Wednesday, July 08, 2015

faux news claims anti-brutality protestors are the cultural brothers and sisters of terrorist dylan roof

salon |  In another segment, Doocy — who earlier noted that flag-burning is protected speech — asked Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. whether flag-burning is protected speech. “Burning the flag is protected by the Constitution,” Johnson said, “but there are laws in New York that say you can’t be burning stuff without a permit, and certainly not in a park.”

“This group, Disarm NYPD, is the essence of anarchist values that seek to destroy this country,” Johnson continued, apropos of nothing. “‘But Peter,’ people say, ‘you wear a flag pin and are on Fox News.’ These folks are the cultural cousins, the cultural brothers and sisters and that maniac racist murderer in Charleston, South Carolina, who decided that he was going to burn the flag and show it on social media.”

“There’s little difference between they propose to do and what he did,” Johnson added, apparently forgetting that Dylann Roof also murdered nine people. “They’re on different ends of the same continuum of crazy, demented, un-American behavior that we all need to condemn.”

In yet another segment, Brian Kilmeade spoke to Fox News Medical A Team’s psychiatrist Keith Ablow, who blamed the Disarm NYPD protest on President Barack Obama.

“These folks have been led down the wrong path by a president, a former attorney general, and a mayor of New York City, who encourage people to hate others, who encourage people not to see in this country the evolving story of tolerance and brotherhood, but instead to see in history elements that were ugly,” he said. “When you elect a president who attended a church with a pastor tells people America’s reprehensible and people vote for him anyhow because he has a nice smile, this is what happens — you fracture your culture.”


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