Friday, December 20, 2013

serving the poor, pope francis style...,

theatlantic | Like a lot of millennial progressive Catholics, Katie Dorner feels like the days of having to defend her faith from the negative perceptions of her peers are coming to an end.

“When the Pope won [Time Magazine’s] Person of the Year I thought to myself, it’s like advent,” the time preceding Christmas when Christians prepare for celebrating the birth of Christ, “but for the church. He’s bringing hope to the church and to the world,” said Dorner, currently serving as a Jesuit Volunteer in Los Angeles.

Catholic Millennials in the United States have come of age in a dark era for the Church, largely defined by child sexual abuse scandals and the associated sordid newspaper trial coverage. The challenge of keeping the faith has been arguably harder for young progressive Catholics, given the increasing gap between the Church and the general population on social issues such as contraception and homosexuality.

During the worst years of scandal, as progressive Catholic youths came of age they did what many Catholics have always done: they quietly served the poor. And in many cases, they did so through a program run by the very order Pope Francis came from: the Jesuits. Now, with Pope Francis in the Vatican strengthening the church’s anti-poverty message, they feel welcomed back into the fold.


BigDonOne said...

"What, then, would a better social contract look like?"
How about, "Duck Dynasty"...??

CNu said...

lol, A&E (General Electric world's biggest media purveyor of the Cathedral) got a little more reality than they bargained for...,

CNu said...

lol, as a member in good standing and poster-child for that ilk, what's your excuse BD? Why did your professional and personal trajectory take you down the path of non-productive, warsocialist urban parasitism and make-work - instead of backwater self-sufficiency?

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