Wednesday, January 28, 2015

rule of law: all your data are belong to us

Motherboard | Tuesday, the federal government continued its offensive against default consumer encryption enabled by Apple and Google and anonymity tools like Tor, saying that greater privacy and security has created a “zone of lawlessness” that law enforcement is having trouble cracking.
Leslie Caldwell, an assistant attorney general at the Justice Department, said that the department is “very concerned” by the Google’s and Apple’s decision to automatically encrypt all data on Android and iOS devices. Her comments aren’t entirely surprising, considering that FBI Director James Comey previously said that the agency would push Congress to make automatic encryption illegal, and President Obama has also expressed concern with the development.
The problem that privacy and security advocates have pointed out is that the US government doesn’t really seem to understand what it’s asking for. Caldwell was being interviewed as a part of the annual State of the Net Conference in Washington, DC. One minute, she was vilifying encryption; the next, she was sending a message to the country’s citizens and companies that they need to be “more conscious of cybersecurity.”
“They need to be assuming they are vulnerable, assuming their data can be taken,” she said.


Constructive_Feedback said...

The Atlantic ?

They are clear that it is not a good idea to Go around the American president and deal directly with congress.

I wonder if they have ever written a cautionary tale to the American President that they live vicariously through that as "The People's Representatives" - it is not wise to threaten "Go Around Congress" ?

While I agree that the political operatives in the US House should have worked with the Executive branch in hosting a foreign leader - If I had an archive for 'The Atlantic' and could read their arguments about the time when the "Speaker Of The US House" did an end around the White House and went for a visit with the President of Syria - I believe that they were in support of the move back then in the name of 'Separation Of Powers"

I am neutral on "The Atlantic's" claim that "Democrats are a natural constituency for Israel . But from my first hand monitoring of "the media' I conclude that "The Far Left" - which frequently caucus with the Democrats - see "Israel" as "The Apartheid State".

Dale Asberry said...

+1 for not yelling
+1 for making the post readable
+1 for not projecting your opinion onto CNu and taking it for yourself

Thank you, sir!

CNu said...

If it's not a racial theocracy, please tell me what it is?

CNu said...

It doesn't proselytize, it practices matrilineage, has distinctive genetic markers - help me out here Feed, exactly what is it?

The business about Arabs, Muslims, Sub-Saharan Africans is irrelevant, so please don't throw anymore straw.

Israel serves no purpose I can rationalize as personally productive or useful. As a matter of policy, policy underwritten by my tax dollars, I'd like to see it unfunded. If it's self-sufficient, so be it. If not, how is this my problem?

CNu said...

lol, why you ducking, dodging, and squirming so tough to avoid answering my very simple and direct questions Feed? Please explain to me what these people are and why it's imperative that I spend one penny to support their racial theocracy? They got some oil for me? Help me out here.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Straight from the "Education" that you and "Denmark Vessey" have distributed........................

** American Presidents - from Extreme Right to Extreme Left have offered protection to the religious-nation state of Israel.

** Israel receives billions of dollars per year from good-ole America - AS LONG AS they spend this money on American munitions and technology. Thus ensuring - "Good Paying Jobs" for American scientists, project managers, assembly line workers and IT contractors.

** Straight from American group political dynamics - having Israel as a "unifying body of contempt" among fractious Islamic factions in the region - offers some sort of hope that if a strong leader shows his face among them, asking them to look at all of the "Islamic Blood" that has been shed in their disunity - the longitudinal ISRAEL is the perfect "sacrificial lamb" to serve as this grand unifier

The American Relationship With Saudi Arabia

Constructive_Feedback said...

[quote] Please explain to me what these people are and why it's imperative that I spend one penny to support their racial theocracy?[/quote]

The American Jewish Lobby:
The American Israel Lobby:

There two groups are far better equipped than me to succinctly answer your question about the American funding of Israel

No doubt that they, the "Evangelical Christian Lobby" and even the "Progressive Christian Lobby" push for protection of Israel, which resides in a high conflict zone.

As an IT professional you no doubt benefit from and use technology and solutions that have been researched and/or produced within Israel. Several large American firms have R&D offices inside of this "Jewish state".

We send our money to Saudi Arabia and they give us oil and purchase orders for military equipment - using the money that we gave to them
We send our money to Israel in the form of foreign aid - they give us purchase orders for military equipment.

ken said...

I think this would be a pretty good argument from someone biased for the Israelie American relationship.

CNu said...

We send our money to Saudi Arabia and they give us oil and purchase
orders for military equipment - using the money that we gave to them
We send our money to Israel in the form of foreign aid - they give us purchase orders for military equipment.

We purchase sweet light crude oil that we desperately need to function from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia gives us exclusive dibs on the purchase of OPEC oil in dollars, i.e., provides the material backing for the dollar that makes it the most in-demand global currency and sustains U.S. economic hegemony.

In addition to providing us with the material means to support our unsustainable standard of living, the Saudis are now inflicting the most severe possible economic sanctions on our strategic adversaries, Russia, Iran, and Venezuela, simply by foregoing 60%+ of the profitability of their oil on our behalf.

Israel is an overall strategic liability whom we underwrite with American taxpayer dollars - some of which flow back into American military industrial coffers. It's a military subsidy for some U.S. weapons manufacturers. It is a predatory militarist racist theocratic state, a rogue state with regard to nuclear non-proliferation and a former staunch ally of apartheid South Africa.

Israel is a pariah state and its relationship to the U.S. is parasitic and deeply problematic.

CNu said...

If all this is true, in the Middle east, Israel is hardly a pariah
state, unless one is worried about what Iran or Hezbollah thinks.

Is this how you actually think, or just a feeble attempt at a rhetorical pose? (you and Feed tickle me pretending at at grown folk's discussion of this topic when you both know that it's a pannie-load of buybull nonsense that has both of you cheer leading for Israel)

But suspending disbelief and playing along with your ruse, I'll repeat slowly, in plain language, that everyone can understand.

The Shi-ites live astride and control 240 billion barrels of sweet, light, crude oil. Period.

Israel has nothing that anyone wants or needs, and much with which most of the world is utterly disgusted. (reminds one of the dried-up, crusty, fearful, pasty republicans in the 114th congress)

ken said...

If Israel is nothing..nobody needs it or wants it, why the great hate for it? How is there so much emotion thrown Israel's way for a country so trivial with only a populaton of, what maybe 8 million. Look at you here all freaked because Israel has gotten about 116 billion dollars since 1948. They say its 234 billion in todays dollars. Isralie GDP is around 300 billion, and we give them 3 billion, it's not a great amount for our country or even maybe for Israel, hardly parasitc. How much are we paying to protect Europe militarily? Japan? South Korea? Parasites? Yet somehow the 3 billion a year given to our trading partner and ally is somehow unworthy in comparison to the support we send everywhere else.

Now if you want to talk the USA can't afford giviing financial and military support to all our allies around the world, I could see your point. But that's not the point you are making. You seem to be signalling ally Isarael out.

CNu said...

Lol, which part of 240 billion barrels of oil confused you Ken?

ken said...

With the sanctions that have been in place for some time now, it doesn't appear like we are that thirsty for the oil. Plus It doesn't look like much of that oil is available without more technology from out of country oil companies. With 65 to 70 percent of the Iranian economy being dependent on oil, Iran is going to have to come up with better contracts than buybacks to entice foreign oil companies to have any hope of extracting oil from these mature fields. Right now, Iran its in Iran's interest to figure out how to produce their oil than it is ours to buy it.

CNu said...

But isn't it the kernel of overwhelming and neurotic "terror" that lies at the heart of the entire neoconservative and neozionist agenda? It's like a neverending litany of fake fear all the while pursuing an agenda of "doing unto the other before he can prepare to do what we imagine he will do to us"

From Darren Wilson all the way up to Bibi Netanyahu, it's the same gutless, chickenshit spirit of the times that informs their whole and entire worldview. These people and their certifiable insanity must not dictate political policy across this next series of crucial species bottlenecks.

Ed Dunn said...

What I'm hearing sounds like a justification for my tax dollars to go towards outsourcing innovation outside of America. Also, Israel do not impact oil prices - I have noticed over the years when gas prices are low, Westerners tend to have gushy feelings towards the ME and Israel tends to make up issues to divert attention back towards themselves through media manipulation.

I need gas - not outsourced IT scientists

Vic78 said...

Here's someone not feeling the Israel propaganda:

Leaving Labels Aside For A Moment - Netanyahu's Reality Is A Moral Abomination

This video will be watched in schools and Universities for generations to come, when people will ask the question: did we know what was real...