ed Dunn said...

I would like to add another compelling option.

5. Apply to be a pundit beside Don Lemon at CNN. Share your vision filled with straw man scenarios and attack every imaginable thing the "other side" says or think. Write books and go on a lecture circuit to take the money and run. Run for office against a black politican to raise visibility and awareness. Alan Keyes and Shelby Steele were good early examples

CNu said...

lol, they are snatching these youtube videos left and right. I believe I've had to replace five since you called it out. Good thing they pop right back up on youtube like so many digital dandelions.

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