Tuesday, August 19, 2014

the issue is about a policeman shooting an unarmed teenager six times while he had his hands up, period.

That's the point that the releases of the "robbery" report and the video were intended to obscure. A nicely calculated effort to derail the conversation, take the spotlight off the unjustified killing, and taint the jury pool. A shrewd piece of political feces-flinging, if not, perhaps, in the public interest. 
Based on eyewitness accounts, police statements and the recently released autopsy diagram - here's how that shooting went down:

a.. Wilson sees Brown and Johnson walking in the street and gets a little pissed off.

b.. As he drives by he orders them back onto the sidewalk, using profanity.

c.. Brown mouths off in response to the tone of the order.

d.. Wilson hears that and gets even more angry.

e.. He throws the truck into reverse and races backwards toward the pair.

f.. When the truck stops beside them, a now enraged Wilson throws the the door open with extreme force.

g.. It hits Brown, bounces back and smacks Wilson on the side of the head.

h.. The sudden pain triggers Wilson and all his residual self-restraint evaporates.

i.. He grabs Brown through the open window.

j.. Brown pulls free and starts to run away.

k.. Wilson jumps out into the street, aims at the running Brown, fires and misses.

l.. Brown hears the shot and realizes the danger he's in.

m.. He stops running suddenly (i.e. with a jerk), turns and raises his hands.

n.. Wilson is now fully in the grips of the adrenaline rage.

o.. Wilson aims for the head of the now-stationary Brown and continues firing until he goes down. This is supported by the autopsy diagram of the bullet wounds - if Brown had his hands up when shot, the diagram show a clear clustering of wounds at head level, slightly off to the left

p.. The fatal would in the crown of the Brown's head was probably the result either of Brown falling forward as a result of the earlier shots, or of him being shot while on the ground, as reported by eye witnesses.

This looks to me like a "vengeance execution" fueled by Wilson's steroid use (or something similar), compounded by a massive adrenaline rush that was triggered by the pain of being hit in the head by the police car door.

To put it bluntly, it looks to me as though Wilson got hit in the head by the door and then aimed for Brown's head in retribution.

But one thing is for sure, focusing on the subsequent police riots as "looting" is missing the point.


CNu said...

What about this confrontation by two men who work as "civil servants" and the subsequent acquittal amounts to "Niggerization"?

Conspicuously obvious to the casual observer Bro. Feed - the unnecessary use of lethal force. When an overseer fails his oath to protect and serve fellow citizens, and instead, serves a fellow citizen with no regard - as had overseer Hubbard on more than one occasion - then that overseer has embarked on the path of niggerizing rather than protecting and serving - and in consequence of that fact - has forfeited his legal monopoly on the use of violence.

In the case of the fireman Bruno, overseer Hubbard is like a crip who picked the wrong blood to execute. The bloods are an equally well organized gang of colonial resource appropriators. They got their own hangouts (fire stations) got those cushy gubmint gigs requiring them to lay about in the fire station, play dress up and rehearse fire fighting, and drive their big gas-guzzling fire engines to the grocery store where they shop in packs. Since 9/11, the bloods have the audacity to mash on female civilian shoppers in the grocery store whom they suppose are enamored of their heroic firefighter status, rather than understanding that the occasional non-offended female shopper is actually clocking on their comparatively heroic collective bargaining enforced taxpayer-funded paychecks in times of continuing economic shrinkage.

Constructive_Feedback said...

[quote] the unnecessary use of lethal force.[/quote]

Brother CNu:

What FORCE that binds this White police officer to make use of the most minimal use of force appropriate for the situation that he feels threatened of "life and limb" that YOU BELIEVE is exclusive to "P.O.S.T. Certified" officers of the law but which CAN'T be inculcated into the subjects that you say are victims of "Niggerization"?

With Malik Al Shabazz of "The New Black Panther Party" proclaiming the authority to field "Men On The Street" to control the situation in the corner of your state that is called "Ferguson Missouri" - WHAT THEN is this thing we call "The American Constitutional Government" (and its local derivatives), other than an AGREEMENT AMONG MEN TO YIELD TO "MAN MADE AUTHORITY" ?

Constructive_Feedback said...

Somewhere in that post is both an "answer to my question" and a "justification".

Pardon me for not seeing it.

I THINK I'VE GOT IT. (Put your Richard Dawkings hat on)


Despite the fact that this land mass called "North America" which is on a tectonic plate that, at this present time is protruding ABOVE the "Sea Level" on the planet that we call "Earth" .............

Has gone through a number of bloody battles in which the perceived control over the "commanding heights" has switched hands between "PEOPLE", who identify themselves with the NON-SCIENTIFICALLY based term called 'RACE' ..................

WE HERE at this present interval of time....
*SEE a "government"
* SEE various buildings
* SEE systems that serve as "Transportation Systems", "Utility Systems", "Banking Systems", "Wholesale production systems"...............

AND THUS we look at this in its totality and our minds are TRICKED into accepting THIS MEME about the GOVERNMENT and the individual MEN who are assigned the AUTHORITY to run it as well as ....

the supposition that these government men have AUTHORITY - because of the MEME that says THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO REGISTER "VIOLENCE" in the name of the GOVERNMENT, in support of GOVERNMENT LAW and MANDATE.

Thus even though a MAN who is a civilian and a MAN who is a POLICE AGENT OF THE GOVERNMENT are equally susceptible to the EBOLA VIRUS - it is not their CHEMICAL MAKE UP as complex organisms that we call "HUMAN BEINGS" (another MEME) that are the distinguishing factor but the MEME that we have adopted on AUTHORITY for the sake of the MEME called "Western Civilization"

TELL ME WHERE I AM WRONG SIR, no English lessons about brevity - please.

CNu said...

no earthly idea wtf you're talking about...., sorry.

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