Saturday, December 07, 2013

that southern baptist red looks like a big angry pilonidal confederate cyst...,

Fist tap Big Don.


BigDonOne said...

Suspect they are saving Color Code Black for *Fuzzlim* as soon as it becomes majority in some county around Detroit, Minneapolis, or Milwaukee......

CNu said...

lol, I would've thunk such shallow reflexivity beneath you....,
You will of course please let me know when booger, cooter, and cletus in the southern babdist confederate convention commence to owning and operating 1/100th of the substantive good works institutions of the catholic church in the u.s. alone, ummmm-kay?

CNu said...

lol, suspect you're delirious from wnd or amren chromatic monoxide poisoning....,

Vic78 said...

I'd be impressed if they produced anyone half as thorough as Balthasar Gracian. The Jesuits didn't fuck around.

CNu said...

lol, still on that same old tired canard I see. ummm...., pookie'an'em dysgenic breeders in the hood need to be sterilized and the violent criminal element whose metadata is already sitting in the possession of the big city police chiefs who pretend to dole out due process to the same little cohort of psychopaths, well, they all need to catch a bullet within a brief and ruthless 24 hour purge cycle.


Now, as for the genetic atavisms which occupy that pilonidal expanse of the map, something more substantial and longlasting is going to have to be done to them from a policy perspective. Their continued burden on public policy and longterm domestic planning is insufferable. They're a genuine barrier to betterment of the species within our geography

What do you think ought be done with this backwards-assed knuckle-dragging trash?

Vic78 said...

I think the Kochs are working on that.

NSangoma said...


Speaking of pookie 'n'em dysgenic breeders, where do your scion fit in?

Fall 2013 ACT Composite Scores of Enrolled Freshmen California Institute of Technology
30 - 36 0.99
24 - 29 0.01

Fall 2013 ACT Composite Scores of Enrolled Freshmen Washington University in Saint Louis MO
30 - 36 0.96
24 - 29 0.04

Fall 2013 ACT Composite Scores of Enrolled Freshmen Stanford University
30 - 36 0.87
24 - 29 0.12
18 - 23 0.01


Vic78 said...

Do you think moving military bases away from them would be a good idea? Since they want to cut spending so bad, they should go back to what it was like pre govt.

That's What's Up....,