Friday, December 27, 2013

that door turned with the quickness...,

nydailynews | CBS News correspondent John Miller — who has volleyed between careers in journalism and law enforcement for decades — is coming back to the NYPD.
But it’s not entirely clear in what capacity.

Miller announced Thursday that he has been tapped by Bill Bratton, who will become the city’s next police commissioner Jan. 1. But he didn’t disclose what role he would serve.

Miller could be the NYPD’s new head spokesman or lead its counter-terrorism unit. During Bratton’s first go-around as the city’s top cop, Miller served as the department’s mouthpiece from 1994-1995.

He also worked under Bratton at the Los Angeles Police Department, running counter-intelligence operations. 
Speaking Thursday on CBS 2, Miller, who has also worked at the FBI, discussed the need to focus on softer terror attacks.

“The trend is leaning towards low-cost, low-tech, high-impact,” Miller said.


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