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necropolitics: not gonna make no more ghetto muslims, no, no, no....,

theweek |  Chérif Kouachi was born in 1980 in Paris' diverse 10th arrondissement, which stretches from the Place de la République to the Gare du Nord. He was one of five children of Algerian immigrant parents. A source who knew Chérif Kouachi when he was arrested on his way to catch the flight to Damascus in 2005 said, "He was abandoned very young; it's not clear if his parents couldn't look after the children or if his parents died. But he was put in care homes early — before the age of 10." The care homes were far from Paris, and his childhood was described as chaotic.

When he reached 18, he returned to the northeast of Paris with his elder brother. He had a sports education qualification but a poor school record and no other family support. When he became involved in the Buttes-Chaumont group of friends, he was back in Paris but living precariously.

"He was living almost like a homeless person, staying with someone, but it was more of a mattress on the floor than a real home," the source said. "He was very clearly marginalized. He was immature, just out of adolescence. He wasn't vindictive…He went to the mosque, but went clubbing, made rap music, smoked hash, drank. He wasn't a hermit."

It seemed at the time that Benyettou, the young guru figure by whom Kouachi was enthralled, used methods similar to those of a sect. "He made him feel important; he listened to him, recognized him as an individual…Chérif Kouachi was fragile, looking for a family…He didn't have a family he could turn to for support," the source said.

When he was arrested over the attempted flight to Syria and Iraq, Kouachi described himself to investigators as a "ghetto Muslim," according to Le Monde. "Before, I was a delinquent. But after, I felt great. I didn't even imagine that I could die," he told the court. A French TV documentary on radicalized youth showed footage of him rapping. "It's written in the texts that it's good to die as a martyr," he said.

The Buttes-Chaumont group's jihadi aspirations were directly linked to the second Iraq War, in 2003. They would sit in apartments watching footage of the U.S.-led invasion. "Everything I saw on TV, the torture in Abu Ghraib prison, all that, that's what motivated me," one of Kouachi's friends later said at trial.

But under Jacques Chirac, France had refused to intervene in the Iraq War, and the young cell's stance wasn't really a movement against the French state. It was more a rage directed against the U.S. Some of the group stated that jihad wasn't done in France. The focal point was fighting a foreign invader in Iraq.


CNu said...

The mechanics of sophisticated oppression centers on making the oppressed group of people the instrument of their own oppression.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother CNu:

I have rented/streamed this video no less than 3 times (once purposefully, the second time because I forgot and the 3rd time because I was doing research).

The pattern is clear:

* Black people in the South had a family structure, an extended family structure and a close knit community structure which functionally REGULATED the behavior of young people who matriculated up through the system.
***** In that location it was DEADLY for a young Black person (especially a male) to believe that "No person before him was 'bold' in fighting the 'White oppressor". For most parents their greatest act of LOVE was to tell their teenaged son: "I would rather you be alive at the age of 45, leading your family than "SHOT DEAD BY THESE RACIST WHITE FOLKS AT AGE 19 because you decided that what they are doing to Black people AIN'T RIGHT."

* When "The Great Migration" from the South to the North transpired..............
** Blacks from the "South East" went to DC, Baltimore, Philly, NYC, Boston
** Blacks From Mississippi Went To Chicago and Milwaukee
** Blacks From Texas went to the West Coast

* IN ALL OF THESE CASES - being freed from that community structure in the south to - (THINK ABOUT THIS CAREFULLY BRO. ) You being already settled in - let's say Chicago and you see a flood of fine sistas moving into town. As a young spry man - it becomes a "Buyers Market" and you are going to "Go To Town" - knowing that the old strictures that would have "Slowed Your Roll" in the South have not been regenerated in your new home.

This is my assessment as a constant documentary watcher and history buff.

While - Yes LA was RACIST and was more polite with it - leading to the marginalization that this brother is talking about - there is also the COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE that was lost as a result of the migration which is a culprit in what ultimately happened.

The Chicago housing projects were initially a "favorable place to be" for domestic migrants needed transition housing.

CNu said...

A community governance structure is predicated on some or another commonly accepted expression of capital as power. Absent that capital, there is no power to control or regulate. The young have to want something from the old in order to "pay them any mind".

So the archaic southern structure you've come to idolize was doomed because hardly anyone got their 40 acres or their mule, and, when the jobs dried up in the centers of urban migration, then the paternal "community governance" structure was dried up and doomed, as well.

So you think about this carefully bro. - we're not talking about Amish, Hasidim, or any of the other religiously organized communities governed by their elders, in whom there is a viable and active expression of capital as power which gives the elders their authority.

Ed Dunn said...

So we have breaking news of a family murder-suicide by this guy who was creating this independent film about USA turning into a military state. The trailer video attached is something to see....I absolutely did not see this homegrown radicalization on this level being distracted by stories of french cartoonists taunting headhunters.

CNu said...

On my favorite radio station, every monday morning, they play this Jack Phillips show that brings a measure of hot heat unlike anything I've ever heard broadcast over the airwaves. (I'm pretty sure "Jack Phillips" is a pseudonym, the Goog-all will show exactly why)

CNu said...

lol, you a hard man Ed. That newscaster has the advantage of being young, ripe, and juicy. Kamala working damn near as hard as an old drag queen getting her shit together every morning. That said, the bar is kinda low and the long-legged hon.bro.preznit mack daddy ain't lied yet.

Vic78 said...

Damn, you're mean. I guess she never learned from her missteps. It looks like someone's trying to kill her Senate run before it starts. Lol@ the shop being closed.

CNu said...

lol, and she still a good-looking old drag queen. blogosphere needs to be shot with hot pee for calling the long-legged mackdaddy "sexist" for stating the obvious...,

Naive Tom said...

She's a good-looking woman. Who here is 25, throw the first stone.

Vic78 said...

I can pass for 25. God looked out for me.

Naive Tom said...

Damn. I've been grey haired for close to 10 years.

CNu said...

Vic lying..., and at this stage of the Kamala game, (no homo) Janet Mock's a lot more appealing.

Ed Dunn said...

I just noticed that newscaster do not have any breasts....she is flat...hope she at least made up in other areas or I have to check her adam apple before any further comment.

Vic78 said...

All I can say for myself is that the right two people got together. I just stopped getting carded in 2006.

Kamala looks good. I can't take that from her. She took care of herself. She needs a gigilo in her life.

CNu said...

Shop closed = menopausal - nothing going on around those parts except hot flashes..., it's all about power, status, and legacy from here on out.

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