Thursday, July 16, 2015

hon.bro.preznit outsmarts tards at home and chess-masters abroad - to lead america...,

aljazeera |  The reality of the Iran deal: Congress can't 'kill' it. US President Obama does not need congressional approval to sign an Iran deal or go to the UN to lift sanctions.

I keep hearing very reputable journalists report that the new law on Iran sanctions will give Congress the ability to "kill" any potential agreement.

I don't think that is right, but I've been doubting myself because so many people are saying it. I've gone back three times and read the bill.

Here is what the law actually does. It gives Congress the power to stop the US president from lifting US sanctions on Iran.

If you look at the numbers, it's pretty certain that they will only be able to stop him for a short time. It doesn't stop President Barack Obama from making the agreement or going to the UN and lifting international sanctions.

So I've been trying to figure out how that could "kill" any potential agreement.

The only thing I can think of is the mentality that the US is the centre of the world is behind the assumption.

Let's assume for the sake of argument that Congress will override a presidential veto and forbid him from waiving most US sanctions on Iran.

I can only guess that these people are assuming that without US sanctions relief Iran would walk away from their side of the bargain.

Why would they do that? They would basically be saying "I can now do business with the entire globe except America, but that is just not good enough."

The White House doesn't believe Congress can now say yes or no to a deal. This is what White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said as the bill was making its way through Congress:

"The bill that has passed by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee with bipartisan support essentially is a vote to vote later on congressional sanctions and not the decision about whether or not to enter into the agreement, that would certainly resolve some of the concerns we've expressed about the authority that is exercised by the president of the United States to conduct foreign policy."

The president would never give up his right to act as the sole "decider" on foreign policy.
He doesn't need congressional approval to do whatever he feels like at the UN. He was smart enough to not frame this as an official treaty.

The Senate would have had to weigh in on that and with the lobbying that is taking place, it never would have passed.

I have to think the reason behind this mischaracterisation is coming from some members of Congress. They can tell their constituents that they are "being tough".

They can vote their disapproval knowing, in the end, it won't change a thing.


Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother Cnu. Will there be a day in which the perpetual fight against your white right wing enemy won't cause you to molest the model of the real world that you propagate

Also at the table

China. Against sanctions. Want a new consumer market

Russia against sanctions and arms embargo. Announced plans to sell planes and missiles to Iran

UK, France and Germany

CNu said...

Will there be a day in which the perpetual fight against your white
right wing enemy won't cause you to molest the model of the real world
that you propagate

Constructive_Feedback said...

CNu said...

Um.., Bro.Feed,

You just made my case for Obama playing chess, not checkers. So help me out here, how does stating the obvious exonerate tards from being the stupid, intransigent, and delusional buffoons they've once again shown themselves to be?

ken said...

Maybe that's what the corrupt media focuses on, but we certainly have a lot at stake here also, and I suspect republicans knew that when they passed the bill the American Thinker talks about here:

I think the republicans needed some political cover for opening relations to Iran. From this move we have taken sides in the battle between Sunni and Shiite. We have also allowed another oil source for Europe instead of depending on Russia, and we have opened up 80 million new consumers who for the most part are educated to purchase our goods. I have a feeling this did most of the talking in republican circles and democrat circles, and the political cover was the bill change and Obama.

We have always made alliances with a lesser evil to combat a greater evil. We made alliances with the Soviet Union to combat communism, we make alliances with dictators who are friendly with us to fight what might be an even worse situation. This appears to be one of those occasions where we cozy up to not so good leaders to buffer some tougher world situations.

We didn't have to be in this situation, and Obama can take much of the blame for this situation, but now that we are, we have to make decisions based on the current situations we are in. And if you look at this in a whole picture, you can see the politics and cover of the whole thing.

BigDonOne said...

or Russian Roulette...??

Vic78 said...

Looks like the tards are as easily played in D.C. as they are down south. What's even funnier is that he says he's going to veto any bullshit brought to him. There aren't enough votes to override it. All the tards running for Pres are stupidly running their mouths right now on things they'll have to answer for in the not too distant future.

Did you hear the Illinois Senator act like the President isn't popular there?

Constructive_Feedback said...

AGAIN SIR - You THINK that I have a vested interest in TALKING ABOUT "THE TARDS" - as you and Vic78 have.

You missed the reference to the "International Press".
Just I my book "Black Bourgeois" arrived in the mail earlier this week - I SUGGEST THAT YOU become more informed about the larger world by consuming more INTERNATIONAL MEDIA and then do triangulation to see how petty and ignorant the "Two Dung Producing Party Animals" are and how it rubs off like poison ivy oil to their junior combatants who are Minions.

I have been reading the psuedo-Black Radial analysis of how ISRAEL plays (and loses) in this entire scheme of events. These same Colonizers, however, can't bring themselves to take the same template of "American Empowered Oppressor Against Its Neighboring Colonial Protectorate - Full Of People Of Color" and see that WHILE AT LEAST Netanyahou (SP?) vows to fight for his nation....................these same Negro Colonizers can't see that "Saudi Arabia / Yemen" fits in that same template, with only their own Progressive Bigotry that is PAINTED IN BLACK FACE preventing them from seeing how blind, ignorant and myopic they are in the big picture scheme of things.

Vic78 said...

He's no demagogue. The writer explained what a demagogue was in his essay. Obama doesn't fit that at all.

CNu gave the President that fucked up nickname Hon Bro Pres. and hasn't stopped calling him that. He goes after the President quite a bit on this site. There's no way that one can honestly attack the man for everything he does. Out of the hundred times he attacks Obama, CNu decides to cheer him on once, you come in with the FeedBack University Inc party line. So, you'd rather the Iranians not be able to trade freely with the rest of the world?

John Kurman said...

From a realpolitik standpoint, an alliance with Iran makes so much sense. Youthful, educated population, as compared to the wretched decrepitude we currently have to prop up in the region. And honestly, although invasion is stupid with a capital S, cutting off their oil? The strait of Hormuz is a two-edged sword, and Kharg Island handles 98% of Iran's crude exports. If they do get frisky, *one* US air strike puts all that out of commission.

Vic78 said...

What does any of that have to do with what I just said? Never mind, you're gonna beat your meat 'til your arms give out.

Man, you need a hug. It's okay. It's not your fault.

Constructive_Feedback said...

“a person, especially an orator or political leader, who gains power and popularity by arousing the emotions, passions, and prejudices of the people.”

PUT YOUR EAR TO THE SPEAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IF YOU DO read my blog - you will understand that MY ANALYSIS IS:

I told you: "LOOK INTO THE CONGREGATION" in the sanctuary
Look INTO the balcony - and watch the CORRUPT MEDIA that is working the AUDIO/VISUAL effects .


Instead he protests against the LOCAL POLICE and seeks to use the Federal Dept Of Justice to HELP them prosecute the police (YOUR OPPRESSOR) and to help fight Photo Voter ID.


I am now watching when your (supposed) Blackness tells PROGRESSIVE Opportunism "NO I Refuse"

Vic78 said...

As for the harassment thing you just brought up:

I like what you did there. You tried to use some bullshit equivalency game to bring the Pres down to O'Reilly's level. And I just shot it down with a quick google search. This reminds me of the time when you shitted on the President's mother. I shot that down with quick google search as well. You really should give up your sage act.

Vic78 said...

Here we go again. What prejudices is the President appealing to?

Deals with Iran and Cuba demonstrate a significant change in policy. It was just a few years ago Iran was part of the "Axis if Evil"; now it's on its way to becoming a partner.

You don't think the govt should reign in the cops?

Constructive_Feedback said...

"Black Wing Grievance And Political Opportunism Talk Radio" is FUELED BY HATRED AND PREJUDICE!!!

Tune into the Bev Smith Radio Show at 7pm on!!

CUBA is important to YOU ( Even though they do not allow for any opposition parties) yet you CAN'T bring yourself to see the FRAUD of your own position about "OPPRESSIVE GOVERNMENT MEN IN UNIFORM" - as you take your stand against DRONES/MILITARIZED POLICEMEN OVER BLACK AMERICAN COMMUNITIES and apply it to the US Military/CIA/JSOCS and NATO doing the same thing over a crew of Non-American Blacks who can't vote in American elections.

YOU are COLONIZED and don't even pretend to be the voice to "Reel In Western Imperialism" against Nations Of Color via your inside position.

YOU want to fight the RACIST WHITE RIGHT WING from attacking your PROGRESSIVE GAINS that you indoctrinate the Black Americans with and this is too great for you to risk by FIGHTING AGAINST these same attacks on foreign people of color - WHILE OBAMA IS AT THE HELM.


3 hours ago - Britain Reloads The Saudi Air Force With More Bombers To Finish Off Yemen - While Not Provoking Any "Black Lives Matter" Protests In London Or New York

Constructive_Feedback said...

EVERYONE ELSE - PLEASE READ VIC78'S latest "Dick Riding Obama" Scheme.

I said ALCEE HASTINGS had a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Him (By a former Black Staffer)

Vic78 WANTED TO BELIEVE that I said "Obama Had A Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Him".


But this post is the kicker: "You tried to use some bullshit equivalency game to bring the Pres down to O'Reilly's level"

Even though I posted that "Alcee Hastings" and most of the other Toms in the "Congressional Black Caucus" hung up their "Too Black Too Strong Unbought Unbossed - We Are Africans In America" screed when Obama ran a coup in African and had CIA agents exposed in the lands of their "African Ancestors".................

VIC78 chose the OBAMA SEXUAL HARASSMENT diversion that he created as superior to any discussion about "WHAT CHANGED In The Negro Republican Guard Against American Imperialism" since Obama and Progressivism got into power over the Pentagon and State Department?

Vic78 said...

I have to apologize for not having CNu's patience. "I was talking about bitchboy Congressman Hastings." Fuck that dude. Your blog post wasn't relevant to the topic or anything else I brought up. You still need a hug.

CNu said...

Graduate-level symposium in Feed-wrangling

Vic78 said...

That was beautiful. Why after having the rod of correction applied does he go back to the same fuckery? And acts like he's schooling somebody.

CNu said...

lol, that rod of correction was applied with religious regularity at the now defunct site. years and years of priceless comedy gold. Anyway, it yielded no lasting benefits.

My man remains at least superficially immune to these woodshed-ings and pretends at the schoolmaster role without anything remotely approaching a curriculum.

CNu said...

The Hon.Bro.Preznit is the Brookings Institute saddled with the operational liability that is the Executive Branch of the Federal Govt. Including the armed services - - serving as exhibit A. to the extent of the federal rot and dysfunction. Despite this insufferable tarbaby, the Hon.Bro.Preznit has managed to succeed and to shine cause twice as good will still get you half as far...,

Dale Asberry said...

You forgot your air quotes around "sage"

Constructive_Feedback said...


1) Thank you for pointing out the rebuttal from BETUncut that made you so pleased.
2) Please note my factual rebuttal in which I listed all of the manufacturers who have expanded into SC before the Confederate flag diversion was brought up.
3) Please define what YOU believed was a lesson from BETUcut?

It is amazing that YOU saw some sort of "Religious Correction" on Booker Rising but you failed to note the number of times that My comments and observations were syndicated on that blog AND an article that Shamara Reilly wrote for "The" (I coined the term "Black Flight Progressives" to capture the pattern of behavior that I was noting in Metro-Atlanta, Philly and Dallas in which Black Progressives who helped to FIGHT THE CONSERVE TARDS out of power in the "Mission Accomplished City" were soon seen moving away after the NEW ESTABLISHMENT POWER had to deliver what was not delivered by the "Racist White". When they fell short THEY WERE NOT GOING TO VOTE THEM OUT OF POWER, so they called Two Men And A Truck - and moved next to the White folks - THANKING the NAACP for the new Anti-Housing Discrimination laws that they tested)

Its funny that you and Vic78 can conjure up a CORRECTION ROD that pleased you when your friends used it against me, yet when I make the consistent case that we cannot use the presence of APPEASEMENT or OFFENDEDNESS that generates UNITY in a Struggle Motion of Colonized Blacks as proof of the improvement in their condition - that ONLY "ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT" through the institutions that they now control can be used to prove EFFECTIVENESS - for some reason YOU are more pleased at focusing on inspecting THE CHESS MATCH used against your ideological enemies - but not the HARVESTING of the Colonized Negro's valuables by the Progressives.

Ed Dunn said...

And who brokered the deal between the USA and Cuba? It was a Catholic from Latin America if I'm correct....leadership

Ed Dunn said...

I don't know, Quackdaffy must be a very smart man to use a satellite phone to make a phone call while on the run causing a UAV to launch a Hellfire into his rear end.....

Constructive_Feedback said...

That's what I like about you Dale. You add so much "bandwidth" to the conversation.

By the way - My apologies from the other day. I posted the wrong song.


makheru bradley said...

This is obviously one reason why the neoliberal faction of America's oligarchic psychopathocracy chose The Perfect Proxy to execute their agenda.

[Emotional intelligence is important, but the unbridled enthusiasm has obscured a dark side. New evidence shows that when people hone their emotional skills, they become better at manipulating others. When you’re good at controlling your own emotions, you can disguise your true feelings. When you know what others are feeling, you can tug at their heartstrings and motivate them to act against their own best interests... when a leader gave an inspiring speech filled with emotion, the audience was less likely to scrutinize the message and remembered less of the content... The authors call this the awestruck effect, but it might just as easily be described as the dumbstruck effect... Leaders who master emotions can rob us of our capacities to reason. If their values are out of step with our own, the results can be devastating. New evidence suggests that when people have self-serving motives, emotional intelligence becomes a weapon for manipulating others.]

6 1/2 years in and the people who fell in 2008 are still falling hard. LMBAO

ken said...

So far Obama has managed to not be saddled with any liability. I hope these new moves work, I think I see a better chance working with Shiites rather than Sunnis, and maybe Cuba will pan out, it would be a welcome change from his moves in Iraq, Lybia, Egypt, Russia, or the release of prisoners in Guantanamo, or his Obamacare, or his no growth economy.

I can see why this may be a good move, but the Prez succeeding and shining is still a long way off, hopefully maybe he'll give us something positive soon, this might end up being it.

Even our new credible friend is a little worry about the deal..

There's still a long way to go to see if this will go the way of all the other Obama foreign policy moves or if this will be something different.

John Kurman said...

Mr.Bradley, " neoliberial imperialist strategy" yes, but this is secondary, no? Trying to take a hard left through the coming S curve when your UPS truck only goes right is very hard turn indeed.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Makheru Bradley:

There is a rare opportunity for me to agree with you about what is going on.

I keep telling people to 'Stop Looking At Obama' and instead LOOK AT THE CONGREGATION sitting in the chairs while Obama and the Right-wing is on stage.

It would have been more insight for you to LOOK AT CNU - and then try to figure out why in his "Perpetual Fight Against The ConserveTards" - he is forced to yield his "Intellectual Sovereignty" to the actions of a foreign government (Iran) as the basis for his being self-satisfied with another battle against his enemy.

How much to scale is 'My Brothers Keeper' in relation to the NEED that is present within the Black community for a "Rites Of Passage Program", which thus far the damage to the "Institutional Integrity" that Political opportunism has triggered, as those of us more sober Black people begin to ask: "WAS THE INVESTMENT OF OUR VALUABLES INTO NATIONALIZED PROGRESSIVISM - WORTH IT"?

And how much mass does 'Social Justice' actually have, if anyone has ever even seen it before?

"Social Justice' focuses as the "CHRISTIAN HEAVEN" to be dangled in front of "Secular Progressives" and "Anarcho Capitalists"

CNu said...

Bro. Feed,

I would much prefer seeing you make your case more clearly and succinctly. I would much rather see you form alliances so that whatever it is you're calling out gets echoed and amplified from other points of presence. But that ain't happen.

Since you insist on pointlessly antagonizing Vic and big brother BTX3, and since you seem to rather thoroughly enjoy the rapid descent into feces flinging with adversaries drawn across partisan lines - I thought I'd share an example of how that game is played well. From what I can observe hereabouts, Vic didn't instigate anything, you simply focused on him as a partisan antagonist.

How far along are you in Black Bourgeoisie? It goes a long way toward explaining in a prescient manner the phenomenon you appear to decry of folks moving out of the ghetto. Nowhere, however, does it give an account of folks losing their minds and seeking to aggregate with conservatards and bibtards.

CNu said...

Bro. Makheru, what are the other factions of America's oligarchic psychopathocracy, and, who have these other factions tapped to serve as their public, political proxies?

CNu said...

lol, you shot what little credibility you had when you blamed the economy on Obama. Of course, hardcore tards like Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas are "getting it done".

Constructive_Feedback said...

[quote]Nowhere, however, does it give an account of folks losing their minds and seeking to aggregate with conservatards and bibtards.[/quote]

Again, Brother CNu - the "Dark Matter Analysis" exposes you.

I am NOT breaking bread with any "Right Wing Conservatives".
I point out how the "Battle Royale Scheme" that left and right play in is corrupt: "The American Capitalist Political Opportunism System".

Notice how you are so verbose in telling us what "The Scribes" told Black people not to do - in the way of Conservetards but you are reticent to acknowledge that the White Secular Progressives own popular Black Progressive Political though like a "Churches Chicken" franchise.

I HAVE TOLD YOU SEVERAL TIMES about the phenomenon of the "Black Flight Progressive". It is rooted in Obama's latest "Housing Diversity Scheme":

They know that they are NOT "Struggling" to build up strong "Human Resources Development Institutions" in The Black Community Where Black people are congregated as the majority. They, LIKE YOU, are in a perpetual fight against THE INSULTS of White People who believe that by adopting the PREVAILING thoughts, culture, sociology that is ALLOWED in these areas - that the PRODUCT is a human form that resides at the lower end of the economic/academic/social order.

After investing so much of their time at "Slap Boxing Shadow Images" that the NAACP and MSNBC display upon the wall - they become the ESTABLISHMENT POWER , but when their "Fighting Victory" is won but the "GOVERNANCE TASKS" are before them - they find out that they would rather FIGHT THE WHITE SHADOW, testing their tolerance for a Black minority to move in - because THE TOOL SET that they built up that should have been perfected to GOVERN THE DESIRED OUTCOMES in the places where Blacks live in our highest concentrations - AGAIN were squander on the "Self-Slap Boxing Matches" that are put on for pure entertainment.

Constructive_Feedback said...

There you go again Brother CNu:

"Dark Matter Analysis" : Do you hate "Occupy Democrats" when they enumerate praise for Obama (ie: Lowering gas prices) but fail to detail for the people how markets work?

Why is Sam Brownback fair game but when it comes to looking at Detroit through the decades of leadership - "The Banks" but not the public policy - are to blame?

Constructive_Feedback said...

I have consciously chosen to parcel my "Christian Charity" into sources beyond the church (in America).
While the church that I attend recently removed the front VGA projectors and got some new rear projection screens ----- I split my money with charities that focus on Africa - but which have a religious mission.

"Pennies For Pasho" helps house and feed and educate Ugandan children.

You are mistaking the POLITICAL "Social Justice" that they preach at "Dr King's Church" with the more comprehensive WORD OF GOD that demands that his disciples SUBMIT THEMSELVES TO HIS WORD and from this they will grow strong , find their PURPOSE AS EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS - and will be able to produce ECOSYSTEMS in their own ranks where the accouterments that have been hijacked by the progressive political term "Social Justice" are actually produced as effluent from the aggregate actions of the people.

Tell me this, Cnu - why is it that most other reform movements seek to close ranks and produce the desired outcomes from within. Yet "Political Progressivism" and "Political Conservetardism" seem to be expansionary with a colonizing spirit?

makheru bradley said...

Mr. Kurman, imperialist strategy is never secondary. The Perfect Proxy is desperately attempting to stave off the collapse of the American empire.

makheru bradley said...

There is a conservative and Neocon faction--Adelson, Koch's, Walton's, etc. IDK who they are tapping.

As you know the real power is "finance capital" and they roll with whatever serves their interests at a particular point in history--neolib, neocon, whatever.

CNu said...

I am NOT breaking bread with any "Right Wing Conservatives".

Why then does your rhetoric give every appearance of partisan apologetics for this element, and why would BTX3 accuse you of being a "porch negroe for yahoo rednecks"?

but you are reticent to acknowledge that the White Secular Progressives
own popular Black Progressive Political though like a "Churches Chicken"

um.., I guess you missed the countless posts I've put up deriding the Cathedral, afrodemia, and the whole gobbledegook of intersectionality and everything else emerging from the radical feminist academic establishment?

Where Black people are congregated as the majority.

You mean the ghetto? Where out of wedlock births, unemployment, crime and criminality comprise the political economic backdrop of many folks meaningless existence? Between you and I, who has called for the most direct, abrupt and terminal policy application for addressing the problem of crime and criminality in the ghetto? No more broken windows policing, straight military execution of the tiny minority of irredeemables making life hell for other just plain po folks?

Which of us has actually done concrete things to further educational achievement among the children of the ghetto?

Finally, how can I have said and done what I have without recourse to either end of the increasingly irrelevant political parties who are both getting their asses handed to them rhetorically by Donald Trump cause he's violating all the tenets of Orwellian political double-talk?

CNu said...

For me, it's all about the guns and butter and keeping these flowing in this direction before, during, and after the cull. Everything else is foolishness.

The elderly are not going to help fight WW-III no matter how much their greatest generation advocate BD extols the status ascribable to them for growing old and gobbling up irreplaceable resources.

The congenitally stupid (N-1) and systemically uneducated or ineducable are not going to engage and resolve any of the pressing nano, geno, thermo problems facing the species - consequently - like the elderly, their value proposition has been rendered suspect.

Able-bodied young men and women drawn from the ranks of the 125 million outside the labor pool count have fighting value. Able-minded young men, women, and children have to be educated to the peak of possible capacity in hopes of yielding farmers in the fields of the microcosmos, and innovators in areas of endeavor at the moment only dimly swinging into view.

I am about as objective as they come wrt to the politics du jour. Sam Brownback is a certifiable moron and double-tard who has FUBAR'd the budget of a state that had no such problems prior to his taking office. Why you trying to carry Brownback's water?

Dale Asberry said...

That's what I like about you Dale

Liar. You don't like what I say at all.

You still haven't answered my question:

Ok, Caps Lock Boy, what in f*ck makes you think that you are in a position to say "focus"? ...especially in a shebeen where you are a visitor?

CNu said...

There he go with that Daddy isht - anyway...,

You are mistaking the POLITICAL "Social Justice"

No I'm not, and like in the gospel, I'm not the least bit egalitarian in my application of the golden rule.

Tell me this, Cnu - why is it that most other reform movements seek to
close ranks and produce the desired outcomes from within. Yet
"Political Progressivism" and "Political Conservetardism" seem to be
expansionary with a colonizing spirit?

I have no idea what you mean by "reform movements". I am long, keenly, and well aware, however, of the anti-evangelical stance of a very particular, very orthodox, and deeply Christian intentional community.

CNu said...

lol, calmate Dale.

Bro.Feed and I have a long and storied association going back to the days of the Dell Gines blog. He's aight with me.

Dale Asberry said...

Lol! He's aight with me too... these vids he's been posting back at me, Finally getting something real out of him besides nonsensical windbaggery!

My point is more on the fact he's not been around smart folk of the likes that hang around here and isn't showing his due respect. That deserves a quick flick of the ol' willo' to the ego.....

CNu said...

Brownback plainly effing up on very fundamental levels

ken said...

Did I blame for the economy or the slow growth?

That's the point of liability isn't it? Obama isn't responsible for his policies that cause slow growth, but Bush was responsible for the economy when it went south. Obama was going to be responsible for Iraq when Joe was calling Iraq a success, but now we're back to calling it Bush's fault when ISIS popped up. Obamacare would have rolled out perfectly if wasn't for the republican obstructionist.

Nobody is at fault in what happened in Libya, and the Benghazi part way back, that was that guy who made the video that nobody saw that got all the Muslims escalated. And no problem for making a story up like that when you know its not true around election time. How about his red line for Syria, fortunately after further consideration he backed off from that. How about backing the Muslim Brotherhood? And who runs ISIS, oh yeah the guy who was in US custody that Obama pushed to release. Any liability for Obama with these, anybody even going over his past foreign policy decisions? Many were calling out for Bush to be convicted of war crimes for taking prisoners and not giving them rights...anybody calling out for Obama to be liable for taking no prisoners but instead killing them with drones?

How about trading 5 high value terrorist for a deserter, any liability for that? Did his lifting of the sanctions deal with Iran manage to have the release of American prisoners held in Iran released? Any liability for that? Instead the reporter who asked the question was reprimanded and analyzed if he was a little to disrespectful with his question to this President. The administration wants us to know they raised the issue of Americans held prisoner in every meeting.

I suspect we just didn't have a strong enough hand to demand the prisoner release. I really hope, even with our weak hand we were given in this negotiation maybe something positive will come out of it, if not it won't change the glimmering record shining record Obama already has. We certainly can't blame him if it goes south, at least he tried.

ken said...

I am about as objective as they come wrt to the politics du jour.
Amen, me too.

CNu said...

ROTFLMBAO......WHEW!!!! twice in one day

CNu said...

How about strong men with guns eat first, and, no crisis will be great enough to get us on the same side spook.., save your evangelical breath.

ken said...

I don't hope for that crisis, but I suspect if you were to really tent up with your msnbc crowd or find yourself be one of the human microphones spouting nonsense in an occupy community tribe, and I walked up to you and didn't explain who I was, how fast you would connect with me and get the heaven out of there.

arnach said...

LOL My biggest concern is that Feed's overuse of ALL CAPS is going to give me cancer ;^)

Constructive_Feedback said...

Indeed sir.
No surprise that you would make a self-inclusive reference to your "Smart Circle".

Why do each of you perform the ritual of "Tilting Your Heads To The Left" when you talk to each other?

What you assumed was a ritual to show signs of your "Smart Folk Membership" - was in truth a practice that was christened so that no fellow "Circle Jerk" member would have to tell you that "Your Breath Stinks".

No such corrupt practice has been forged since the "Pleabs" at West Point walked to the wall in the local pub, face first to take a drink of beer, allowing his friends to retain their honor code saying: "NO SIR I Did Not See Dale Take A Drink In Violation Of Our Honor Code".

THINK WHAT YOU WILL BECOME ONE DAY Dale, And PRACTICE IT TODAY As You Enforce Your Will Upon Others. Signed - "Da Pope"

Vic78 said...

You still haven't answered the simple question. Again, what prejudices is he appealing to? Enough of your whack ass blog postings.

CNu said...

We need to define a minimum baseline for daddy-status. At a minimum, you have to be feeding, housing, educating, securing, and nurturing me in order to wear the "daddy" mantle. Anything less than that, and you're a pretender. Fair?

Constructive_Feedback said...

[quote]Again, what prejudices is he appealing to?[/quote]



CSU says "Progressive Fundamentalist Nationalization Scheme"
Vic78 says "APPEALING TO"
CSU says "INSIDE THE SEATS OF POWER (That used to be exclusively held by the Oppressor)
Vic78 says "HE" (Obama)
CSU says "The Time and Vertical Dimensions From Individual To Municipal To State To Federal"

THUS THE CORRECTED STATEMENT (That CNu and Dale and not even Ken would think to ask my dear friend Vic78) is:

"Again what 'Progressive Fundamentalist Nationalization Scheme' is this MACHINE that took over the local rungs of government in the most highly concentrated PROGRESSIVE bastions around the nation, which has retain its control over power, via its CENTRAL ABILITY to compel its CONGREGATION to "Keep The Enemy On Trial - at the High Rungs Of Government' so the 'Social Justice Struggle' is not derailed by people ASKING FOR THEIR MONEY BACK and thus after more than 50 years of turning this STRUGGLE MOTION into a blatant run up to POWER OVER THE INSTITUTIONS THAT 'THE OPPRESSOR ONCE HELD UNCHALLENGED SWAY'..............instead of people like YOU demonstrating any transparency as the INVESTMENT ADVISER FOR THE 'LEAST OF THESE', choosing to LIMIT the portion of themselves they channel into the AMERICAN CAPITALISTIC POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM SCHEME so they have some grounding that allows them to navigate in regard to THEIR OWN BEST INTERESTS - Vic78 is appeased by this 'CONSERVETARD' banter - unaware that the day will come where the CONSERVATARD REMOVE THEMSELVES from your presence and thus they will be forced to rebuild their own society based upon their own values.............................

While Vic78 never voiced strong consideration about what THE ORGANIC COMPETENCIES that the COLONIZED NEGRO should have been DEVELOPING as he was summarily disarmed from the chores of governance for his own community - because "#Black Lives Matter" had him busy on weekend travel to "Struggle Motions" while the "REPLACEMENT GENERATION" were left in benign neglect - with "MY BROTHERS KEEPER" having failed to scale - but was yet another photo op.


What deed has the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT DONE since 2009 that has caused you to conclude that THE COMPROMISE OF YOUR "BLACK COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY" was NOT WORTH THE LONG TERM DAMAGE and that OBAMA HAS HIS OWN PRESS STAFF and SECRET SERVICE so there NO NEED for you to FEEL THE PAIN OF THE INJURY of the INSULT that was directed at HIM but that YOU venerate upon your body like a "REVERSE VOODOO DOLL" connection?

THE CONSERVE TARDS PRICK OBAMA - and Vic78 and CNu feel a pain in their buttocks.

rohan said...

STRUGGLE MOTION = 435 words and nobody but you knows what the hell you're talking about.

Constructive_Feedback said...


It matters less that YOU don't know what I am talking about than it does that the forces whose antics I AM MODELING, as I am amazed at their insight on how people like YOU think, KNOW HOW YOU AND MILLIONS OF OTHERS THINK.

The brilliance of compelling a nation full of people who originally looked to politics to MAKE THEIR LIVES BETTER THROUGH STRUCTURAL CHANGE, only to now have it turn into a TEAM FIGHT in which a particular community can be lured into a perpetual chase after "Confederates", "Conservetards", "Capitalists" and "Christian Fundamentalists" - riled up by the notions of some VICTORY being had as Saul Allensky practices of slander, mockery and indictment channeled through the propaganda media - ALLOW THEM TO JUSTIFY their perpetual compromise of their own INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY - walking past the dead bodies, schools that are inadequately preparing their young but which represent an AGGREGATION OF THE IGNORANCE, HEDONISM AND HATRED that the adults failed to manage in their children's formative years, and the economic misalignment in which, despite the fact that their communities are PREGNANT WITH HARD VALUABLES as well as American fiat currency that comes in many forms - they would rather be appeased by tales of "Black Wall Street - 1919" in which a "Black Man Had No Right That A White Man Need Respect".

This all sets up the clear observation that the logoed propagandists shown KNOW TO BE TRUE:



On the matter of a Calculus 301 text book - Indeed YOU might not understand, attesting to YOUR "bandwidth" but the true test of the VERACITY OF THE CONTENTS OF THE BOOK - it to look past the large mathematical symbols that the publisher prints in ALL CAPS and instead to determine how accurately this CALCULUS TEXT makes a model of the NATURAL WORLD around it.

(Then ask CNu -'How have the Conservetards shaped modern day Balitmore, St Louis and East St Louis - and based upon that limited proportional impact WHY does his content generate so little critical analysis from the "CIRCLE OF WISE MEN WITH BAD BREATH"?)

CNu said...

Bro. Feed, it DOES matter whether cats like Rohan can parse your idiosyncratic coinages. Why? If for no other reason than to obtain the benefit of your antic modelling. unless of course, Constructive Feedback University is purely a vanity project.

Let me sum this up for you. Black folk in America have never proceeded beyond the potemkin village stage of collective development (using the image you provided in your comment) - the lost classic Black Bourgeoisie will underscore that fact for you, and the misplaced sifting of ashes over Lincoln Heights Ohio at Bro. Makheru's spot will do the same
"Lincoln Heights, Ohio, once had the potential to become a thriving community, but today it’s in crisis. This is no accident." Alana Semuels, The Atlantic If you're honest in your analysis, this fact will alter your entire underlying calculus.

The simple fact of the matter is that THERE ARE NO "BLACK AMERICAN INSTITUTIONAL STANDARDS once this is accepted and understood as a matter of fact, that the history of black folks in America did not allow for the formation of a substantive mercantile middle class, that all we've ever had is a pretentious empty suit (Potemkin Village) - then on that basis - one can begin to formulate an approach toward political economic amelioration.

So here it is in a nutshell. We've got to integrate the hell out of this beast by any means necessary. For your part, knock yourself out with your bibtard/conservatard patrons. If they like you and you like them, more power to you. As for me, I'm on good terms with my more scientifically-oriented and pleasure-seeking patrons. Barack Obama integrated the White House, and that trumps any of the little, local victories either you or I might seek or can claim.

CNu said...

Don't start none, won't be none. (Then ask CNu -'How have the Conservetards shaped modern day
Balitmore, St Louis and East St Louis - and based upon that limited
proportional impact WHY does his content generate so little critical
analysis from the "CIRCLE OF WISE MEN WITH BAD BREATH"?)is a losing proposition for you all-day-long. Not even you believe you have a prayer of surviving and thriving in an all-out monkey house extravaganza.


Curb the addictive limbic urges and engage the pre-frontal cortical controls. Subrealism is school for you. Accept no substitutes.

Vic78 said...

You're being deliberately obtuse. My question was simple and the answer would be simple and straightforward. I murdered your bullshit blog postings on this site last year with simple straightforward statements and easily digested facts. The question was about proving President Obama's demagoguery. It's a fair question in a post about leadership. I even asked the question related to the definition you gave. You decide to go on about some shit about the congregation and then you went into your whack ass blog postings(I told you about that). Then, you go on making shit up.

Man, get your act together. The real reason you write these long ass postings is to cover up how shallow you are. What you're saying has been said before by people much sharper than you.

And another thing, assume that everyone posting here is grown. Nobody needs your approval. And I don't know why you've chosen to pick on me. I've been nice so far.

Constructive_Feedback said...

My Good Man, CNu:

I think there is a pattern brewing that you appear to be expressing YOUR WANTS for (BETUncut, Rohan and [See Below] Vic78) to have 'Kicked My Ass' with their rebuttals to my analysis.

But you never ask yourself: "WHY IS C.S. A THREAT THAT NEEDS TO BE 'ASS KICKED' ?"

What is it that I am threatening to destroy that seems to be moving along?

Do I reveal myself as a.............................
* Secret Black Republican?
* An Anti-Black Black Man?
* A Pro-Slavery Confederate?

There is SOMETHING about my area of focus that is troublesome. The various claims that "I Do Not Understand Your Writing" belies the REACTION to it in certain quarters.

Here are two questions that I need for you to answer, Brother CNu

1) ConFeed's Notion That "There Is A Black Community", That He CLAIMS To Want To Improve By - HIS Claimed Effort To 'Remove The Power Of American Politics To Molest The 'Artificial Horizon' From Which Black Americans Navigate From Is A Problematic ARTIFICIAL CONSTRUCT Because ___________________________________________________________________

2) I Requested That ConFeed Join My LinkedIn Network, Stating That We Should Have 'Back Channel Communications' Beyond 'Blogging' Because My Intention Was To__________________________

Constructive_Feedback said...


I have no control over your belief that YOU and others are "Much Smarter Than Me". I did not know that we were in competition. (Must be tweaking upon some insecurity in you. But I digress).

Do you notice that even though I TOLD YOU that "I AIN'T LOOKING AT PRESIDENT OBAMA ON THE STAGE!!!!". I am looking at the CONGREGATION WHO IS LOOKING UPON THE STAGE and how THEY ARE WILLING TO COMPROMISE THEIR "INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY" under the spell of the PROPAGANDA MEDIA which says that "Obama Is The Most Threatened President In History And The Most Insulted President In History" and from this THEY ARE PROVIDED WITH THE GROUNDS TO JUSTIFY THEIR COMPROMISE - No different than a "Nation At War" , constantly compelled to put their VALUABLES INTO WAR BONDS.

But let us go back to the radiation that I am detecting from you. (Psychology, Not Politics).
For some reason it is important for YOU that we keep this conversation on the "Corruption Found Within The Obama Administration".

When I DARE to counter with my "Congregation In The Sanctuary" and "Black/Progressive Media working the Church Audio/Visual System" - you are desperate in NOT HAVING "THE MAN BEHIND THE LONG CURTAIN EXPOSED" as I place my hand upon the curtain.

I must wonder why it is that I am such a threat to you that you speak in terms of beating down my blog posts:
* It's a fair question in a post about leadership.
* Nobody needs your approval. And I don't know why you've chosen to pick on me
[You have no idea how much I have read into these two lines directly quoted from you]

I speak of "INVESTMENTS that turn into DEVELOPMENT" (Return On Investment)

My version of "Picking On You" is drawn from your reference to "Bill O'Reilly's Sexual Abuse Victim". You have to admit that it is quite strange for someone to know the name of such an obscure person UNLESS he traffics in media sources that are doing "Opposition Research".

FOR ME - the issue is NOT that you obviously traffic into research on perceived ADVERSARIES TO OBAMA / DEMOCRATS - but NOT ONE DAMNED TIME have I heard you speak from the construct that BLACK AMERICANS WHO POSSESS THE HOPE FOR A BETTER FUTURE have thus far INVESTED THE MAJORITY OF THEIR 'VALUABLES' INTO AMERICAN POLITICS, and as you look at the RESULTS and compare the TIME the AMOUNT OF INVESTMENT and the APPARATUS (Black Racial Services Machine) that is orchestrating the NARRATIVE THAT FOMENTS this effect - I SEE NOTHING from you that speaks of a "BLACKNESS" that not only is SEPARATE AND DISTINCT FROM AMERICAN POLITICS - but which MUST BE DELIBERATELY KEPT OUTSIDE OF POLITICS lest the PEOPLE have their "BLACK EXISTENTIALISM" manipulated.

TWO POINTS about "My Day"

1) I saw a FB video of the group "X-Clan" that spoke of "African-Centrism".
Either they are a Halloween mockery of today's truth as they try to draw upon history to create an imagery OR their attempt to draw a "Counter-Cultural" reference of "Africa" to run against American Consumer Culture (Do not assume this is a criticism or endorsement on my part)

2) I had lunch with a REAL AFRICAN who is visiting and I took him on a tour of the portion of Northwest and Southwest Atlanta that hovers upon the dividing line of I-20. Prior to that we had a conversation in which I asked him a question with 3 diminsions:

* What is the African view of "Black Americans", "President Obama" and the "US Government"?

As he exited my car he said "Thank you brother. NO OTHER BLACK AMERICAN would have level set THE TRUTH about the Black Americans as you have".

I plan a detailed post about my experiences with his brother on my "Shallow Blog"

Constructive_Feedback said...

Indeed Sir.
I realize that you are still salty because I noted that your 'Pan-African" blog focuses more on Travon/Mike and Eric than it does about the present crisis with African Migrants as well as political upheaval in Burundi and Burkina Faso.

In your blindness you attempt to lump ME in with "BigDonOne" and "White Girl Bleed" as they argue that Black people are GENETICALLY predisposed to VIOLENCE.

FOR ME - I argue that this is the result of "Political Sharecropping" which steals the institutional governance that should be delivering a PURPOSE as the best CONFLICT RESOLUTION strategy.

I bring the VOICE of the "Black Woman Seen Crying On The Television News" NOT to mock her but to show that she is equally as important to the "Black Lives Matter" selective martyr.

CNu said...

You're right Feed. What was I thinking. That connection is now removed. Merciless ass-kicking will commence directly and in person..

makheru bradley said...

I'm not salty at all Bro. Feed. There is a lot of money to be made denigrating Afrikan people. You are not giving a voice to anyone. Voice includes socio-historical, socio-political, socioeconomic context. You are exploiting their images to push your agenda. At least Trick Daddy offered some context: