Friday, August 22, 2014

b.s. on overseer wilson's broken eye-orbital...,

dailykos | This story just came out in the past two days. It has repeatedly been used as a cudgel by the racist assholes people defending the cop's killing of Michael Brown. This raises MANY questions ...
The claim is that during the alleged struggle through the open window of the police cruiser, Michael hit the officer in the eye so hard that it broke the bone and caused him to almost go unconscious.

Q - How was Michael Brown able to generate so much power in a punch as to break the officers eye socket when his movements were constrained by the tight quarters inside the cruiser window?

Q - Why was no mention made of this injury until ten days after the shooting? We know that the FPD and SLC prosecutor were throwing everything out there they could find in their efforts to demonize Michael Brown and defend officer Wilson. If his injuries were as bad as they claim, there is no doubt in my mind that they would have been parading photos of his battered face all over the TV machine.

Q - In the autopsy report, the doctor claimed that there were no indications on Michael Brown's body of a physical struggle. Unless the doctor is quite incompetent, one would expect that this analysis included an examination of Michael's hands. If he had hit the cop so hard as to break his eye orbital, one would expect to see trauma to his hand and knuckles. No such trauma was reported.

Q - According to a timeline of the incident, there was an ambulance there within a few minutes as it was responding to another call in the area. While it was reported that they stopped to assess Michael Brown, there is no mention of them providing any sort of medical assistance to Wilson.

Q - In Piaget Crenshaw's video of the immediate aftermath of the shooting, Wilson can be seen wandering around the crime scene and conversing with officers. If he was truly so badly injured it should be apparent in how he appears in the video. His face looked clean, and his demeanor was not that of someone who was severely injured. No attention was being given by any of those present to his supposed injuries.

Q - Far from being attended to and taken to the hospital for care - things one would reasonable expect in such circumstances - officer Wilson DRIVES away in his cruiser. For a man who was moments ago almost knocked unconscious, this seems unreasonable as well. Why would the other officers allow him to drive if he had just undergone such a traumatic experience?

So anyway, in considering all of the available evidence, I highly doubt that Michael Brown broke officer Wilson's eye orbital. But rather, I suspect that IF he indeed has this injury, it is the result of him getting good and drunk and asking one of his cop buddies to punch him in the face to give him an alibi. The timing and other circumstances make this a much more plausible theory than what is being presented on FOX News.

Update as of 1:25 PM PST
First, in answer to those concerned that this diary is speculative and/or does not help the situation ... Yes, it is speculative. So what? In the absence of reliable facts and with the kind of unsubstantiated claims coming from the right wing echo chamber, I think some push-back is warranted.
Second, another question has occurred to me which I believe is quite significant ...

Q - If they were struggling for the officer's gun, and Michael hit him so hard as to almost knock him unconscious, how is it that Michael - a big, strong young man who was NOT nearly unconscious - failed to get his gun from him? It just doesn't sound reasonable.


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