Monday, August 18, 2014

nigeria sacks 16,000 doctors in midst of rising ebola concerns

aljazeera |  Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan reportedly (link is external) fired 16,000 resident doctors this week, causing concern as the country fights a number of Ebola cases. The government also reportedly (link is external) suspended the residency training programme in federal hospitals, citing the need to better address challenges currently facing the health sector. 

The move comes as thousands of doctors are on strike (link is external) throughout the country, calling for better working conditions and increased pay. The Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) Friday demanded (link is external) the immediate reversal of Johnathan's decision, and encouraged those affected not to pick up their termination letters. 

Online, many in Nigeria expressed concern over what the sacking meant for the country as it battles Ebola, with 11 cases confirmed (link is external) so far. 


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