Friday, December 20, 2013

wait for it..., wait for it...., you KNEW that other shoe was fitna drop?

ibnlive | After the death of his first wife under mysterious circumstances, he married Jagriti Singh. A trained dentist working at the Ram Manohar Lohia hospital, Jagriti used to allegedly torture all her maids. Police are trying to find out if she has killed anybody before this horrific incident. 

According to the survivors of this torture chamber, she was the cruellest woman, who could do anything to terrorise her maids. A police officer who is investigating the case said, "She would beat her maids and other servants regularly. She had no sympathy, no fear of anybody. She was like a devil." 

Her maid Rakhi, who died of injuries, was the most unfortunate poor woman. A widow with no backing and nowhere to go, she had to endure the most unbearable cruelty for months. She had branded her buttocks with a hot iron bar. Because of that she could not even sit or sleep. 

Another maid Meena, who is now undergoing a treatment at the RML hospital for multiple injuries all over the body, was also branded with hot iron bars and grilles. 

According to a 17-year-boy rescued by the police Jagriti had a iron grille at her flat. She would brand them with that regularly. He told the police that she would spit on their food and force them to eat from the floor like animals. She would even force them to look for food in the dustbins. 

The boy explained many such horror stories to the police. According to him Jagriti even tried to cut his tongue by using an iron clothes pin and he bled for hours. She never allowed her maids and servants to step out of the house and always kept them in a locked flat. 

The 'doctor death' Jagriti had told them that the guards posted outside the house would shoot them, if they dared to go out or escape.

One unfortunate domestic help, Rakhi, died of injuries allegedly inflicted on her by Jagriti, two others have been hospitalised.


I Didn't Think This Would Happen Until Tomorrow...,

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