Tuesday, July 21, 2015

angry negresses will only accept the blackest bish if she gets N-1 industrial sponsorship...,

pimppreacher |  Rachel should look and learn. As black as she thinks she is because the “dues” she thinks she’s paid by attending a HBCU, studying Black culture and history and becoming a Black woman subject matter expert in her mind is just more insult to injury and is dismissed by us. No, she still lacks one facet of negro culture that is essential for her to be let into the club: The Black Church. Politicians know this and so do Corporations which is why you see more and more corporate sponsors of church events. All this studying of black culture and one would think Rachel would have gone this route already by getting a black pastor sponsor. If she wants to make it, a black pastor sponsor is a MUST. That said, due to her DEFCON-5 Level of transgression with black women, it is going to take someone really powerful to wash all her sins away. The only one with this much domination and influence with black women is the Kingpin of the Black Church itself: TD Jakes.  

Yes, if Rachel somehow got mentored and counseled by TD Jakes, she would be redeemed. She could “church” with us and eventually get promoted to Armor Bearer or First Assistant. He could help her get her black hair care beauty line to be picked up at Target. The invitations to speak would begin pouring in again, and women everywhere would come hear her testify of how God brought her a mighty long way. She will never really repent, but we won’t care. All that matters is that she has learned how to preach and can make hair weave references in her messages for added humor. Then she would meet the criteria to be a panelist speaker for Mega Fest because she has been Jakes-Redeemed. Once you are Jakes-Redeemed, you become Teflon. This Jakes-Redemption is a Willy-Wonka Golden Ticket to write her own path.  

Why do you say this Ms. Justice? Well because there are so many others that are under this protection and no one is able to touch them. Who I say? Well let’s see, there’s Oprah Winfrey who also needed Jakes-Redemption so her own spirituality can be finally validated. It doesn’t matter if Oprah has or has not accepted the salvation of Jesus Christ. 

Look at Tyler Perry. Tyler, also very wealthy, needed Jakes-Redemption and protection to steer rumors away about his sexuality. And if he were to have a Bruce Jenner moment of courage in the future, the Teflon Jacket he got with his Jakes-Redemption Packet (please see his $1 million dollar donation at the last MegaFest), would still keep him from any condemnation or loss of revenue because of it. 


CNu said...

OH SNAP!!! Ole girl had fallen far enough down the memory hole that I plumb forgot that dimension of her struggles, my bad. That makes the author Ms. Justice a delightfully twisted little piece of work, cause she's coming at it from precisely that dimension. That said, you notice yet how scarce the Tard Squad becomes when the subject of Tard-hustling is in the cross-hairs?

Folks who ordinarily got 10,000 vigorously argumentative words to say on any given subject, get quieter than church-mice when the topic is the rank, stank, and dank dimensions of their favorite pastime...,

Vic78 said...

Lol@ Tard Squad. Yes, I noticed that. I remember seeing zero comments on those topics. So I'm guessing that "if I don't say nothin' it'll go away by tomorrow." Same cats assume the moral high ground on any given subject. I'd be surprised if the Tard Squad said anything on this post.

Vic78 said...

Another thing I noticed; I peeped how twisted Jakes is. I listened to as much of his bullshit I could tolerate. Why is it that the only time women were named in Matthew was when there was some scandal involved? Judah paid his daughter in law for some pussy. King David killed one of his top 30 troops for Bathsheba. Ruth was from Moab. I figured that one could use that against the faith.

CNu said...

The coldest pimping in the world. Accept no muhphuggin substitutes....,

Now brace yourself for the anti-Jakes. Seriously brah, this material requires a cast-iron stomach - reader discretion is advised. http://nymag.com/thecut/2015/07/what-open-marriage-taught-one-man-about-feminism.html

Vic78 said...

As long as he's happy...

CNu said...

oh, oh, oh hail gnaw....,

Vic78 said...

That's a cold pic. How do people fall for whatever it was that cat fell for? It'd be difficult for me to see him without laughing or trying to bang his wife.

CNu said...

We opened a bottle of wine and started talking, and talking, and talking.

lol, the anti-Jakes https://youtu.be/O15nN1Uo3GE

ken said...

I am making the assumption you would include me in this "Tard Squad".

Do you feel you should stand up and defend every time BD links to a black gangster activity or a black criminal or everytime BD displays a black person in a bad light. In fact I have seen you right ask, what does this have to do with me?

Your consideration as to why any should feel compelled to say something for TD Jakes or any other person who mentions God who you find fault is on parallel with BD's assumption that finding a negative black element should somehow be identified with you or has some significance to the proof of the more global of argument of the existence of God.

As for TD Jakes I have only watched him on TV on some sort of relationship show he had recently. And watched and waited as the various men described there relationships and when they should have sex and how they should choose a woman and all the various aspects of typical bar and single scenes and modern dating and sex. Not once through the whole show was there any indication Jakes was going to supply any influence of what Christian or Biblical perspective of dating or a relationship would look like. I kept watching the show waiting to see if it would ever happen. He never did. He only was able to give little proverbs of talking positively or having respect for yourself and loving yourself and this will give you the ability to respect and love others.

I was disappointed he couldn't supply a perspective even with the five guys who were there expecting him to supply a Biblical Christian perspective.

As for your implication that watching those who sell Christianity as a product as a favorite pastime, well maybe this is why nobody;s talking, maybe none of the people you're projecting this on to come close to doing this. Maybe you just made a straw man argument that nobody feels applies to them. Maybe you and BD are two peas in a pod. Perhaps pointing out the Christian product salesman's flaw isn't controversial. But just to be clear, it really doesn't prove anything about the existence of God or what his character might be.

Vic78 said...

I'm fucking proud of you, man. It's not about me agreeing or disagreeing; you responded to this post about xtian frauds.

CNu said...

Your consideration as to why any should feel compelled to say something
for TD Jakes or any other person who mentions God who you find fault is
on parallel with BD's assumption that finding a negative black element
should somehow be identified with you or has some significance to the
proof of the more global of argument of the existence of God.

lol, Vic was much too quick with the "attaboy Ken!"

I have called for the suspension of due process and summary execution of every verified tier 1 and tier 2 criminal element in the U.S.

And I embrace the return of open carry inclusive of edged weapons, because police have shown themselves insufficient to the musical chairs task at hand, and while my hands are still quick, my aim true, arms strong, and my resolve sharp, there's a whole bunch of riff-raff that's gotta go, gotta go, gotta go...,

Do you similarly advocate for the summary execution of apostates and grifters who prey on N-1 softheads in the name of Christianity? Having personally participated in the national scale shaming and takedown of a formerly prominent televangelist, I'd happily get on board with the serious business of a renewed Inquisition.

What say you Ken? cue crickets...., I'm expecting the same notsee garbage I got when calling for the repudiation of racists by and within the GOP. But the fundamental principle at work here is "when you lay down with dogs"...,

BigDonOne said...

"...or everytime BD displays a black person in a bad light...."
For the record, if that was BD's only goal, there are plenty of other sites that do the routine day-to-day 75 dysfunction reporting (e.g., SPBDL, AR, The Thug Report, Diversity is Chaos, etc). What brought BD to Subrealism in the beginning, circa 2008, was it came up in a search for sites that were dissing 160s and blaming 75 on 400 years of slavery, rather than on the true cause which is Defective Genetics. It is obvious from some of the comments here that many Black_+3sigmas don't comprehend that.

BD provides fairness and balance and Truth, generally citing only the most outrageous75 reports, those minus-three-Sigma situations that reveal and emphasize the truth. Such as this choice one the other day that got deleted in short order ---> http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/zimbabwe/11737095/Zimbabwe-to-hand-back-land-to-some-white-farmers.html

ken said...

Yes I agree you have responded this way to BD and even beyond what I would be on board with at any time. In fact there was times on other sites you might have even been mistaken for BD, you didn't talk of the 75% but still pretty close otherwise. So I would say I should say I was wrong in your response to BD.


So yes I stand corrected.

I think in this case there is clear instruction for Christians on what should be done with the Christian product salesman. Although we can look at the leader and see his flaws and selfishness and wrong teaching and basic lack preaching and following Christ, there a many who do get motivated and seek Christ and do good works, even the preacher's ministry does good works. So from a Christian Biblical perspective, what are you to do.

To me the parable of the wheat and tares seems to address pretty clearly.


I would expect any leader would come under the law of the land for abuse or tax evasion or any other fraudulent activity.

CNu said...

lol, I hope you got to drink a lot of wine and do a lot of talking to come up with that spineless response to my simple and direct prescription for taking out the trash what makes it hard for folk with sincere Christian aspirations and what makes it especially hard for the least of these who also tend to be the most credulous and superstitious of these, or as BD would have it, N-1.

ken said...

The "simple and direct" prescription doesn't follow any Biblical teaching. You are asking a Christian what should be done with those who are not acting in accordance with Christian teaching. I gave you what I interpreted to be the answer according to the Christian literature we use. The wheat and tares parable seems to have the elements present for the cases you brought to question.

Now there is other scripture that might be useful, but I took those as more congregational guidance in a setting where there is a more intimate understanding of the person's activities and character.

CNu said...

Weasel words..., if my "daddy in the pulpit" doesn't specifically tell me what to do, then I'm at a complete loss to exercise virtuous discretion and will. Pathetic.

ken said...

My, how little we think. You're having a problem with professed Christians manipulating and others and not following what you perceive Christian teaching is and using his position for personal gain. You wish to call on what might be sincere Christians to also leave Christian teaching to bring judgment on the manipulators. Who then are the sincere Christians after that exercise?

It is true I do believe I have a Father who I trust will bring justice in his own time, Who has said that vengeance is His, and I am told to leave room for His wrath. That many times is going to have a totally different perspective than your atheist perspective, I suspect you don't really understand how much different the world view is for someone who believes in a Creator compared to someone who will consider all other possible options for existence except God.

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