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normotic consumption vs. environmental adaptation...,

Average water use per person per day

inhabit | One week ago, 36% of California was in a state of exceptional drought. Just seven days later, that number has jumped to 58%. Lynn Wilson, academic chair at Kaplan University, warns that the situation is reaching a point where we may have to put migration out of California on the table. He says that it wouldn’t be the first time in history that people have left an area because of drought, and if current water-saving measures don’t work, it may be the best option to help alleviate water shortages.

The drought has cost the state billions of dollars and at least 17,000 jobs and with some scientists expecting the drought to last 100 years, it could be just the tip of the melting iceberg. Obviously other options like importing water and desalinization should be exhausted before moving some people out of the area, but as surface water quickly vanishes from the state, sometimes the best option is to just admit that some places aren’t meant to hold a lot of people.


Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother CNu:

Help me out with your definition of "Water Consumption".

It appears that you are focusing on fresh water that is channeled into a "Water System" built by human beings.
As a supposition please accept these 4.
1) Water that is directly consumed by the human body and then "lost" from this system (via sweat, for example)
2) Water that is used by the human to facility his standard of living but is returned to the sewer system where it is processed and then released back into "nature" - into the river - for potential reuse by other humans down stream
3) Same as #2 above except it is put into a septic tank and then becomes "ground water"
4) Water that is used for agriculture and a portion of it is consumed by humans in the form of succulent fruits and vegetables

PHYSICS says that "In A CLOSED SYSTEM.....................MATTER / ENERGY IS NOT LOST".
It is TRANSFORMED or relocated.

With this in mind - could you tell us how you justify the notion that "Excess Water Consumption" is contributing to the drought conditions?

AGREED that if a growing city is drawing water from an "underground water table" / aquifer that this "movement of water" can impact the geology (Mexico City's elevation is slightly declining as the water table is lowered).

1) Where did the water go in this "drought"?
2) Is a drought merely a case of "Water Not Being Where The HUMANS Want It To Be? " (Got used to it being there)
3) Is it a matter of the water being in the form of BRINE/ SEA WATER and thus not being potable? (unless treated)

4) Is this the first time in "Man's History" that a civilization was forced to move because of a change in the availability of water? Does the QUANTITY of people (as seen today) that are impacted as compared to past civilizations that were smaller make today's events "MORE EVIL"?

5) What if "Drought" and "Global Warming" is "Mother Nature's" NATURAL means of OBTAINING REBALANCE? That IF she destroys the ecosystem by which THE ANIMAL CALLED "HUMAN" was allowed to OVER-POPULATE - that one day, hundreds or thousands of years from now "SHE" will allow various Hydro-Carbonate molecules to break down, reconverging into the form by which a more pristine balance of nature is RE-OBTAINED?

Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother CNu:

I will tell the author of this article the very same thing that I have been saying on FaceBook:

I can't help but to be suspicious that your real intent is to DISTRACT AMERICANS from focusing on the humanitarian crisis IN AFRICA by your choice to enumerate cautionary tales about what we should fear here in America.

The FACT is that the United States has a far stronger network of "Public Health" institutions and procedures for us to be relatively certain that such an outbreak from one of these pathogens on the list does not virulently spread.

With that being settled - what is your "humanitarian plan" to provide some measure of structural assistance to these other people in the world who don't have the comfort to abstractly consider what is lurking amongst them?

DD said...

Do you every write anything that's not exhausting or faux intellectual?

CNu said...

Be kind. Oswald Bates channeling William Lane Craig has occasionally been known to yield microscopic little nugglets of comedy gold.

Constructive_Feedback said...

I take it that is a sign that you are not going to answer?

CNu said...

Bro. Feed, as long as you've come around these parts, you still don't get how these posts work. I'll help you out with that.
The subject tends to be a gimme, IOW - if you read the subject under which the borrowed narrative is posted, and you've paid attention over time, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. In this case, I'm talking about Pensinger's characterization of this culture as "normotically ill" and how that condition will interfere with the practical capacity to adapt to changing environmental circumstances.

If the subject isn't clear, then the accompanying image/video/audio and the accompanying post labels, should serve to dispel any lingering confusion wrt what I'm on about. In this case, there is an explicit reference to Thorsten Veblen's singular lampooning of western status-seeking (predating Christopher Bollas and perfectly describing a key symptom of normotic illness)

Bottomline, the people in California, caught as they are in a record-setting drought, are not doomed because of the drought, so much as they're doomed by their inability to individually and collectively adapt. Their inability to co-operate, and the fact that the "civilization" of which they're part, a civilization only "six primary meals missed thick" cannot provide them with the behavioral and psychological sustenance to help them navigate what's around that signpost up ahead for them.

Hell, I'm betting that at this juncture, they're not even having intelligent public conversations about it across their shared geographic and resource polity.

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