Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Pope, Science, and Economics. Of the Three, Economics is by far the most Detached from Reality

evolution-institute |  Anyone who thinks that science and religion can’t mix should read Pope Francis’s Encyclical “On the Care of Our Common Home”. Not only does it provide an admirable scientifically informed summary of global environmental degradation, but it correctly diagnoses the current economic worldview as part of the problem. It is economics, more than religion (at least as rendered by Pope Francis), that is detached from reality.

TVOL is pleased to provide an assessment of the Encyclical by the distinguished ecological economist John Gowdy, who has served as an advisor for the Evolution Institute since 2009.

The Encyclical provides a theological argument for environmental stewardship in addition to a scientific argument. The theological argument is an interesting object of analysis in its own right, as I will describe in a companion article.


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