Monday, August 18, 2014

kcpd vs. kcfd political patronage parasites at odds over fatal firefighter niggerization by cop...,

kcfop |  Brothers and Sisters,

By now many of you have heard what happened this morning. A few members of the Kansas City Fire Department hung very large red ribbons with the name Bruno stenciled on them. Those ribbons were hung around the neighborhood belonging to the officer involved last year. Thankfully that officer and his family were out of town and did not have to witness the event. On duty members responded to the scene, but so did a large number of our own FOP brothers and sisters even though they were off.

What happened this morning is unforgivable and I understand how an event like this can bring up emotions that are difficult to deal with. I responded to the scene and met with a number of you. I have read each of your messages and understand the anger. I too am greatly upset about the events that happened today, along with the other events that have happened.

I met with the presidents of Local 42, 3808 and a representative of FOP Lodge 102 on Thursday morning to work out some sort of resolution. I have also been in constant contact with Mayor James, and Chief Darryl Forte'. Everyone involved understands our anger, but we need to try to be sensible about our reactions. I do NOT believe that either of the IAFF unions had anything to do with the recent issues, but their members have.

I am asking each of you to remember that there is a court process to deal with these issues, and we will be using that avenue. We believe that using city resources, shirts and symbols to harass anyone are violations of law and the appropriate measures will be taken. Lastly, I am not asking you to not be have that right. Just as you have the right to extend professional courtesy in your traffic stops and interactions. Should you choose not to, I understand, but please be polite when you contact any member of KCFD.

We choose this profession our families did not, bringing this fight to our homes is unforgivable. I stand by each of you and ask that you share this message.


Ed Dunn said...

Frustrated at their ability to guide the youth? Interesting. I bet the liberals are frustrated they won't be able to control that generation

DD said...

Kareem has an interesting piece on the topic, stepping back a few feet.

CNu said...

Not bad, except that I find that the terminology "class warfare" is yet another terminological diversion/distraction from the actual parasitic patronage resource extractions from the poor, as well as the divide and conquer tactics used to keep all of the crabs in their little lethal bucket. It's been overused so much by politicians to describe social envy over the success of one or another individual or one or another group over or relative to another individual or group. Nothing could be further from the truth. Envy is not the issue, rather, the issue is the co-optation by elected parties of the political and legal system to legally extract wealth from and acquire and exert force (including lethal force) used to extract weatlh from targetted others.

CNu said...

I'm not sure there's anyone on the political scene right now with the political savvy, organizational infrastructure, and popular cachet to effectively channel, still less control the current generation. They are profoundly alienated from institutions and the "elders" by whom those institutions are comprised.

Ed Dunn said...

Do you think Constructive Feedback governance doctrine can come in and whip these kids back into conformity?

Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother Ed:

1) A PURPOSE - Larger Than AMERICAN POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM (DAMN the "DNA Cheek Swab" showing your familial relationship YOUR PEOPLE in the DIASPORA need YOU. YOU DO NOT NEED those damned Beats Audio Headphones for $300)


3) (Only then......) GOVERNANCE - "Each time you slack off - you are stealing more productive minutes from the PROTEGE that you will one day teach. Go re-read the guidelines that we showed you regarding how to make productive use of your time"

4) Accountability and Praise for Positive results

CNu said...

lol, no...,

Nothing less than a full-blown culture of competence, a triad as it were - that stands on three legs of education, events, and enterprise - can galvanize kids attention. Kids, need jobs and job training, mind-training and something to look forward to on a near-time horizon around which they put some egoic skin in the game and become invested in their own performance and the outcomes that depend on the same.

Ed Dunn said...

I would have to say #4 is what this all boils down to. I do believe 1-3 is understood but these so-call black leaders cannot create economic solutions and interested in making themselves look good in this crisis.

Constructive_Feedback said...

My dear brother CNu.

When you see a THIEF and an INFESTATION in your house - it is NO TIME to worry about your "Ideological Drive" and if you OFFEND the occupants that you are trying to HELP because you told them that THEY:

1) Released the springs in the Rat Traps that you set
2) Left the door cracked so the rodents did not have to chew through the wood siding
3) APPRECIATE the "Sweet Nothings" that the SNAKES On THE PLANE tell to them which make them feel good about themselves - but they don't notice the VENOM

The "CONCRETE PRODUCT DRIVEN" forces that are more effective - have YOU and most other "Americanized Negro" agreeing to cosmically synchronize their "Black Power Menstrual Cycle Minstrel Psycho with that of the periodicity of the AMERICAN ELECTION CYCLE and prospective gains for THEIR PARTY.

NOW - tell me again WHY my perceived "Ideological Bent" is more problematic to you than the MACHINE that is STEALING OUR MINERAL WEALTH?

IF I did not have these outlets - You would see me self-infecting myself with Ebola as a coping mechanism. And then drinking turpentine as the magical cure as I dance with my ancestors.

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