Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Did You Know The "Dead" Language Sanskrit Was The Language Of Ancient Cambodia?

youtube |  Even though we can see these lingams vaguely from outside, the real view can be obtained only if we get underwater and for the very first time and this has never been shot before, I am going to go underwater and show you how it feels. Hey guys, today we are going up a mountain called Phnom Kulen in Cambodia. This place has many ancient lingams constructed underwater. So, let's go take a look and see what this mountain has to offer. We are at this place called Phnom Kulen Mountain; we are not at the ground level. There is a stream here, but there is something spectacular inside this stream. 

Look, do you see what this is? You see a rectangle inside a rectangle, inside a rectangle, inside a rectangle, inside a rectangle. Now you may wonder what this is. This is a lingam. Or at least, there used to be a cylindrical lingam in the center. Now it is gone. But that is not the only remarkable feature. And that is not even the only lingam, look. LOOK. the entire stream is full of lingams. 

You see there are lingams of various sizes, here there are smaller lingams and look over there, there is a huge rectangle there. These are all lingams carved underwater here in Cambodia. And let us go into the water and see how these multiple lingams look. There is a square around another square, and in the center, there is a cylindrical protrusion. There are so many of them. This is a huge lingam, seems like it has some kind of mystical energy to it. 

This huge rectangle once must have had a cylindrical lingam inside, it is great to see how it looks underwater. Look we can even see fish swimming alongside the camera. So even though we call this place Phnom Kulen Today, originally this place was called Sahasralinga, which means one thousand lingas. And this is not a misnomer, and this is not even an exaggeration. This is actually an understatement because we have more than one thousand lingams underwater if you look closely. If you See there, there is one huge rectangle, and you can see here, so many lingams. 

If you look all over the stream, we can see a lot of lingams, going all the way on both directions. The name sahasralinga means one thousand lingas in Sanskrit, which used to be the main language here in Cambodia, more than a thousand years ago.