Tuesday, August 19, 2014

the reality evasion and normotic denial battleships just got sunk...,


Vic78 said...

It looks as if they'll be kindly disposed toward Black Americans from reading the article. They really don't care too much for the US' phoniness when it comes to race. The US is always telling other countries to clean up their act. Well, now the rest of the world is taking an opportunity to throw rocks at the US. It's really that simple.

Constructive_Feedback said...

The article published in Germany (which I assume used an American writer) made reference to Mychel Denzel Smith (The Nation mag) and LZ Granderson (CNN). CLEARLY the author went hard for "credibility and 'Black authenticity.

The he pointed to three dead Blacks
1) Michael Brown
2) Eric Garner
3) John Crawford who had a toy gun in a Walmart

CLEARLY this is a fair sampling of the total "Ninjas Who Got Themselves Kilt" since "Memorial Day 2014", when the clock struck 12 midnight

THEN they indexed the "State Of The Negro In America" based upon:
* Racist Police Shootings
* A disproportionate number of Blacks in jail. (LYING that Blacks are 60% of the inmate population. HE SAID BLACKS ARE 30% OF THE US POPULATION. Which BLACKS is he talking about)
* The Blacks FEAR walking near a police man

LOW AND BEHOLD he never mentioned:

* Black Homicide Victimization rates
* The number of FAVORABLE POLICE CHIEFS that Black voters affirm DESPITE their command over "Racial Oppression"
* and since they concluded that "The Negro is in the same fate today as he was in 1960.........
**** WHY didn't the white racist cops in Ferguson beat Captain Ron Johnson down rather than accept his command?
*** Why would the 'Black Attorney General' suffer a fate that is any different than Michael Brown after he tries to ARREST A WHITE POLICE OFFICER?

CLEARLY it is time to RECONCILE "BLACK HISTORY" with "What The Negro Political Opportunist" of today is likely to say to trick those who are not aware of historical truth.

Vic78 said...

The German writers were just taking shots at the US. It's not about going hard for the cause. It's just a few journalists turning their noses at American stupidity. They do that outside of the US.

If Germany were the most powerful country and a white cop puts down a Black kid, the US would be talking shit about Germany's race record. Nobody in another country would be thinking about all that other shit. The out groups of other countries may do things they shouldn't, the focus from another country will be on the group in power.

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