Friday, July 24, 2015

charisma, capital, tax exemption - key ingredients of the spread of uhmurkan wahabism...,

WaPo |  Inside the gigantic Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul, South Korea, international flags decorate the walls. They are supposed to show that the house of worship accommodates more than an ordinary church – it is the world's largest megachurch.

With more than 800,000 members, the Seoul-based community is at the forefront of a global phenomenon. Often located in stadium-like venues, these churches attract at least 2,000 believers every week, and can grow to attract tens of thousands of people. And while the United States may have started the trend, the future of megachurches may lie in the rest of the world.

Based on data from the Hartford Institute for Religion Research and from the Christian nonprofit organization Leadership Network, WorldViews visualized this global and diverse movement. We used the most common definition of megachurches, which describes them as having "2,000 or more persons in attendance at weekly worship, a charismatic, authoritative senior minister, a 7 day a week community," and other features which you can find in detail here.

Why global megachurches are bigger than U.S. megachurches
Despite American roots that reach back to the 19th century, megachurches abroad now have a higher average attendance, even though the vast majority of megachurches are still in the United States. While there are 230 to 500 such churches elsewhere in the world, the Hartford Institute estimates that there are about three times more megachurches in the United States.


BigDonOne said...

RE: Abortion -- BD has mentioned before that a worthy solution is to license parenthood. After all, any other activity that potentially does serious damage to society, if done improperly, requires a license or certifying credential: driving, pilot a plane, doctor, dentist, optometrist, lawyer, accountant, teacher, etc. Need to confirm qualifications: married, means to support, stable situation, IQthreshhold, Violators will be sterilized, castrated and/or clitoredectomized.... BWOL will not be tolerated.

CNu said...

I'll see your parenting license and raise you a mate selection test. If your combined genetic material doesn't yield largely defect free offspring mosaics, you suffer the same penalties as if you violated the parenting license. If on the other hand, you pass muster for both viable and desirable mate selection, as well as status and solvency sufficient to qualify for parenting - then you can receive some complementary CRISPR edits to enhance the natural gifts you would bestow on your offspring.

ken said...

I suspect though we are not going to be able terminate the 6 billion people with the scare that we don't have the energy to sustain them, if half of what this author says is true.

makheru bradley said...

"Tehran, Beijing, Moscow, Islamabad, and New Delhi have been actively establishing interlocking security guarantees." Wow! Historical enemies India and Pakistan in an interlocking security agreement. Wow!

[Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the expansion of the SCO should serve a "springboard" for the organization to become one of the most dynamic in the world. "The time has come to reach out across the region," Modi said. "We have everything we need to succeed." Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said: "President Putin's efforts will enhance the political and economic scope of the Eurasian belt." The two leaders agreed in a separate meeting in Ufa that Modi would visit Pakistan next year.] Now we see why Vladimir saved Obama from his stupid Syrian redline in 2013. Zbig must be defecating bricks--no pun intended.

Asante for this post Bro. Nulan

CNu said...

The mere fact that you would bring this correspondence college hack to a Royal Society soiree - disqualifies you from further consideration. Further, there's no "we" in that termination order. Rather, you non-productive and unprofitable consumers will simply have to be culled. So many plausibly deniable ways to bring that about, and you're already conditioned to accept and to propagate whatever narrative those in authority furnish you. Why, I'd hazard the guess that you and yours will be convinced that what kills you is the rapturous judgement of gawd.

CNu said...

Glad to be of service Bro. Makheru.

ken said...

Neat school, except we have already been over this before. By 1970 black were already around 40% out of wedlock, so for this group, the statistics show out of wedlock children will in greater numbers be single parents. We would expect the next generation of blacks to have more out of wedlock children regardless of jobs in the 70's. The group of interest is the whites in this case. They were at 6% by 1970 and with the addition of more open sex and the tool of abortion to make it safer and reduce out of wedlock birth, the out of wedlock birthrate multiplied by 4 times to 25% by 1995. And now like blacks with the 25% about the same out of wedlock growth to 36% with the offspring of the single parent, like the blacks that grew from 40% to 70%.

Even with the "great power" the abortion tool is to prevent out of wedlock births it is very possible we could see whites going over 50 to 70% out of wedlock birthrate in the next generation.

BigDonOne said...

@Ken -- "when abortion became legal, damage control kicked in and out of wedlock births began to rise?"
No, no, no...That happened because The [1960's] Great Society began to *pay* the irresponsible to reproduce. Group75z with the genetically lowest FTOiq became the most prolific....

CNu said...

Neat school, except we have already been over this before.

I make no claims to service the special needs demographic - and some of you are simply ineducable.

Your inability to understand surplus labor and the social pathologies that attend thereto, coupled with your conditioned fantasy that this is a moral decline - rather than a sustained economic contraction - has rendered you rationally unreachable.

Even with the "great power" the abortion tool

There is no great power of the abortion tool. Tards have fought legalized abortion tooth and nail since Roe vs. Wade, because you're caught up in your idiot fantasy that human life begins at conception and you're hell bent on the violent imposition of that idiot fantasy to the detriment of women everywhere - and - to the children who are born in to unstable environments where they're not wanted and cannot be adequately supported.

I can only imagine how bad off we'd all be if your uhmurkan wahabist handlers had conditioned you to believe that toilet paper is a sin and that people shouldn't wipe their asses.

As for the racetard bookend who's been on the dole for years and years now and begrudges anybody else getting what he gets, well, I've already advocated the policy shift of making men the primary recipient beneficiaries of the dole. That, coupled with safe, inexpensive, highly available pharmaceutical and medical abortion and voila, a great many social pathologies simply and directly solved.

ken said...

Do you think when a woman is pregnant its the money that makes her go through and have the child to get the great state benefits? Although you have equaled this process to dropping waste into a toilet and wiping up after done, I don't think most begin the process of becoming physically and mentally attached to their waste as it begins to fill the intestines like the woman who has "fantasies" human life has begun to grow inside of her. Look at this from one of your favorite sources:

Even before a woman gives birth, pregnancy tinkers with the very structure of her brain, several neurologists told me. After centuries of observing behavioral changes in new mothers, scientists are only recently beginning to definitively link the way a woman acts with what's happening in her prefrontal cortex, midbrain, parietal lobes, and elsewhere. Gray matter becomes more concentrated. Activity increases in regions that control empathy, anxiety, and social interaction. On the most basic level, these changes, prompted by a flood of hormones during pregnancy and in the postpartum period, help attract a new mother to her baby. In other words, those maternal feelings of overwhelming love, fierce protectiveness, and constant worry begin with reactions in the brain.

I personally have never felt attachments described above when wiping the residue off with toilet paper or even when in my time of delivery in the toilet room. So it could be when the woman becomes pregnant these feelings of love and protectiveness and worry about the "fantasy" human in their bodies might have them make decisions beyond money and state benefits and end these motherly feelings of their imaginary developing human might have them attempting to save the "not living" blob rather than vacuuming the pieces . So you're idea of creating potential welfare kings in hopes more woman would struggle over their feelings of love and protection to terminate the fantasy human may end up not happening.

Instead a large percentage of woman will still have the fantasy human baby, and either have to come under the power of the propped up state welfare king, or we'll still give the woman benefits and he king. There is no way anyone is going to say, sorry either stay with the welfare king and get state benefits from him or nothing at all.

But as you have been squirming all this time with my very simple straight forward point, the wisdom that abortions will end poverty by birthing babies that will only be chosen when the situation is right to have one, has not panned out. And it has not panned because of the deliberate process of attempting to tell the masses that discarding of the lifeless blob growing inside of you is nothing more than taking a dump and wiping. And when the masses accept your whopper and then proceed with sexual activity based on the idea if there is a problem, I'll just take a dump.... Suddenly when in the situation, they find themselves with feelings to protect and love the lifeless blob, new factors enter into the decision and next thing you know, because of the deception we have more out of wedlock pregnancy then we did before we had the tool that would enable us to irresponsibly do whatever we wanted and clean it up later.

CNu said...

You probably just need to eat more Chipotle and let that corn-based salsa work it's magic.

But as you have been squirming all this time with my very simple straight forward point,

Ken, you have me confused with someone who gives a conventional damn. You and I passed the ideo-existential point of no return quite some time ago. Amazingly, here you are.

Instead a large percentage of woman will still have the fantasy human baby, and either have to come under the power of the propped up state welfare
king, or we'll still give the woman benefits and he king.

Really? Without a license and without having passed genetic mosaic muster? Sterilization and cliterodectomy, same for the non-compliant male, castration.

As a matter of policy, the cheap, routine abortion for non-procreative sex becomes as routine and pedestrian as the cheap, routine toilet paper in the public restroom. Any questions?

ken said...

However you and the Royalty want to perceive the situation, it appears BP thinks we have 53 years of oil left right now in reserve at current oil usage rates. And they still expect to find more.

BP (ticker BP ) has provided an intriguing update to its global oil reserves estimate in the company's latest yearly review of energy statistics. BP raised its reserve estimate by 1.1% to 1,687.9 billion barrels, which is enough oil to last the world 53.3 years at the current production rates. However, there's likely a lot more oil left in the tank beyond what BP sees today.

Its getting to be a lot of decomposed animals and plants out there to harvest in the form of oil, a whole bunch, it seems much more then our peak oil specialist like your majesty and you expected. I haven't seen you or the majesty talk of this much:

"A variety of different improvements in production are starting to show up at all levels across the industry from small firms to oil majors. Statoil for example recently noted that it is experimenting with different types of sand and chemicals to improve production. And a number of companies have noted that they are moving from drilling wells one at a time, on an ad hoc basis, to drilling multiple wells at once. GE Oil & Gas has produced variable-use pumps that can be turned on and off in order to save energy versus the previous 24-hour a day operation cycle.

The end result of these actions is that per-barrel costs of oil have fallen to around $60 today versus $75 a year ago according to Citi analysts. And executives from oil companies are now forecasting that per barrel prices could fall to $50 or less before long. America has not yet lost the price war."

--and finally the article ends..."So what is the combined result of all these efficiency improvements? Liberty says it will still make money even with oil at $50 a barrel. And the firm expects costs to keep falling as oil service companies become more efficient and lower their own prices. At these prices and efficiency levels, US production becomes competitive with virtually any other oil source. And if efficiency gains continue at this pace, the US may weather the onslaught of Saudi oil much better than many expected."

I suspect if I were to check the archives of your writings I think I would find that you link energy shortage to economic contraction. If it turns out there is no energy shortage then what you considered the main economic contraction motivator isn't there.

CNu said...

No booboo..., the magic lever is EROEI. Money after all, is only a symbol for energy. As it costs more to extract post-peak "liquids", those costs are passed along to all you uselessly consuming renters. Get it now?

I suspect if I were to check the archives of your writings I think I would find that you link energy shortage to economic contraction.

What you'll find is a link drawn between ERORI and net available energy and economic contraction. Please, I insist that you make every effort on this front. You might even learn something in the process. At least if you're not just addictively slapping the keyboard pursuant to arguing for argument's sake -

Not to make too strong of a point of it, but the thought of 53 years of the tardsquad uselessly burning up irreplaceable natural material resources only just to mill about and stay warm is more than a little vexing. See, I'd much rather those resources be applied to crossing certain species-critical thresholds which have no bearing on tardbidnis.

For example, I'd like to see and a host of other species-crucial projects that aren't for you - at the very least - I'd like to see these projects initiated during my lifetime. If technology is not the limiting factor, and I believe that to be the case, then the primary limiting factor is deuterostems who've outlived and overshot their evolutionary usefulness.

To the extent that bible-thumbing and gum-whooping deuterostems are the primary obstacle standing in the way of a minimal regret population's future prospects, then it's increasingly imperative that that obstacle be eliminated. Fighting for the future is perhaps the only perfectly moral imperative.

American Elites Begin Acknowledging America's Decline...,

This month has seen a bevy of new thinkpieces from top American deepstate figures or old-guard publications urging the changing of course,...