Thursday, July 23, 2015

jerry brown been lurking at subrealism - at the vatican calling tards "troglodytes"

sacbee |  Gov. Jerry Brown, issuing an ominous appeal on climate change, said Tuesday that the world may already have “gone over the edge” on global warming and that humanity must reverse course or face extinction.

Brown, speaking at a summit of mayors from around the world, has increased his already-high profile on climate change in recent months, working to coalesce support for carbon reduction policies ahead of global climate talks in Paris in December.

Pope Francis, who organized the conference after the release of his encyclical on climate change, told the group through an interpreter that he has “great hope ... that a fundamental basic agreement is reached” among global leaders.

Brown’s remarks reflected the urgency of the effort, but also its limitations.

“We don’t even know how far we’ve gone, or if we’ve gone over the edge,” Brown said. “There are tipping points, feedback loops. This is not some linear set of problems that we can predict. We have to take measures against an uncertain future which may well be something no one ever wants. We are talking about extinction. We are talking about climate regimes that have not been seen for tens of millions of years. We’re not there yet, but we’re on our way.”

Many Republicans have said the effects of climate change are overstated. As he has several times, Brown called them “troglodytes,” to applause. But the Democratic governor went beyond partisan rabble-rousing, quoting balefully from St. Paul’s biblical message to the Galatians.

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Vic78 said...

I'll believe he's lurking when he talks about greening the desert.

ken said...

"more American children than ever in extreme poverty and tards desperate to defund planned parenthood."

Talk about old and tired, the argument that children would only be born to homes where people wanted them and were ready for them was one of the arguments used to make abortion legal in the first place. At that time the out of wedlock birthrate was under 30% for blacks and under 5% for whites. Look how wonderful abortion legalization worked for curbing children being born out of wedlock and into poverty. Now we see you proclaim more children than ever are in poverty and 70% of blacks are born out of wedlock and over 35% whites.

You would have thought with blacks having abortions with close to triple the amount of the rest of the population we would have less children born out of wedlock instead of more than the rest of the population with the way we've been sold abortion curbs the problem.

CNu said...

Having neither ovaries or a uterus, how exactly do you rationalize inserting yourself into this issue, even more, acting so as to insert the state's force monopoly into prohibition of a decision which is an exclusively female prerogative?

(oops, I forget you've got a whole puddinghead full of superstitions you've no compunction whatsoever about violently imposing on others. this is why nothing short of total existential warfare will suffice to remedy the tard bottleneck.)

Dale Asberry said...

By existential warfare, do you mean to say, making the tards no longer physically exist?

ken said...

You're conceding your original argument that planned parenthood is somehow a useful tool to fight extreme poverty? Is that why you asked the next question?

Dale Asberry said...

He's only saying that you have no say in this matter and that you or any other religi-tard should be engaged in full existential warfare to eliminate all non-ovary, non-uterus holders. That would be you and any opinion you may have on the subject.

ken said...

I will endeavor to undertake the herculean task of explaining the issue sited on this post. One the post heading seems to imply abortion is a tool to fight poverty, and without legal abortions poverty would worsen. That was the notion I challenged, and we can look at historical data and should all be able to have something to say about the matter no matter what our religion happens to be.

Number 2 which I haven't discussed and it seems where you appear to want to go with this is if I have a right, with my religious beliefs, to have a voice and chance to influence if planned parenthood should receive my government tax dollars, which is about 500 million. I believe we all still vote and elect representatives who decide on budgets and how and what we should allocate funds for. It seems you're arguing, because I believe there is a Creator, I shouldn't have a say. Did I get that right?

CNu said...

No one is interested in the preposterous straw man you're threatening to disgorge Ken, so save it.

There are 6 billion plus too many of you humans right now, and more on the way.,
125 million able-bodied Americans between 18-64 no longer counted by the Labor Dept. in their employment statistics.
Millions more children have been born into or spiraled down into the intensely undesirable and largely intractable state of extreme poverty in America.
Public education and infrastructure in America are failing
The state is deep in debt
The real economy is collapsing
Global climate change is threatening further disruption and devastation
Human population levels need to be radically curbed (diminished)
Medical and pharmaceutical abortion should be made as inexpensive and widely available as feminine hygiene products

This isn't even a real issue. It's a wedge issue driven by radical and radicalized imbeciles. It's an issue that's used by elites to agitate and mobilize tards because it's trivially easy to entrain the tard imagination and get its victims to act on the basis of superstitious nonsens.

By dent of repeatedly proven ignorance, superstition, and serial failed policies, most particularly their idiotic war-making and prohibition policies, tards have disqualified themselves from further, future participation in the common policy-making enterprise. If a tard approves of a policy, it's bound to fail.

Tards lack the cognitive wherewithal to effectively participate in the pending DIY bio/nano/thermo economy and the shared economy outside of rudimentary service activities.

Tards will interfere politically and violently with current and future species-critical bio/noo/nano/thermo endeavors - all such predictable interference should be premptively eliminated.

ken said...

Fortunately, for now anyway the arctic has taken back some of its power and feedback tools to fight global warming.

CNu said...

Unintended tard silver-lining - in their fervor to defund planned parenthood, the inflamed imaginations and political passions of bibtards have demolished efforts to provide IVF services for female veterans at VA hospitals. As demonstrated by Donald Trump, tards comprise a vast circular firing squad of intractable idiocy. It would be purely comical if they were somehow detached from the American body politic, but it's not, and, time is short and there's too much at stake to allow this necrotic accumulation of self-identified IQ-75 activism to continue interfering with the well-being of the other parts of the bell curve.

CNu said...

Broken link, try again.

ken said...

rohan said...

You and CNu need to slow your roles Dale.

The man say, he bout to "clean out the Augean stables" of librul foeces making your vision blurry.

The man say he bout to let you peer through his special Jeebus glasses so not only can you see what he pretends to see - but also see correctly what you thought you saw.

The man say he bout to withhold his tax dollars if he don't get his way.

Personally, I wish he would. That way, both he and Leroy could get themselves thrown out the window.

ken said...

"This isn't even a real issue."
I guess I am not sure why you brought it up then.

"No one is interested in the preposterous straw man you're threatening to disgorge Ken"

My argument was a direct challenge to your implication that you are still making that abortion will result in less children living in poverty. I made no argument except to challenge yours.

"There are 6 billion plus too many of you humans right now, and more on the way."

Where does a stat like this come from? Name one resource the earth is running low on that should has of believe we only have enough earth resources to support 1/3rd of the earth's population.

"125 million able-bodied Americans between 18-64 no longer counted by the Labor Dept. in their employment statistics."
Yes this is where the issue is, we certainly could use a change of direction from our current course of policies.

"Millions more children have been born into or spiraled down into the
intensely undesirable and largely intractable state of extreme poverty
in America."

True enough, and free access and affordable access to abortion has done nothing and will do nothing to counteract this. This is more to do with economic policy issue and economic ideology.

"Public education and infrastructure in America are failing"

Certain sectors are, yes, but again there are different methods and policies that could very easily be adopted and turn this reality around, if we can get leadership that is willing to do it.

"The state is deep in debt"

Yes the state either has to have real economic growth and more people paying taxes by working, or it has to cut its spending. When the economy is stunted then more people will burden the state funds and at the same time less revenue is coming to the state, the only answer to this is to increase private contribution to the state by growing private business which increases private employees who pay taxes instead of using state services.

Also secondly, we do not have the funds to support as many military bases as we do and these should also be cut. And thirdly, enforce labor laws and penalize businesses who employ illegal immigrants. Make businesses have to entice Americans to do the work by paying a wage that will fill the positions. This should put a demand on workers and raise wages throughout the unskilled laborers. And with this it will also bring more tax revenue to the state, instead of untaxed illegal immigrant labor. The downside is the cost of food will rise, but this is still a market way to increase labor wages and decrease unemployment and put less demand on state services and increase private sector contribution through increased wage cost.

"Global climate change is threatening further disruption and devastation"

There is no way anyone knows if the climate changing will be good or bad as whole. There are no computer models that have made accurate predictions of this pause, and we simply don't have enough data to stunt and reduce economies further sending more people into poverty for something that isn't at all certain.

CNu said...

I guess I am not sure why you brought it up then.

To underscore how profoundly idiotic and delusional N-1 morons who politically and violently object to - and act so as to prohibit women's reproductive prerogatives are. There were no witches in the middle-ages, that wasn't a real issue either. But then, just as now, agitated morons brought unnecessary hell on earth from the bowels of their own ignorance and superstition.

My argument was a direct challenge

To yourself Ken. How many times do you have to be instructed NEVER to projectively put words in my or anyone else's mouth? Is that some habitual tard behavior or something?

Name one resource the earth is running low on

The patience of IQ-160'sNo-one could have dreamed that they were being scrutinized, as someone with a
microscope studies creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. Few men even considered the possibility of a different order of life in their midst. And yet, across the gulf of these Interwebs, minds immeasurably superior to yours regarded this earth with covetous eyes, and slowly and surely, they drew their plans against you…”

Dale Asberry said...

Much like in Prague?

Dale Asberry said...

Where does a stat like this come from? Name one resource the earth is running low on that should has of believe we only have enough earth resources to support 1/3rd of the earth's population.
Drinkable water.
Arable land.
Edible fish.
The millions of creatures of the world that are going to be extincted over the next year because of you humans.

Dale Asberry said...

One step forward, ten steps back...

ken said...

Really Dale, not crap, but a serious look at what resources are really running out, none of what you mentioned is in any critical inventory of running out. I can look up copper, and aluminum and arable land and fish farms along with sea fish and even drinking water, and find we're not in trouble. Drinking water might be one where some are worried we might have look into desalinization, but noone is seriously getting serious about this either.

ken said...

'The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one,' he
said. 'The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to
one - but still they come!'

"To yourself Ken. How many times do you have to be instructed NEVER to projectively put words in my or anyone else's mouth?"

Oh really, what should us lower IQ sillies conclude someone meant with a post heading.."more American children than ever in extreme poverty and tards desperate to defund planned parenthood." Let's see, it was two stories alarming us of two separate events, more children are in extreme poverty, and the other notice was on a totally different subject tards desparate to defund planned parenthood. The "and" there was like a statement like Honey I just smashed the car and junior just spilled some milk, kinda like that the two headlines had nothing to do with each other. Sorry I misunderstood, I see now it was in case one story wasn't interesting, maybe you might find the other more to your interest.

"To underscore how profoundly idiotic and delusional N-1 morons who politically and violently object to - and act so as to prohibit women's reproductive prerogatives are."

Why do you keep on yelling like this? I fully understand no one is going to stop killing developing humans. I just want to be clear it has done nothing to help the society as a whole in any way. And it certainly has not helped bring about any prosperity or saved us from the most children in poverty we have now. Its immoral and immorality always cost something.

ken said...

Who knows maybe the steps will be bigger than you think...

Back in 2004 they said this..."Sunspots have been more common in the past seven decades than at any time in the last 8,000 years, according to a new historic reconstruction of solar activity.
Many researchers have tried to link sunspot activity to climate change, but the new results cannot be used to explain global warming, according to the scientists who did the study.

Later on, the news got to be good for us humans and global temperatures leveled off...

"However, the most recent climate data [2], show global temperature development levelling off or even turning negative since 2001 in contrast to the anticipated course related to the steady increases in the concentration in the atmosphere of green-house gasses, primarily carbon dioxide and methane [1]. The purpose of this communication is to demonstrate that the reduced rate in the global temperature rise complies with expectations related to the decaying level of solar activity according to the relation published in an earlier analysis [3]. Without the reduction in the solar activity-related contributions the global temperatures would have increased steadily from 1980 to present."

Now not that we should do any of our own thinking here, but we have an article back in 2004 stating that sunspots are more common in the last 7 decades (kinda like the industrial age...) and next thing you know the earth is warming up, and get a load of this:
"Pesnell notes yet another complication: "The last two solar maxima, around 1989 and 2001, had not one but two peaks." Solar activity went up, dipped, then resumed, performing a mini-cycle that lasted about two years. So a pretty good thrust of solar activity that our global warming guy studying why the hiatus has now concluded in 2014 does effect temperature.

But if we are convinced that the earth being a little warmer is bad, then we might be in pretty good shape, because that solar max the link just above predicted turned out to have the lowest max cycle in 100 years in 2013 and now we are going to a low and it could be a pretty big step,

Solar maximum activity peaked in April 2014 at an exceptionally low 81.9 spots/day. Waning solar activity in 2015 will begin the long, inexorably journey toward solar minimum over the next half decade.

If solar physicists are correct, solar activity could be very low for several decades to come. How that will affect climate change is anyone’s guess, but low sunspot activity has already been identified by the United Nation’s International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as one of the main causes for the 15+ year “hiatus” from atmospheric global warming.

That's pretty good news...if we believe a colder earth is better for us, isn't it?

DD said...

Look, critiquing Ken's argument is easy, because he does a poor job of it. But I'll go ahead and play spoiler for a moment.

What we can agree on (I think) is that a cohesive moral framework allows for a strong, united group. You need to have a group united on values to have an effective team.

I'm not judging the values which are represented, merely pointing out that being cohesive in who "Us" are has historically been an incredibly successful strategy.

TPTB has a strategy of division. Being united in values leads to a strong nation.

I respect the religious right for their outsized influence and ability to affect social change in spite of their minority status. That's pretty gangster

I also wholeheartedly agree that abortion is pretty rank behavior for modern American women. That said--who actually qualifies their behavior objectively? Nobody. We measure our behavior versus others that we interact with. And coming up is the #1 American value. If your morally righteous behavior makes you poor, you are both fucked and considered a bad person.

Show me a homeless guy who is considered a saint and widely revered, I'll show you a singularity who's been dead for 2000 years.

As our host would say, everything else is just conversation.

CNu said...

American Social Conservatism: The sphincter-clenching, night-sweat inducing certainty that, somewhere out there, fellow Americans are getting their freak on with unapproved partners, in prohibited positions or orifices, or for purposes other than making more IQ-75 "souls" for Jeebus.

See: Envy

Dale Asberry said...

Present said evidence.

CNu said...

I can't wait to hear how Jeebus is going to magically provide the abiotic oil energy to convert all that salty sea water into fresh water and wine..., put out forest fires now raging all across the west and northwestern parts of the U.S. and Canada - even unto Alaska - and - irrigate all those western food-basket crops going thirsty in So-Cal about now.

Speaking of which, I wonder how the Pacific ocean die-off is going, and what new marvels are washing up dead on coastal beaches all across the western seaboard.

With all that free fresh water he's about to tardsplain to you, you can rest assured that the "Augean stable" (priceless) of your scientifically-infected mind will be washed clean of all its skeptical eructations and flatulence. (lol, like Feed said, smart cats with bad breath)

CNu said...

Biodiverse Forest
Forest Period

BigDonOne said...

BD is just thankful we don't have to keep the BenefitCards charged up, and enough prisons built, to accomodate all those aborted feti that otherwise would have been born. PP can sell all the Wings and Drumstix they want....

Dale Asberry said...

And in steps the voice of reason!

rohan said...

Dawn is Cnu's poster-child for a reason. I think he views him as a valuable political asset. Clutching his overdrawn social security, military pension, and overconsumed VA benefits, the more Dawn talks, the crazier and more marginalized what he represents becomes. It's all cut from the same defective N-1 cloth, and in the end, it's all going to the same candle and soap maker for useable material extraction.

CNu said...

lol, let the church say "amen"! and amen...,

that's some cold shit throwing my man Leroy out the window. Picked my man up and threw him out the gottdayyum window

BigDonOne said...

FWIW -- There is actually data for the crime reduction effect after Roe v Wade

CNu said...

um.., might you be confusing an hypothesis with data?

BigDonOne said...

Yes, hypothesse were also cited, but the following from the WikiLink looked to BD like actual data..

"The authors argue that states that had abortion legalized earlier should have the earliest reductions in crime. Donohue and Levitt's study indicates that this indeed has happened: Alaska, California, Hawaii, New York, Oregon and Washington experienced steeper drops in crime, and had legalized abortion before Roe v. Wade. Further, states with a high abortion rate have experienced a greater reduction in crime, when corrected for factors like average income.[4] Finally, studies in Canada and Australia claim to have established a correlation between legalized abortion and overall crime reduction.[4]"

CNu said...

Assuming you have actually tripped up on something for which there is at least correlative data, what do you suppose the actual underlying motivation of the N-1 leadership is for stirring up this nest of hornets? Are they looking for more susceptible and suggestible livestock to ranch, are they preoccupied with controlling female sexuality, do they sincerely believe that a blastomere has any kind of magical consequence beyond what would ordinarily be tossed out as waste trapped in disposable hygiene product?

Vic78 said...

That's the correlation/causation fallacy.

CNu said...

There is one and only one defining characteristic of a person, one thing which sets us apart and gives us our unique moral worth. That thing is consciousness – the facility for self-aware thought. That is what most clearly differentiates us from other species on this planet, and it is also what gives us the uniqueness and individuality that is rightly viewed as a key component of moral worth.

Taking consciousness to be the defining characteristic of humanity gives us a clear dividing line to use in deciding whether abortion is immoral. Ending the existence of something which does not possess the ability for conscious thought – whatever else it may be – is not the destruction of a human being.

ken said...

Before you quickly come up with that theory, shouldn't you consider if abortion caused an increase in premarital sex? Abortion did make the idea of premarital sex less risky, but when the woman did become pregnant higher numbers couldn't go through with the abortion and had an out of wedlock child much more than would have if they didn't have the abortion option and the perception premarital sex was less risky. And besides that, the men, instead of feeling responsibility, pushed it back on the woman's choice and discarded all responsibility. Before he would have felt pressure to take responsibility now its the woman's choice and more times than not she couldn't go through with it.

With all that, we actually have more out of wedlock births have responsibility for more benefit cards and more broken families producing more crime breakers making a need for more prisons.

CNu said...

Economically recoverable oil peaked in 2005. What no one anticipated was economic contraction to the extent that declining oil supply would continue to exceed collapsing demand. With an idle 125 million able-bodied subsisting on the dole and in the underground economy, demand is fairly sparse. it's much worse, I hear, in Greece, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, etc., etc., etc...,

BigDonOne said...

"..actual underlying motivation..."

All this PP flap is actually a diversion arranged by First75 to get the MSM off his back while he goes about destroying the national economy & national defense with international agreements, while also destroying quality of American life by importing huge numbers of Fuzzy Refugees and unscreened&undocumented Democrats-to-be.

e.g., the Seattle mayor wants to facilitate N-1 Shariah Finance in Seattle so Fuzzies can buy homes without offending Allah.

BigDonOne said...

There isn't an Erection75 with an iota of personal responsibility and FTO. Effective means for damage control is essential.....

CNu said...

lol, that's what I get for asking the racetard poster-child a sensible question instead of just kicking him in the ass for presuming to engage his betters. Tardological inanity defies rational explanation. Simply put, it's the unmitigated evil of the beady-eyed stupid and ignorant that are incapable of doing any better. Anyway, old school racetard/conservatard Jesse Helms acted so as to cruelly deny war rape victims access to abortionIn 1973, Jesse Helms, a newly elected United States senator and an ideologue contemptuous of the United Nations, dismissive of international treaties and completely devoid of compassion for the world’s poor, put his name on an amendment to the landmark 1961 United States foreign assistance act banning any use of US funds to support abortion in family planning globally. Over more than four decades, the Helms amendment has been reinterpreted, reinforced, and expanded in American aid policy to the point of rising to a violation of internationally recognized rights of women.

An international campaign is now urgently demanding that the United States put an end to this policy, saying that the Helms amendment defies the Geneva Conventions on the rules of war, which the US has pledged to uphold since the 1950s. The US is effectively violating the universally accepted nondiscriminatory healthcare provision in the conventions by forcing its prohibitions on abortion on medical aid work by others in conflict areas. In an age of unconventional warfare and terrorism,
thousands of women suffer and die as a consequence of rape and other sexual abuses. Those who survive need a lot of help to repair their battered bodies—and sometimes that includes abortion.

CNu said...

We need to act so as to cause multiple lifetimes of human misery and suffering in order to keep female legs closed and male zippers up!

Can I call'em or can I call'em...,American Social Conservatism: The sphincter-clenching, night-sweat inducing certainty that, somewhere out there, fellow Americans are getting their freak on with unapproved partners, in prohibited positions or orifices, or for purposes other than making more IQ-75 "souls" for Jeebus.

See: Envy

ken said...

The oil reserve supply has generally increased year after year.

ken said...

Have you considered this, perhaps your abortion ideas could be covered under the aging population topic, however I don't believe anybody is considering an aging population with no young to support them to be a benefit.

CNu said...

Once conventional oil’s rate of loss exceeds unconventional oil’s
rate of production, world production must peak. Production of sweet,
light crude actually peaked in 2005 but this has been masked by the
increase in unconventional oil production, and also by lumping together
different kinds of material with oil and referring to the collective as
‘liquids’. (More recently, the term ‘liquids’ is often upgraded to
‘oil’, which is highly disinformative since the properties of the other
liquids are quite different from crude oil.)

produces mostly shale gas (rather than oil), and the major growth in
global ‘oil’ production has been from natural gas liquids (NGL; in part
from shale gas). But the principal components of NGL are ethane and
propane, so it is not a simple substitute for petroleum.

Energy in, energy out
The energy return on energy invested (EROEI) is worse for all unconventional oil production methods than for conventional oil.

ken said...

And so when abortion became legal, damage control kicked in and out of wedlock births began to rise?

CNu said...

Not only has net available energy declined worldwide, but the rising cost of energy production has been transferred to consumers and masked just as the actual state of available oil has been "masked" by the deceitful use of the term "liquids"


CNu said...

When the real economy began to collapse and low-skill manufacturing jobs exited cities during the 70's - a whole lot of terrible consequences struck black folks first and hardest. The war on drugs further exacerbated the already dire economic conditions that acted so as to demolish nuclear families. Now that economic collapse is widespread, and a majority of those impacted are white, we witness the selfsame decline in the nuclear family and increase in OOW birthrates. Thus we have notorious racist Charles Murray's last two books lamenting the decline of white morality and failure of leadership of white elites.

You two bookends of the tard spectrum can now consider yourselves schooled and can desist further embarrassing tardological antics. Here ends the lesson for today....,