Sunday, July 26, 2015

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Listen, Little Man

WaPo |  Repeatedly, it’s a dynamic that has shown itself to be monstrous as the cameras are rolling. The Bland arrest happened at a moment when American policing seems too often unhinged. And the ability to alter or take people’s lives rests in the hands of officers who, when confronted in a job that requires a deft touch for de-escalation, seem criminally unable to get a hold of themselves. 

I’m the po-lice! I can do anything I want. You’re nobody deserving of a more thoughtful interaction. And there’s no societal pressure or apparently internal or human code that calls me to treat you the way I’d want somebody to treat my mother or sister or daughter. Even if I’m asking you, you don’t get to admit to a range of emotions, including, irritation — your job is to endure, or just serve up some of that forgiveness because we can’t get enough of that. 

I wish Bland had put out that cigarette. Then maybe she wouldn’t have sat in jail. Because these are the margins of life — everybody’s life and, Lord knows, black life — when you’re dealing with the police. 


ken said...

Believing there is a Creator puts me in the realm of stupid and having a God. However from this stupid side of things I have noticed humans smart and stupid can now say they created life:

Of course we are quite knowledgeable in knowing that life did develop accidentally and it came from non living material. It looks like we accomplished the accidental equation for the very simplest bacteria on earth by copying its equation and then modifying it. The pioneer scientist have been chasing this goal for 15 years and have finally accomplished it.

"First they sequenced the genetic code of Mycoplasma genitalium, the world's smallest bacteria that lives in cattle and goats, and stored the information on a computer. Then they used the computer code to artificially reproduce the DNA in the laboratory, slightly modifying it with a "watermark" so it was distinguishable from the original natural one. Finally they developed a technique of stripping bacteria cells of all original DNA and substituting it with the new artificial code.
The resulting "synthetic cell" was then "rebooted" and it started to replicate. The ability to reproduce or replicate is considered the basic definition of life."

This is a great accomplishment by man, clearly, and no doubt its going to have amazing results for the future. But for the stupid humans under God, I can't help but wonder how amazing accidents and randomness must be to a world we do today. The door opened as to how we can purposed uses for synthetic life can be great, but each use and purpose will have to be engineered and manipulated perfectly for it to perform and from an intelligent design standpoint it could take years for the next purpose of a synthetic life of the very basic of basic life forms.

Imagine the power of randomness and the eternity of time to design such world like this where so many things seem to have purpose to keep this world suitable for life; the sun, the moon, tides, winds, water vapor, plants trees, animals, minerals, from the big to the very small, most of it serving a purpose to sustain life. I get the excitement of the scientist, they created a life, no matter how basic and small, we see the potential and its possible purposes. Before this point we have never granted life, we have only had the ability to kill it, and likely that's still will be mostly are ability, but these scientist have done something that until now has only been down by time and chance.

CNu said...

Believing there is a Creator puts me in the realm of stupid

Nope. Defining the creator in conspicuously stupid terms and accepting the Johnny-come-lately authority of and asserting the arbitrary political moral flailings of feeble-minded and manipulative men - puts you in the realm of the submissive, suggestible, and _______________.

As for the rest, SNIPPED save the pseudo-philosophical gibberish for someone simple enough to be brought up short by rhetorical antics. hint:I'm not that one

Be careful Ken. You keep effing around here, and I guarantee your faith will be shaken. Heaven forbid I decide to make a road trip up to the twin cities and come visit the nest of serpents pharisees you consider your elders and betters and crush them like the insects your subsidiary antics have shown them to be. (^;

ken said...

I am rather certain you coming to my church and creating a ruckus or even shooting it up like was done recently at another church wouldn't shake my faith. That said we don't have the hierarchy at our church like you come to expect to where we place elders or ministers above others in the church. I am not sure we think in terms of betters or lowers. Also my church is very non political, yes I know we have contributed to pro life ministries and I am sure they would come down on the side that choosing life is better for the mother and the mother's child, but wouldn't be one to try to change political laws. My church doesn't have any inkling or influence on what I write here or anywhere, I have no idea if half the church would agree or disagree or what they would think.

We don't believe we are going to bring heaven here on earth, or we will take over government and open the gates to bring God's will on earth. It's pretty clear Biblically its not going to happen. The world is going to go further from the will of God, the gate is wide on its way to destruction, like you believe there is going to be plenty of death, poverty, and I will add depravity. The difference between you and me about these events is why they will happen. So collectively our church does not consider changing laws to reflect our morals is a good use of our time given.

So when I see all these talk of dominionist I just can't believe a majority of Christianity think this way. We all know what it says in Matthew 24:

Or in Revelation 9:

"But the rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands, that they should not worship demons, and idols of gold, silver, brass, stone, and wood, which can neither see nor hear nor walk. And they did not repent of their murders or their sorceries[b] or their sexual immorality or their thefts."

We all understand even faced with death and destruction brought on by the works of God Himself this will not have mankind repenting, how can we expect a Christian government of force to do any better?

Biblically there is no scripture to interpret that some how Christians are going to usher in a Christian government for God. The world is going to hell we know that, by the way you talk (I understand your view of what hell might look like is not mine) and what I already know, the world is going to hell, no Christian government movement is going to change that reality, and if a Christian government by force happens it will be part of that journey the world takes to hell. I believe the majority of Christians know and understand this.

So all your talk of asserting moral authority or political moral authority, or whatever else you use, isn't the thought process at all. At least in a majority of churches. You have selected a slim section of Christian thinking and projected this to all Christianity.

Now as for your threatened road trip, some day I am sure we will meet, I suspect it will be much friendlier than we, or you like to have it look here, I admit I have probably commented too much lately, perhaps when you guys talked how the tards don't talk when certain subjects come up on that TD Jakes thread I commented a little much since then, so we'll cut the frequency on this end.

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