Friday, December 06, 2013

the hon.bro.preznit makes impotent mouth noises about inequality...,

whitehouse | And that is a dangerous and growing inequality and lack of upward mobility that has jeopardized middle-class America’s basic bargain -- that if you work hard, you have a chance to get ahead.
I believe this is the defining challenge of our time:  Making sure our economy works for every working American.  It’s why I ran for President.  It was at the center of last year’s campaign.  It drives everything I do in this office.  And I know I’ve raised this issue before, and some will ask why I raise the issue again right now.  I do it because the outcomes of the debates we’re having right now -- whether it’s health care, or the budget, or reforming our housing and financial systems -- all these things will have real, practical implications for every American.  And I am convinced that the decisions we make on these issues over the next few years will determine whether or not our children will grow up in an America where opportunity is real.
Now, the premise that we’re all created equal is the opening line in the American story.  And while we don’t promise equal outcomes, we have strived to deliver equal opportunity -- the idea that success doesn’t depend on being born into wealth or privilege, it depends on effort and merit.  And with every chapter we’ve added to that story, we’ve worked hard to put those words into practice.   
It was Abraham Lincoln, a self-described “poor man’s son,” who started a system of land grant colleges all over this country so that any poor man’s son could go learn something new.  
When farms gave way to factories, a rich man’s son named Teddy Roosevelt fought for an eight-hour workday, protections for workers, and busted monopolies that kept prices high and wages low.  
When millions lived in poverty, FDR fought for Social Security, and insurance for the unemployed, and a minimum wage.  
When millions died without health insurance, LBJ fought for Medicare and Medicaid.  
Together, we forged a New Deal, declared a War on Poverty in a great society.  We built a ladder of opportunity to climb, and stretched out a safety net beneath so that if we fell, it wouldn’t be too far, and we could bounce back.  And as a result, America built the largest middle class the world has ever known.  And for the three decades after World War II, it was the engine of our prosperity.  
Now, we can’t look at the past through rose-colored glasses.  The economy didn’t always work for everyone.  Racial discrimination locked millions out of poverty -- or out of opportunity.  Women were too often confined to a handful of often poorly paid professions.  And it was only through painstaking struggle that more women, and minorities, and Americans with disabilities began to win the right to more fairly and fully participate in the economy.  Fist tap Dale.


woodensplinter said...

Ruth Marcus ripped him a new one on this speech.

What is the meaning/significance of calling him "hon.bro."preznit?

CNu said...

lol, yes she did, didn't she?

As for the kwestin - if you google hon.bro.minister - who do you see?

It's a popular honorific undeservedly bestowed on yet another operationally incompetent, charismatic breath and britches gasbag out of Chicago, who, if he walked 1/100th of the walk he talks, would've been shot decades ago.

Dale Asberry said...

I've only got one issue with what she says....

"At the same time, in an omission both disappointing and predictable, the president spurned the chance to challenge his own party on government debt and spiraling entitlement spending and to address the degree to which those entwined phenomena conspire to frustrate progressive solutions."

That's a lie long spun by "pundits" like her (and loved by teatards). Also, the real spending issue spans both parties -- the financial-military-industrial-media complex are the true leeches on entitlement welfare.

woodensplinter said...

Am I missing something with regard to her commentary on Paul Ryan, the "hammock" metaphor, and the lack of a GOP plan?

Vic78 said...

Ruth is doing her "both sides" fuckery. It's a staple of today's mainstream media. Journalistic integrity is something that only the obtusely naive believe in.

Vic78 said...

Speaking of inequality, here's the US reaction to subsidies abroad: I know it's a little more complicated than what the blog said, but it is interesting.

John Kurman said...

Exactly, buying into the teatard narrative was not a shining moment for her. I think her problem is that she fails to see that there's more than elephant in the room, and she's pointing at the wrong one. Debt ain't the problem. Paying interest to foreigners is not a problem. (They own a minority share anyway). *Defaulting* on debt is a problem, since, you know, debt is nothing more than the promise of future labor and ingenuity, which is not infinite, but is a very,very large finite number. And *defaulting* on the current small fraction of this very, very large finite number is the primordial exemplar of extremely serious retardation. (Viz, Wall Street in 2007-2008, 1929, hell, every fucking four to five years). No *smart* person has any intention of getting rid of a critical financial instrument like debt (see the congenitally deficient English grandfather of the teatards - The Country Party). This is a classic case of ignoring virtuosity in favor of concrete rewards, - or - the inability to recognize that the solution is not static but dynamic. (All the world's a nail to an idiot with a hammer).

John Kurman said...

My guess is, she's missed out on Paul Ryan showing his Irish. (Because, you know, for the longest time historically speaking, all the Irish had to was stand there and look pretty).

Vic78 said...

I think they should leave this one alone.

Vic78 said...

Now that I think about it, I'm jealous of Massachusetts. They get Bobby Brown, Governor Patrick, and Senator Warren. The average white guy's a damn tea billy where I live. And they love that damn Crimson Tide. No Bobby Brown but Rich Boy's cool. There sure as hell won't be a Senator Warren coming out unless she was born here and left for greener pastures.

John Kurman said...

Which is why people in Indiana say "Thank God for Alabama!"

Vic78 said...

That gel is dangerous. You can't just put it under your pits. You have to wash down the sink and bathtub after use. That should tell you something right there. What makes matters worse is that the UFC is letting fighters use it if a doctor claims the fighter has low t. Now why would a professional athlete in his mid 20s to early 30s have testosterone issues? I would look into that if I had some money invested.

CNu said...

The body processes steroids as though they were testosterone. The upshot of that is that while you muscles grow, your testicular glands respond as though the body had been flooded with testosterone and begin to shrink and diminish their hormonal output. I can imagine that some of these doods actually have low-T as a result of the steroidal feedback loop.

If you double or triple dose on that stuff, it'll make you sicker than a dog. I'm talking about a visceral malaise that I can only liken to PMS as far as its psychological and physiological sensation. In the final analysis, the topical application of swine-derived testosterone is a bad and unwholesome idea on a great many levels.

Just cut back on food, force yourself to pound the pavement, pump a little iron, stretch and keep it moving. That's the way to keep the glandular system productive and adequate to your needs, no supplementation required.

BigDonOne said...

Beware, also, of synergistic complications......

Vic78 said...

I believe it's time to put down the King play book.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother CNu:

It appears that "The Least Of These" and those who appear to receive their "spiritual cleansing" by living vicariously through their "disheveled existence" like to connect with and ultimately be used by such talk.

It seems, that the real problem is that MOST PEOPLE DON'T KNOW HOW TO DOCUMENT THE "FLOW OF VALUABLES" between "THE LEAST OF THESE" (who are holding the "unequal part of the stick" ) and those who serve as their VOICE.

While the "Bro Preznit" likes for us to trade on the SPOT MARKET - taking a look at the length of the soup line and their assorted grievances - allowing him to:
* Listen to their "STRETCH SALARY GOAL"
* And then posit his "Measured And Pragmatic Alternative"
* As they then goes on the road asking HIS enemies to "Show Me What Ya Got, If You Care".

And then, suspiciously - he - THE ESTABLISHMENT - is seen appearing on THEIR PROTEST SIGNS - not "Burned in effigy" but with a "PLEASE HELP" Obamacon - markedly different than the signage seen during "Katrina".

BUT WAIT, my good man, CNu: What if we did a "Follow The Packet" "Sniffer" inspection of the TRANSACTIONS between these two groups?

What "THE LEAST OF THESE" lack in EARNING POWER (and thus wealth) THEY have a more valuable holding (for their future):

1) THE INVESTMENT OF THEIR HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS into a CHANNEL that promises to DEVELOP THEM if they YIELD TO IT this value resource (their CONSCIOUSNESS and its related bonding)

After this is captured - the two things that are transacted in the political landscape are:

1) Their ACTIVISM used to ADVANCE THIS AGENDA - in every possible venue that THEY control "the limits" of discourse:
* Their Churchs
* Their Schools
* Their Community Forums
* Their Media / News
* Their Entertainment / Allowable Jokes

2) Their VOTING in the "formal American elections" - where the above SPEECH - is officially registered

Do you find it ODD, sir, that those who are most motivated to discuss the topics of INEQUALITY and RACISM - are so confident that, DESPITE the "Portfolio Positions" held by "The Least Of These" - that THEY will be judged to be trusted "Investment Advisors" - despite the anemic growth that they admit.

The reason, why, CNu - is because - THEY NEVER TAUGHT "THE LEAST OF THESE HOW TO READ A PORTFOLIO BALANCE SHEET" - instead choosing to make their congregation confident that THEIR ENEMY is stealing from them and now is not the time to do an audit.

CNu said...

Their enemy has been stealing from them and wants to continue doing so even more flagrantly. But in a collapsing economy such as the one we're in, those are the good old days sentiments of yore. No unprepared, food-powered, make-work nitwit is going to be spared the wrath of the clampdown when the hammer falls and we wake up one morning sometime during the next 1000 days (I suspect) and find that something profound has changed with the value of the U.S. dollar.

Are you personally prepared to weather the clampdown? Because eveything else, my friend, is idle and childish conversation...,

Honestly Not Sure How A Turd Like This Calls Itself A Scholar.....,

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