Friday, December 20, 2013

india maids speak out....,

usatoday | But Richard's lawyer said Thursday that the housekeeper worked from morning until late at night, seven days week, for less than $3 an hour. Unable to get better pay, she made sure Khobragade's two children were cared for one day and walked out, lawyer Dana Sussman said.

Protests erupted in cities around India, where demonstrators burnt effigies of President Obama. The Indian government has since downgraded certain privileges granted to American diplomatic staff in New Delhi like withdrawing all airport passes and stopping import clearance of liquor to the US Embassy.

The Indian government snubbed a visiting American delegation refusing requests for a meeting till Ms. Khobragade was tendered an apology. Indian media has mainly focused on the humiliation of Khobragade.

"What's unsettling about this case is how little we know about Richard's side of the story," said Deepanjana Pal on the news website Firstpost. "While there are endless articles available on Khobdagade and how terribly she's been treated by U.S. officials, there's almost nothing on Richard."
Or for that matter there has been little said by the politicians going after the U.S. attorney about how maids are treated in India.

In large cities like New Delhi and Mumbai, most middle class families employ a maid or two, many have separate drivers, gardeners, and cooks. According to a report by the Indian government, nearly 5 million people employ at least two domestic workers.

Yet, except in the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, domestic workers are not offered any legal protection. Seven Indian states have made efforts to standardize minimum wage but the recommended wage has been set low.

Also, there are no guidelines that govern working hours, or minimum wage, and no authority to turn to in cases of exploitation, say the workers.

"At the most I would complain to the local Resident Welfare Association if I had a problem – but even then I would be scared – chances are that they will side with my employers rather than me," said Manju Bahri.


John Kurman said...

Point being if that really was your point, you should have formulated that to begin with, instead blathering on about obviously NON-EXISTENT hill-jack self-sufficiency, which you haven't addressed, and avoided the issue with more flatulent noise generation. Now, you just look dumb AND incompetent.

makheru bradley said...

Not only is the rubberband being stretched, it’s expanding at the bottom

[We find that during the recession (2008 Q1 to 2010 Q1), employment losses occurred throughout the economy, but were concentrated in mid-wage

occupations. By contrast, during the recovery (2010 Q1 to 2012 Q1), employment gains have been concentrated in lower-wage occupations, which

grew 2.7 times as fast as mid-wage and higher-wage occupations. Specifically:

Lower-wage occupations constituted 21 percent of recession losses, but 58 percent of recovery growth.

Mid-wage occupations constituted 60 percent of recession losses, but only 22 percent of recovery growth.

Higher-wage occupations constituted 19 percent of recession job losses, and 20 percent of recovery growth.

Moreover, the unbalanced recession and recovery have meant that the long-term rise in inequality in the U.S. continues. The good jobs deficit is

now deeper than it was at the start of the century:

Since the first quarter of 2001, employment has grown by 8.7 percent in lower-wage occupations and by 6.6 percent in higher-wage occupations.

By contrast, employment in mid-wage occupations has fallen by 7.3 percent.]

The amazing thing is that this economy is still profitable for the oligarchs, and will continue to be as long as they can produce goods in low-cost geographies. The quality of life for those at and falling into the bottom is now, and always has been irrelevant.

CNu said...

Long overdue time to stop phugging around with that slack-jawed self-victimization. If poor and oppressed people don't swiftly come to the realization that TPTB don't value their lives - AT ALL - and if they don't adopt the core premise of modernity which identifies and equates your value with what you know and what you can do - then good riddance.

The poor and oppressed of Central and South Asia are possessed of immense knowledge, skill, and ability. Overdue time to man the phug up.

Vic78 said...

Black folks on that Hillary shit after what she and her husband did in 2008 are fucking stupid(assassination talk, this guy'd be getting our coffee). Are people going to buck dance their whole life? You should hear some of the punk shit lefties say. "I fear the GOP so we have to go for Hillary." You'd think that a Black guy with an African sounding name wasn't elected twice. Hillary doesn't have a strong record of standing up to the lunatics. If she runs unchallenged, then the party's as sorry and full of shit as I thought they were. Another sign of fuckery is that they're talking about 2016 in the year 2013 where austerity's kicking people in the ass. I'm seeing kids get kicked off of Head Start. And they're talking about cutting veterans' benefits. We have a democratic president that looks like he's going to be a lame duck for six years. What makes people think Hillary will be better when she hasn't shown signs of strong leadership? Those pansy lefties think she'll make those worthless crackers more comfortable. No, they haven't stopped groveling to Limbaugh's lobotomized fans.

Why is Crossfire back on the air? I thought Jon Stewart killed that bullshit years ago. It's past time to stomp out this sorry ass media.

Vic78 said...

"If poor and oppressed people don't swiftly come to the realization that TPTB don't value their lives - AT ALL - and if they don't adopt the core premise of modernity which identifies and equates your value with what you know and what you can do - then good riddance."

That was what I was saying when I said it's time to put down the King play book. You'll spend generations trying to show people that "hey, we aren't so bad." Man, fuck that. A person should only take so many kicks to the face before the realization kicks in that the person kicking you isn't interested in empathizing. Is it too much to ask that people respect themselves?

Vic78 said...

Does the writer believe that we can count on our weak ass government? Seeing jack leg preachers and coke addled talk show hosts push you around doesn't inspire confidence. They can't even keep two people from poisoning a river. So the writer's expecting elected officials to have vision for how to deal with the next 40 years?

Low voter turnout tells me that people gave up on the government a long time ago. So I'm guessing people know they're on their own but don't know what to do. A good start would be to take back the local economies. The chain markets have done nothing but take and give next to nothing in return.

An example of what I'm talking about is McDonalds. The weakest one will take in a million a year in profit. Baltimore has 55 of them. That's at least 55 million dollars a year going to corporate. That's just McDonalds. Remember Coming to America? People can do the the same thing today but not as extreme as McDowell's. What you do is borrow the business plan and set the workers up with a better payment deal. Part of the business plan will have to involve being involved with the local economy. You can throw in the indoor farming and getting electricity off the grid. Instead of begging the incompetents and marching to increase minimum wage, it would be possible for a cashier to make 40,000 a year.

I wouldn't count on the shitheads that get their money from from Wal-Mart to tell you what I just said. They'd rather go on a poverty bus tour and sing 5 Heartbeats.

Vic78 said...

Here are some examples of the talk show hosts and preachers I was talking about.

If these guys intimidate you, there's little you can do for me.

CNu said...

rotflmbao....,SAY IT WITH YOUR CHEST VIC!!!

CNu said...

A person should only take so many kicks to the face

Kick in the face?!?!?!?!?!

sheeeeiiiiitttttt......., let me see your center of gravity shift toward a posture of increased tactical readiness and it's liable to be on.

Vic78 said...

"Jason Furman, now Chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisors, " man, you're better off winging it on your own if that's the kind of guy helping you. December's been a shitty month so far.

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