Monday, December 09, 2013

predictable pattern and praxis in the pilonidal precincts....,

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Constructive_Feedback said...


Today's local paper (AJC) has an article that reports that "The New Face Of AIDS" is "Gay, Black, Male And Poor".

The geographic dispersion of "gay tolerance" had no impact on this index of vulnerability to HIV infections.

Sadly - there are more "gay advocates" who will see BOTH the 'HIV Infection rates" AND the "Geographic Homophobia Index" and then conclude that the heightened risk of HIV infection in this "subpopulation" is because of this unchecked "Homophobia".

Since they have little competency in effectively compelling their "base" to mitigate their risky behavior - they may as well get some mileage via and indictment against their enemies

Constructive_Feedback said...


(Having watched Noam Chomski's "Manufactured Consent" ) Right now we are in a short lull in the "election biorhythm" in which the MEDIA operatives "Can't Help Him" because (Obamacare's web site fiasco) has to stand on its own.

With the 2014 Election season starting in February - this bit of detachment will be addressed by a heavy dose of wall to wall propaganda.

POPULARISM (popularity polls) must be exchanged for an effective measure of EFFECTIVENESS at developing people through the governance of the institutions that their past support lifted them into office

ken said...

Do you think pieces like this will bring them back.

makheru bradley said...

Being disillusioned is one thing. Breaking the monopoly of the corrupt two-party system is another. Can these young people break the monopoly that the corrupt two-party system has on their minds? I have a glimmer of hope driven by the 9 percent of young Black voters (18-29) who did not vote for Obama in 2012.

CNu said...

According to big brother BT, that disillusionment is rather far-reaching - I believe what remains to be seen is whether Elizabeth Warren can bust out the 3rd Way bankster vampires doing their own version of the Koch suck

ken said...

Vanity fair seem a little angry Bush is hip.

John Kurman said...

If the public likes Bush now, then you know they're gonna LOVE Obama in 2020.

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