Saturday, August 23, 2014

aaaawwwwww shit, thetan-clear ain't no joke?

wikipedia |  In 1977, Louis Farrakhan rejected Warith Deen Mohammed's leadership and re-established the Nation of Islam on the original model. He took over the Nation of Islam's headquarter Temple, Mosque Maryam (Mosque #2), which is located in Chicago. Its official newspaper is The Final Call. The Nation of Islam does not publish its membership numbers; in 2007, the core membership was estimated between 20,000 and 50,000, but their following was believed to be larger.[9] Most of the members are in the United States, but there are minority communities in other countries, including Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Jamaica, and Trinidad & Tobago.
Since 2010, under Farrakhan, members have been strongly encouraged to study Dianetics, and the Nation currently claims it has trained 1055 Auditors.[10]

Written lessons from 1930 to 1934 were passed from W. Fard Muhammad to his student, Elijah Muhammad. These were collected and entitled The Supreme Wisdom. The Nation of Islam continues to teach its followers that the present world society is segmented into three distinct categories. They teach that from a general perspective, 85% of the population are the "deaf, dumb and blind" masses of the people who "are easily led in the wrong direction and hard to lead in the right direction". Those 85% of the masses are said to be manipulated by 10% of the people. Those 10% rich "slave-makers" are said to manipulate the 85% masses of the people through ignorance, the skillful use of religious doctrine, and the mass media.

The third group is referred to as the 5% "poor righteous teachers" of the people of the world, who know the truth of the manipulation of the 85% masses of the people by the 10%. The 5% "righteous teachers" are at constant struggle and war with the 10% to reach and "free the minds" of the masses of the people.[28]


CNu said...

lol, c'mon brah..., you know how important it is for young males to have, preserve, and maintain a high level of swagger. The BPPFSD had more swagger than anything short of the Nazi's in the 20th century. I ain't mad at'em for that. I can't be mad at'em for having made the effort, set an example, and sacrificed themselves as an invaluable precursor tip of the spear disclosing both how the Establishment operates counterinsurgencies, and, what not to do when crafting and deploying your own insurgency.

Ed Dunn said...

I would argue that BPPFSD had none of the four attributes you stated - if they did they would not have been so easily infiltrated and defeated from the inside out. I do like the Afro and black clothing and dark glasses but at the end of the day, executed strategy is what goes into the record as success and footnote. And I guess when one spends more time being flashy and talking too damn much and have their name out there, they simply have no space to do real insurgency or much of anything except be a PR stunt...

ken said...

So into verbiage...

"The bottom-up, communitarian socialism practiced by the Black Panther party and boldly demonstrated for all to see was their crime –empowering the community at the local level - will always be perceived by the power elite as a crime.
The Elite benefit from top-down socialism where they, via corporations and government, control the means of production and the GDP, and fulfill every need of every human to the Elite’s own profit advantage. The Left has been convinced by manufactured consent that top-down socialism is an ideal worth striving for. Bit by bit, the make-believe Left has abetted Elite plans for total control be brought to realization."

This is an argument for the right of states to make their own laws and come up with their own methods of solving issues. Empowerment locally at the community level is a states rights argument. Consolidation of power, which is what this guy seems to be against, is also what those who would like more power and control at the state level are also against. This author get closer to what he is talking about without first giving states more control and the federal government less? Which is in essence giving states more rights. When he says: Bit by bit, the make-believe left has abetted elite plans for total control.....he is talking about central (federal) government taking more and more of local and states rights.

ken said...

My thought that started the question was more in line with my response to Vik, you have opened another avenue as you talk about the world. I guess as far as economic sanctions go, if everyone has the right to participate or not in the sanction that would still be a right for the state to boycott or not participate economically with a state because of whatever actions it does.

"It seems that "States Rights" is more accurately "MIGHT MAKES RIGHT" and those with the most bullets can label their "Terrorism" into "Freedom Fighting" and "Justice"...No?

It pretty hard to parallel what the world constitution should be when talking about states rights, we ourselves in our constitution have tensions and nuance, for instance we all would agree the state should have any right to take away an individual's rights afforded by the constitution as one example. And we would certainly agree we can't force our constitution on the world. But to answer your question, might mixed with dependence on the mighty forces the will of the mighty. For instance if Uganda isn't dependent on the outside to sustain its economy sanctions wouldn't matter.

Vic78 said...

It's about people centric power. It has nothing to do with state and local gov vs federal. That debate has its place; it just doesn't have one here. It's something closer to a pure democracy than we have now. It's so much bigger than some Ronald Reagan fuckery.

CNu said...

um..., er.., ah..., the video was by prof. griff, and the chuck d bit was about prof. griff. - you know the FOI imitating member of public enemy who got expelled. while i'm glad you were able to get a bit more mileage out of that dusty flava flav/chuck d bashing ppt you had toiled over years ago, not only does it not make a lick of sense, it has no bearing whatsoever on the subject at hand.

Constructive_Feedback said...

So the 'Universal Declaration Of Human Rights', which - as you state - has no "World Constitutional Authority" - is still used as if it has this effect.

The "States Rights" people in the United States referenced the actual constitution and their interpretation of the "10th Amendment" to make the case that the feds should "back off" and allow them to administrate items that were not expressly enumerated in the Constitution - as they saw fit within their own state boundaries.

On the International scene - Uganda referenced its "Sovereign Right" to maintain its own cultural traditions as it saw fit. The USA government pointed to a modern notion that they said is SUPERIOR TO any nation state's charter.

Ed Dunn said...

ISIS grew fast, not the BPP party. That's nice revisionist history but the truth is BPP didn't have a base ideological platform. The Nation of Islam base platform was their dead founder figurehead and principles based on a religion. Religion is the ideological platform as Catholics have a ideological platform of saints so every member knows the path and direction. We can say the same with Islam obviously - we can talk about Farrakhan but the core of NOI is an ideological base that will keep members on mission after Farrakhan is gone.
We can look at insurgents in Africa who are driven by both ideology like witch doctors and also economics where Gadaffi provided these groups with money and gifts to keep black Africans killing black Africans while clueless African-Americans go on the Internet dickriding Gadaffi. The same with economics including the drug cartels in Mexico where they are tightly knit and grew fast not because of religion but economics of the money involved.
The Black Panther didn't have any religious of ideology to drive members - what was BPP religion? Christainity, faux Hebrew, Prislam - Prison Islam? Well it damn sure wasn't anything based on a dead maytr or a spiritual story so BPP walked around with eccentric personalities and egos - like we see coming from you.
Also economics - where the money revenue from BPP were at? NOI was selling bean pies and have a publication - they have an economic base. ISIS looted and have over $400 million in their war chest. We don't have to talk about the Mexican drug cartels money either. How much of a war chest and economic engine has the BPP created that is discussable? Oh, nothing...
So the BPP had no ideological platform to hold members to a guiding light, have no economic engine to support the machine but you want us to give a f*ck about the Black Panther Party for no other reason but to support your ego with some nostalgia eccentric ass movement that was basically a cult of personality and no real effectiveness. Yeah, okay.
I do know one thing - Big Don never talked about some damn BPP but you see him talking all day and night about those fuzlims and Mexicans, right?

Constructive_Feedback said...

[quote]The Civil Rights Movement was heavily infiltrated, but that did not prevent that movement from achieving its primary goals: the legal reform of the United States in the area of civil rights and voting rights.[/quote]

You got it bad bro.
Are you saying that VOTING RIGHTS obtained in America is synonymous with BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT as measured by INCREASED COMPETENCIES among Black people to contribute to their UPLIFT into the DESIRED STANDARD OF LIVING that they seek?

Where are the BLACK AMERICAN PHYSICIANS IN WEST AFRICA, fighting the Ebola outbreak. If I told you that there are MORE CHINESE PHYSICIANS on the front lines than Black Americans - WOULD THIS cause you to question the very PURPOSE of this "Political Opportunistic Struggle" in America that is so focused on the ability of the WHITE MAN TO "OFFEND US"?

The scene of the "Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt" in Ferguson Missouri that triggered a media event an national "Social Justice Rallies" has done something much more IMPORTANT that few people had noted.

A good number of the "Investment Advisers" who for 50 years had SOLD the Americanized Negro on the "Bayard Rustin - Vote For Your Black Community Salvation" scheme were heard ADMITTING that "The Negro has not traveled much distance since Dr King had been Kilt".

In their duplicity they blamed AMERICA for stifling the Negro's advancement.
Not a one of them dared to note the need for a FORENSIC AUDIT as to who stole the valuables that they assisted in pilfering from the "Black Rank And File".

Where is the calls for REGULATION of these Embedded Confidence Men - so they don't trick the next generations of Blacks into this losing vortex?

ken said...

typo: we all would agree the state [shouldn't] have any right to take away an individual's rights afforded by the constitution as one example...

ken said...

Is there a world constitutional authority that supersedes our constitution? The world could demand we do this or that, and sanction us, but only internal public pressure from whatever the pain of the sanction is would cause us to comply. The world can use force, but I suspect in most cases that will end that states form of government and its system of enforcing its laws in has in place at the time.

"The USA government pointed to a modern notion that they said is SUPERIOR TO any nation state's charter."

But still that means unless they are going to remove the government and take over all they can do is various sanctions. If Uganda is not dependent on these to the point they cause much pain, the US or world does not have any other authority.

Vic78 said...

So do you believe there is a possibility of alliance with these guys?

That is what I was talking to ken about. I said those people are beyond hopeless. Can you not fall back on your blog posts for a change?

Constructive_Feedback said...

Clearly you are not abreast to local tricks of the trade.

On BOTH the "New Falcon Stadium" in Atlanta (that required $200 million from the hotel/rental car tax) and the "New Braves Stadium" in Cobb County (that required more than $400 million in county financing) brought THE (BLACK) Civil Rights Pharisees and the (WHITE) Tea Party together in protest.

The actor-vists were attacking Mayor Reed for partnering with "The Home Depot Billionaires" for the demolition of 2 Black churches.

They went from calling the Tea Party RACISTS for their Opposition to a Black Present TO - Looking past Present Obama's military attacks on "Nations Of Color" TO - partnering with the Tea Party as they sought more money for the Black community around the Falcon's stadium.

BUT STILL - VIC78 - After hearing so many Black Progressives ADMITTING that "Black people have not advanced since MLK" (because of the "Michael Brown Shooting") do YOU THINK that they will look at THEIR NEFARIOUS PARTNERSHIPS in the "Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Alliance and decide to go into a different direction that involves LIMITING the access to the "BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS" by political operatives?

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