Sunday, April 19, 2020

Speaking Of Mixing Processes: Nextdoor Got Inflamed Overnight About "Reopen Missouri"

fox4kc |  The stay-at-home orders set to expire next week have now been extended in both Kansas and Missouri until May 3.

And Kansas City, Jackson County and now Clay County have taken it a step further until May 15. 

But there’s a large group of people who say they won’t do it anymore. They want to get back to normal immediately, and they’re planning protests to let local leaders know. 

“I think it’s time to try to start working past the fear and get things reopened,” Jane Shull said. “If not, what are we going to do? Stay closed forever?” 

Shull owns a cleaning company, and her business is down 40-50% due to the coronavirus pandemic. 
She said she’s sick and tired of staying home and reading about businesses failing. 

“If people are afraid to go out or go to businesses, that’s their decision,” Shull said. “But let the people open up their businesses and have people social distance, whatever it takes, but you just cannot keep everything locked down.”

Groups on social media have been popping up, advocating for reopening the economy. 

A group called Reopen Missouri called the stay-at-home order an “inhumane and ineffective policy.” Another group called Reopen Kansas called the order a “severe overreaction to the COVID issue.” 

They’ve planned protests throughout both states next week. Locally, there’s a call to flood the now empty streets of downtown Kansas City on Monday and another protest planned at J.C. Nichols Fountain.