Friday, December 27, 2013

in the first two minutes and the last two minutes - mishima shatters the fiction of the cathedral...,

NYTimes | The three major national newspapers — Yomiuri, Asahi and Mainichi — have been editorializing against a prime ministerial visit to Yasukuni, especially in the year since Mr. Abe took office. And more important for Mr. Abe and his nationalist supporters, Emperor Akihito has refused to visit Yasukuni, as did Emperor Hirohito before him. 

Mr. Abe’s ultimate goal is to rewrite Japan’s pacifist Constitution, written by Americans during the postwar occupation, which restricts the right to go to war. Here, too, Emperor Akihito disapproves, though he has no political power under the Constitution. A few days before Mr. Abe visited Yasukuni, the emperor, in comments marking his 80th birthday, expressed his “deep appreciation” toward those who wrote the post-1945 constitution in order to preserve the “precious values of peace and democracy.” 

So, if history is the problem, Chinese and South Korean leaders will find allies in Tokyo, and they should meet Mr. Abe to confront, to negotiate and to resolve these issues. Their refusal to meet will only give Mr. Abe license to do what he wants. Japan’s military adventures are only possible with American support; the United States needs to make it clear that Mr. Abe’s agenda is not in the region’s interest. Surely what is needed in Asia is trust among states, and his actions undermine that trust.


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A belated Merry Christmas and an early Happy New Year to the sewing circle!

Attended my first mass in several years last Sunday. Cnu, how are you liking your new found community?

I've gotta say, reading a lot of the new pope's writings has left me feeling much more in tune with the faith. That old Italian has some serious game.

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and to you sir and family!

We joined a venerable parish and converted in order to obtain solid access to its high school for our son. He's taken to the academic and physical rigor of it like a duck to water, and loves it. It meets and exceeds his needs, therefore it tickles me pink.

The Mrs. loves all the ritual magic, (I mean remembrances) and has taken to all that like a duck to water. I compelled both children to attend mass over the holidays, so she gets to puff up with maternal pride and exhibit the fruit of her womb to all her cronies. She's joined the mothers club, and already had an installed base of about 30 good friends of various ages deeply embedded in the parish. It meets and exceeds her needs, therefore it tickles me pink.

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If I'm correct, the war criminal remains are not located in this shrine...if true, this make this whole thing in essence, weird...