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newsinkansas |  U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver’s struggle to pay off a loan for a car wash business hasn’t gone away. 

On Tuesday, the Jackson County court clerk issued a wage garnishment order against Cleaver’s employer — the U.S. House — on behalf of Bank of America. The order instructs the House to withhold part of Cleaver’s salary to help repay more than $1.3 million he and his wife now owe the bank.

It’s the second time the bank has asked the court to garnish Cleaver’s wages for the debt, first incurred more than a decade ago. The bank’s first garnishment was processed in July.
Garnishment is a relatively common practice in debt cases, experts say. In a garnishment, a creditor asks a court to collect money from a third party to satisfy claims against a debtor.
“A garnishment is one of several devices available to a party that has a judgment, to collect that judgment,” said Kansas City lawyer F. Coulter deVries.

But garnishing the wages of a sitting congressman appears to be rare.

In 2012, part of the congressional wages of then-congressman Joe Walsh were withheld to satisfy claims of back child support, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The newspaper also quoted a House spokesman as saying child support payments had been withheld “over the years” from other members’ checks, but no specifics were provided.

It’s not publicly known how often congressional wages have been garnished for a loan debt.
Payroll services for House members are provided by the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer. A spokeswoman for the office declined to comment on the garnishment of Cleaver’s wages or the general history of garnishments in the House.

The press office of the House Committee on Administration also declined to comment.
Cleaver’s office issued a statement: “As the congressman and Mrs. Cleaver have repeatedly said, for almost two years now, they are working with Bank of America to meet their financial obligations, in a broad spectrum of ways, and that hasn’t changed.”

Cleaver, a Democrat, is a candidate for re-election to Missouri’s 5th District House seat this year.
He earns $174,000 a year as a congressman. In his last financial disclosure, Cleaver also claimed annual income of $21,976 from a pension agreement with the city of Kansas City and $9,664 from the Missouri Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

The disclosure covers 2012, so it doesn’t include Cleaver’s debt related to the car wash. His net worth that year, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, was between $348,012 and $1,019,999.
A spokesman for Bank of America also declined to comment on the garnishment request, as did the bank’s Kansas City lawyer.

Tuesday’s orders also involved the employer of Dianne Cleaver, the congressman’s spouse. She is also considered liable for the $1.3 million debt. She works for Urban Neighborhood Initiative Inc.
The amount of money potentially withheld from Cleaver’s House paycheck to satisfy the garnishment isn’t clear. In general, federal law limits the amount that can be garnished to 25 percent of a debtor’s net wages or salary.


Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother CNu:

You are being quite unfair by failing to factor in several relevant facts into your consideration.

* How many people does the car wash employ? IF the worst case assessment of his debt at $1,019,999 was due 85% to employee wages AND you found he was paying an average wage of $16 per hour - would this change your bigoted view of Rev Cleaver?

* Mrs Cleaver works for Urban Neighborhood Initiative Inc. IF the stress from this garnishment stresses her out and causes her to terminate her employment in which she is helping countless number of poor people in St Louis - would you say that your stance with the "Banksters" is callous?

* In the same US House where Chairman Issa is worth $160 million, after having a conviction as a CAR THIEF - would you agree that this is an example of the RACISM in the system that Rep Issa and Rep Cleaver preside over, that Issa's intransigence in factoring in history of financial oppression against Black people - as noted by Ta-Nehisi Coates in regard to Chicago and Reparations - can we conclude that it is YOU who is "Standing On The Wrong Side Of Black History?

* The same Bank Of America that is garnishing Brother Cleaver's paycheck has itself garnished the money from the US Treasury - after it absorbed the corrupt 'Countrywide Bank".

So can I get you to agree, Brother CNu that Rev Cleaver's "insolvency" is ONLY due to the context by which the observer chooses to inspect the situation.

WHY aren't we garnishing the wages of every bankster who dares go after Cleaver's money?

Ed Dunn said...

What im reading is dischargable debt....

CNu said...

This post was a ConFeed slow pitch intended for you to knock it out of the park. This ass clown must be a frat brother of yours for you to respond as you have. Cleaver exemplifies and personifies your whole and entire critique of the mentholated misleadership caste which is a most telling "nuance" when it comes to your idiosyncratic ouevre.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother CNu:

Cleaver is also a "Christian Reverend" so I must take exception to your unfavorable labeling.

If we take the $1,019,999 that the banksters CLAIM that he owes them

* Assume that 85% of this is in employee salaries and not lavish living by Rev Cleaver and his bride

* Bump the $16 per hour up to $20 per hour F.S.E. as we include payroll taxes and social security.....

This brings us to

85% of $1,019,999 = $866,999 in salaries

$20 per hour is 43,349 man hours.

If each of his car wash employees are granted a full 40 hour work week - this means one whole year's employment for 20 full time personnel.

Put me on record as siding with Rev Cleaver!!!

He has 20 full time employees that he has carved out in the hardknock environment of St Louis, Jackson County Missouri - the land granted to the United States during the "Missouri Purchase" - a far more American historical note than the grave site of Dread Scott near Ferguson that Melissa Harris-Perry told us about.

You have changed for the worse, CNu.

You did not investigate any claims that BofA might have given Rev Cleaver "subprime" loan terms in advance, that they may have illegally and unilaterally altered his payment terms OR, worst of all that it was a plot from the beginning to produce jobs in a struggling under-represented community only to take them all away - just like the "Liar Loans" that caused the economy to crash under Bush.

Does your contempt for this man supersede your inclination to see the facts before casting your judgment on Rev Cleaver? It is Bank of America that has the larger criminal trail at "financial hijinx" than does Rev Cleaver - The Truth Fighter For The People!!

Bank Of America Makes Record $16 Billion Settlement For Toxic Mortgages - But Is Still Going After The Spokes People Fighting For 'The Little Guy'

The WHITE FLAG In Front Of BofA's Tower Of Lies And Crony Capitalism

CNu said...

Nevermind, youze a sigma, he's an alpha - so you're not protecting and serving your frat brother. You're just busy pranking in my comment section.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother CNu:

I just watched "Bonfire Of The Vanities" the other day.
It is a MUST SEE in the context of the RESPONSE TO "The Micheal Brown Homicide".
The fact that a 20 year old movie can capture the key players in the "3 ring circus" of "Social Justice" should give everyone pause.

(but what does have to do with our post, Bro ConFeed?)

At the closing scene - the judge, played by a youthful looking Morgan Freeman responded to being called a "RACIST" by a Black man in the audience after he dismissed the charges against the rich White character played by Tom Hanks.

The judge's commentary is one for the history books:

* The witness who perjured herself in front of the court of law?
* The prosecutor who staged her testimony?
* The district attorney who threw an innocent man to the wolves?
* And "A Man Of God" (the Al Sharpton character) who has forsaken his God for earthly advantage?

IF I AM GAMING YOU or if I am SERIOUS about my stance against "The Bankster" going after Rev Cleaver - WHAT DOES IT MATTER?

If I took my exact script from above and played in on (I assume you all have one) a Black AM talk radio show in Kansas City and St Louis - I would get more people's popular sentiment with my words - than I would get callers telling me that I am a charlatan.


Vic78 said...

Cats just want to be above everybody. I guess it feels good to be the smartest one in the room. He'd be awesome if he wanted others to have what he wants for himself.

Vic78 said...

You know a primary challenge would be derailed by the guys upstairs. The party is loyal to long term incumbents. Even if that loyalty hurts the party in the long run. He'll just get Clinton and Obama to give a few speeches and that's the end of the primary.

CNu said...

This old dried out pork chop is ultra-predictable

Rep. Jasmine Crockett Cosponsored Bill to Revoke Trump Secret Service Protection

TheTexan  | Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett (D-TX-30), a freshman from Dallas, signed onto a resolution back in April that would have str...