Thursday, April 30, 2015

po elijah..., more work this week than in 19 years on capital hill (still got a hot young wife cialis a game changer!)

mediaite |  Maryland Democrat Elijah Cummings is in Baltimore tonight, and he started using a bullhorn at around 10 pm to tell people to clear out after the police-imposed curfew for protesters. Fox News reporter Leland Vittert was on the scene and asked some questions of Cummings about the protests and the new report tonight claiming Freddie Gray may have been trying to injure himself.

Sean Hannity, back in his studio, had some questions for Cummings too, but the second Cummings was informed Hannity wished to speak with him, he made his way off-camera.

Vittert kept following him, though, and Hannity used him to ask Cummings if President Obama jumped to conclusions too soon in Baltimore. And as Cummings spoke, Hannity chimed in with counter-commentary that he couldn’t hear, like claiming that Obama “lashed out against the police.”

Cummings kept shouting through his bullhorn for people to go home instead of answering more questions. Vittert kept following and at one point Cummings shouted at him through the bullhorn.
And towards the end of this segment, you can hear Cummings shouting to another Fox News personality: “Excuse me, Geraldo! Excuse me! We’re trying to make sure people go home!”