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skip gates on afro-cubans worse than david brooks on tahnussy coates....,

theroot |  As much as I love Professor Gates and ALL that he has and continues to do to reveal the true state of affairs and the imbalances that are yet to be addressed by the U.S. in particular, I was a bit disappointed in the article.  The article seems to suggest that there is a place on earth where the poison of racism has been or could be eradicated!  To reiterate the sentiments of 'Haile Selassie' on this forum, THIS CANCER has infected the WORLD.

With all the best intentions the Cuban Government could only do its best to encourage equality.  The white scourge of Cuba that fled to Florida/the U.S. were the ones upholding racism and oppressing blacks - period.  The fact that where the money flowed, the status quo was bound to remain unchanged does not require a leap in comprehension.  In similar fashion, despite the efforts of many political parties to open education to lower income folks i.e. blacks, the status quo of "white moneyed-power" remains the same throughout the West Indies.  Indeed, this is the situation with America and the climb for blacks out of poverty remains a steep hill.

The above struggle of blacks to deal with all they have been subjected to from the original crossing to-date, is clearly demonstrated by Prof. Gates's own "Many Rivers To Cross" documentary.  Thus I am surprised the article does not appear to have taken into account the effect of such oppression on future generations.  Worse than just the racism that was in play before the economic collapse in Cuba, the economic collapse itself would be much more devastating to the blacks already at the bottom of the economic rung.  In addition, the logic in the slaveholders' strategy to withhold education from their slaves, is inescapable.  How could the slaves seize the reins of power without knowledge? Therefore, lack of empowerment of blacks was almost sealed from nation to nation. 

I have travelled several times to Cuba but never used the tourist package.  Instead I was honoured to be hosted by a family in Havana, the couple Alex and Conchita with their wonderful WELL-EDUCATED, eleven-year old son.  Yes, the downside included flies, the inability to even purchase bare necessities (and things appeared to have gotten worse after 2008 as well; perhaps less money in circulation due to the U.S.A's own economic woes?), etc., etc but the love and friendliness I experienced, I had not found on any of my other travels except maybe, in Panama.  Alex and Conchita's son could speak fluently three languages, Spanish (of course), English and Italian!  Plus he stumbled through some conversational French.  He could also play the piano.  They were brown-skinned, their neighbour had a white complexion.  They had grown up in Havana and white or brown were very good friends.  I was truly impressed by the comraderie.

It is fortunate that due to less overt racism, the dark Cubans aren't as persecuted as black Americans.  IMO if America had not helped to suffocate the Cuban economy, there would have been a good chance of lifting the darker Cuban farther up the educational ladder and thereby ensuring access to positions of power.  ALL Cubans are definitely more accepting of people of different complexions - what with half of Africa, Germans and Italians inundating the Island every year - than are Americans.  One of my most horrible experiences was in MIAMI when my BLACK wife was almost refused service.  They don't look at your mixed complexion children and ask if the BLACK one is adopted for instance! Cubans are so mixed that they are accustomed to dark-complexioned people with green eyes, or three children of the same parentage looking different to each other.  Despite, continuous mixing of races in America, you still get these ignoramuses asking these intrusively rude questions. 

Another overlooked fact is that MOST of the impoverished Caribbean and Latin America look to SPORTS to lift them out of poverty.  Not just because the Cuban Government used sports to give its populace a means of validation but because it is general knowledge that the Americans are batsh*t crazy about sports.  American sports scouts traverse Latin America and the Caribbean particularly.  Cubans know that if they could get to say, Santo Domingo, they might get recruited.  There are groups that review and broadcast scoring stats to U.S. scouts.  The fact is NO HUMAN wants to live in POVERTY and the good ole U.S.A. ensured that Cuba would be punished for ejecting its racist, criminal overlords.  Despite the embargo, Cuba managed to educate its population. People from other Caribbean Islands go to Cuba for its medical advantages.  Cuba offers the opportunity to study medicine for almost free, on the condition that you return to your country and serve your people.


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