Monday, January 12, 2015

yeah.., no.., - sum'n faux


Tom said...


Plus, I'm not as obsessed about "false flag" stuff as some people, but ... whether the attack is just what it looked like or not, it has the effect of getting leftists all ludicrously "defiant" towards an extremely powerless and marginalized group.

CNu said...

Let's assume that it was exactly what it looked like, and, that what Juan Cole said about it was true.

What our friend so fond of the pejorative "fuzzlim" has been on about for years has never really gotten legs in the U.S. outside a conservatard fringe always quick to leap on an opportunity to put in killer-ape work, but this incident in Europe which has felt the sting of austerity for longer than the U.S. has folks mobilizing from across the political spectrum.

The post-colonial immigrant ghettos in Europe are now populated largely by Middle-Eastern, African, and North Africans who have not been assimilated into the political and economic mainstreams of their host countries. Absent a "War on Drugs" or some other facetious rallying cry under which the proxy eliminationist campaign can roll in earnest, what else do they have croak about so's they can get their gander up and let the killing games begin?

Tom said...

The Juan Cole thing has a big hole in it for me. If the instigators really are fundamentalist Muslims trying to incite violence between French Muslims and the rest of the French population, then they're surprisingly blindered in their ability to see the endgame of that kind of conflict.

It's Westerners -- left and right -- who tend to have those kinds of blinders on. I don't think many third-world Muslims subscribe to the absurd fantasy that France is a helpless victim in the process of being overrun by "invaders." France is a world power and everyone outside the West knows it.

Tom said...

But OK, maybe AQ could get more recruits in France if France goes rabid against its own Muslims. If we ignore the big things that would happen at the same time, then maybe that small thing becomes important to someone.

Vic78 said...

Hedges has a little to say as well.