Wednesday, August 20, 2014

after choosing not to arrest and charge him, st. louis prosecuting attorney not going to indict overseer wilson...,

cnn |  Bynes said McCulloch's ties with police in the county could cloud his judgment.
McCulloch's father was a police officer and was killed on the job in 1964 by an African-American man, when McCulloch was 12, Magee confirmed to CNN. In addition to his father, McCulloch's brother, an uncle and a cousin all served with the St. Louis Police Department, and his mother worked as a clerk at the department, Magee said.

McCulloch, who as a teenager lost a leg to cancer, made it his career ambition to become a prosecutor. He was quoted by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as telling a reporter, while first campaigning for the office: "I couldn't become a policeman, so being county prosecutor is the next best thing."

McCulloch has no plans to step aside and Magee said it doesn't have any impact on how he will handle the current case.

"Mr. McCulloch is going to continue to do his job as he was elected to do," Magee told CNN.

While the Justice Department is conducting its own civil rights investigation, Ferguson elected officials are concerned about the local investigation. McCulloch has overseen controversial cases before, some including police officers and black suspects.

The petition being circulated points to a 2000 incident in which two suspected drug dealers were killed by two police officers, McCulloch never brought charges against the officers, concluding they acted in self-defense. A subsequent federal investigation found that the men were unarmed and not moving in the direction of the officers, but because the officers felt endangered, the investigation found that the shootings were justified, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

"He doesn't have the fortitude to do the right thing when it comes to prosecuting police officers," Nasheed said on CNN's "Newsroom" on Tuesday.

Chris King, editorial director at the St. Louis American, an African-American publication, said McCulloch has already "manipulated" the Brown case by the way he is releasing information. The St. Louis County Police released a convenience store video from just minutes before Brown's death that showed a person who resembled Brown stealing a box of cigars.

"All of this information should have come out all at once in group. By leaking out in pieces, he is encouraging this kind of speculation," King said on CNN's "New Day."

Concerns about McCulloch arose again after Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon replaced the St. Louis County Police with the Missouri State Highway Patrol for security last week because he said the initial law enforcement response to the shooting was excessive. McCulloch told CNN affiliate KMOV that the governor had "no legal authority" to make such a move.


Constructive_Feedback said...

My, my, my CNu - what a fine mess you have in the "Show Me State".
It is exposing so many countervailing biases and agendas.

In watching "The Lawrence O'Donnell Show" last night - he had a local political analyst on who said that:
* Prosecuting Attorney McColluch was duly elected into the position.
* The inference that he is bias can't be substantiated
* The call for his recusal is an attempt to thwart the system of justice

O'Donnell did not challenge this woman's assertions, and in fact agreed in principal

THEN he turned to an ACTIVIST whose basic argument was "WE DON'T TRUST THE CITY, THE COUNTY OR THE STATE" - we want the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to run the investigation, the prosecution and the conviction of this officer.

Thus that PIECE OF MATTER with the UNKNOWN MASS and QUANTITY known as "THE Quark of 'Slavery's Injury' (this close to "Dred Scott's burial quarters") and the Lepton of 'New Jim Crow Justice System Conspiracy To Destroy Black People" - was able to tip the balance.

Constructive_Feedback said...

MY, MY, MY what a regular "Peton Place" is greater St Louis Missouri

ST Louis County Executive Charles Dooley leads the way to move the St Louis County Attorney McCollouch off of the Ferguson Case

THIS after McCollouch had previously pulled his support for Dooley's reelection, sighting personal integrity issues.

CNu said...

I love how at the start of a comment, your girl must still be heating up that spike. Then, as you warm up to your subject - your girl scoops a fat dab and puts it to the hot spike. (a few capitalizations) - then - fingers still on the keyboard still busy typing - you hit that pipe SO HARD inhaling a lung-busting column of smoke and exhaling a jumble of words and meanings through your fingertips, prior to a momentary loss of consciousness....,

Feed, Feed, Bro. Feed! You aight?!?!?

Now focus. No quarks or leptons required to know that six gunshot wounds on an unarmed man cannot be justified under any circumstances.

John Kurman said...

Off-topic: My Million dollar idea? Marijuana Lite. It's your Dad's marijuana. Roll up a big number and enjoy the smoke and share it. Not as potent as the stuff now, so that you can still be able to function and have a conversation and not get stupid retarded. A social marijuana for polite social gatherings!

CNu said...

Scientific morality and an intact sense of fairness and moral decency entitles overseer Wilson to no more due process than what he extended Michael Brown. This really is an open and shut case except for the cloud of not-see-ism that has you and those like you pretending to "get all the facts straight". What you're really doing is organizing a narrative that's acceptable to the pathological not-see mentality so that you can tell yourself that you're ok, I'm ok, and we're ok. But we're not.

ISIS needs to redouble its efforts...,

ken said...

What crime would this not be true for? Every violent crime committed against another has a victim that did not have any due process before they were victimized. Why ever have court for any violent crime? Don't try to paint me with some broad brush and in the process argue foolish points you would never argue otherwise.

"What you're really doing is organizing a narrative that's acceptable to the pathological not-see mentality so that you can tell yourself that you're ok, I'm ok, and we're ok."

If I had taken this liberty and described your intentions you would be all over it stating how I no way you have any idea and should have no right to make any deductions. Imagine how naive Tom would all up in words for me putting words and intentions that have not been stated.

CNu said...

rotflmbao..., dood - you've dedicated the better part of a decade to rendering a photorealistic likeness of your psyche in text. There's no guesswork left to do wrt EXACTLY where you stand on this and a host of other issues. Hope waxes eternal, and you've shown faint glimmerings of genuine moral possibility on a couple of occasions. I had hoped that this would be yet another one. Go back to sleep now little not-see....,

Vic78 said...

They call that shwag.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Indeed. The best orgasms ever

ken said...

Did you listen to that audio of the dispatch I linked to? I know you are trying to put me as the foil here, but I did have a cartoon bubble of Darren Wilson pacing around trying to figure out what his story is going to be, and not communicating with anyone, while the dispatcher was only getting what was going on from the news.

Vic78 said...

Well whaddya know?

Sucks to be you.

CNu said...

Before I die, I swear an oath that I will be able to afford to maintain a cute, jaded, and expert premium schmoke hostess in my enterprises "green" room, and will promptly hire just such an indispensable personal assistant! Your Dad's marijuana will of course have to be on her menu of available refreshments.

CNu said...

Which is what perplexes me when you subsequently pull a 180 in order to align yourself with the go-along to get-along status quo. Like I said, occasional and fleeting glimmers. night-night....,

Vic78 said...

You have to have God's Gift.

CNu said...

Very decorative...,

Naive Tom said...

Wait what the heck is that about ISIS?

CNu said...

a genuine real-life thought experiment...,